Can You Ship Ammunition Internationally?

Although it is not possible to ship Ammo internationally, you can use UPS or FedEx ground to ship ammo within the forty-eight continental states including Alaska and Hawaii. Learn the necessary documents required to ship ammo legally.

You can't deliver ammo globally since it is considered as an explosive. No matter which delivery service you operate, you'll be restrained to ground services along with the UPS or FedEx ground. This being said, the safest way to deliver ammo is in the forty-eight continental states, Alaska and Hawaii.

How To Ship Ammunition

If you need to learn about the transportation of ammunition, firearms, and different ammo, you have come to the correct place. Here, we will show you a way to ship ammo the proper way. If you are thinking of a way to deliver firearms, you are also probably thinking about what the method is for shipping ammo as well. However, while you might imagine the procedure is the same for each, it is not always.

Get a FOID Card

The first step in owning and transporting firearms and ammo to get a FOID (Firearm Owners Identification)  card. This is yours; convey a license, which you must have that allows you to possess and deliver guns.

Package your item properly 

The second step when delivering firearms is to have the proper packaging, and you need to have a firearms label to connect to the outdoor of your package deal. This label will examine ORM-D. No matter how your firearms are shipped, they should be sent to someone conserving a Federal Firearms License. If you are legally capable of owning a gun, you can legally ship your gun to a holder of an FFL license.

How to Ship Ammunition: FedEx

The FedEx ammunition transport regulations are similar to the UPS rules; however, they are no longer equal. Here are the guidelines:

  1. You need to arrange a selected date and time for picking up or losing off ammo at a shipping hub. You can only ship inside the USA.

  1. Additional rules might be required for transporting ammunition to Alaska or Hawaii. Rifle ammunition should be 50 quality or more minor. 

  1. Your cargo should weigh less than 66 pounds

  1.  If you have a FedEx account, the process becomes more straightforward. You may obtain transport supplies at no rate or be provided discounted prices. You will be capable of tracking your shipment with emailed updates. And you will also be able to take advantage of the convenience furnished through automatic price.

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