Cheapest Ways Of Shipping To Hawaii

Cheapest Ways Of Shipping To Hawaii

Shipping to Hawaii falls under the USPS shipping services because it is a US state. Although Hawaii is not a mainland state of the USA, its residents still engage in online shopping and buying from mainland retailers. Thus, the USPS shipping rates to Hawaii come in handy on many occasions.

 If you are a mainland retailer with a considerable volume of business from Hawaii, you will have to ship your products to the state. Therefore, you should be aware of the USPS shipping rates to Hawaii. Along with USPS, other shipping companies also extend their services to Hawaii. For example, you have FedEx shipping services for the state too. 

Cheapest Way To Ship To Hawaii- USPS Vs. UPS

In this article, we will discuss the cheapest way to ship to Hawaii. While searching for the most affordable ways to ship to Hawaii, retailers consider the delivery time and shipping rates. Of course, the delivery time will be higher than mainland shipping. The shipping costs are also higher than the usual shipping costs to the mainland USA. It is, therefore, essential to choose a carrier service that offers a great overall package. The shipping service should be reliable and affordable to an extent. 

However, a person has to consider that shipping time fluctuates depending on the service you choose. For example, shipping inside the mainland USA is completed within a matter of days. However, when shipping is between a mainland state and Hawaii, the USPS shipping rates to Hawaii and the time also change. The shipping time is usually in the timeframe of weeks. 

The USPS shipping rates and other services occasionally fluctuate, depending on what season it is. From a retailer's viewpoint, entering the Hawaii market is a profitable move because the residents there shop online. Only letting native retailers conduct business in the state is like restricting the state economy.

 Expanding your eCommerce business to Hawaii is, therefore, an informed decision. However, like every expansion, this one will also need investment. This investment is more about the shipping charges you need to pay for every shipment to Hawaii. Since you will do business every day, you need to choose a carrier service that charges less. However, with private shipping services like FedEx and UPS, you have higher shipping charges to Hawaii. Therefore, the most reliable packages are USPS shipping rates to Hawaii. While private carriers recognize Hawaii as an international territory, the USPS recognizes Hawaii as domestic under federal rules. 

Shipping with the USPS to Hawaii

 While the USPS shipping rates to Hawaii are the cheapest of the lot, some things to note down too; for example, you can only avail of the fixed domestic shipping rate to Hawaii if the package is below the weight of 70lb. Above 70lb, USPS charges extra for a shipment to Hawaii. It is better to send a heavier package through a private carrier like FedEx in such a situation. Thus, if you are a retailer who deals with lightweight products, you can go for the USPS shipping mode. USPS consistently offers the cheapest way to ship things to Hawaii. 

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Shipping with UPS to Hawaii

If you are going for freight shipments to Hawaii, go for a private carrier like UPS. Even though the rates offered by UPS are higher than the USPS shipping rates to Hawaii, the shipping limit is also higher. For example, you can ship up to 150lbs of shipments without any extra charges. Thus, if you have a more extensive package or multiple packages to be delivered to Hawaii, it is better to choose UPS. Through UPS, you can ship many products at the same time. This helps you reduce the shipping charges and costs in the long term. Thus, if you frequently ship to Hawaii, you might find UPS shipping rates favorable for your business. 

Both USPS and UPS offer different shipping packages to Hawaii. You can either choose the USPS priority mail option or the USPS priority express shipping service. However, UPS Ground shipping service is the more affordable service. On the other hand, you also have UPS express and urgent services. The shipping services and mode you go with depend on how fast you want the delivery to happen. Among the shipping rates, the USPS shipping rates to Hawaii are the most affordable and consistent. However, you need to take shipment weight and the delivery time into consideration. 

Shipping to Hawaii is straightforward with the different shipping services on offer from other carrier companies. eCommerce businesses can also use a fulfillment company like Simpl fulfillment to take care of all the logistics and get lower shipping costs. Get in touch today for a quote.

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