What to Sell On Amazon

Deciding what to sell on Amazon first is a challenging decision for most sellers. We've taken the burden off your shoulders in our comprehensive guide on what to sell on Amazon and the best products to start selling from.

What to Sell On Amazon

Selling goods online is an excellent way to launch a company and earn money. And if you're looking to sell somewhere, Amazon is the place to do it. Fortunately, the Amazon market is enormous, and it is expanding faster than ever as more people search online for almost every product.

Amazon offers over 398 million different products. As a result, there are practically a plethora of choices to choose from. So, what is the big deal? Yes, that's right. But this is where all of the problems begin. Things become complicated when you have a multitude of options.

Not only newcomers but even seasoned Amazon sellers struggle to sort through their market and find the one remarkable niche that turns their time and effort into money. Recognize that the type of product you sell on Amazon will make or break the philosophy you want to gain from it. It is why you should know how to tackle it from the start, precisely what you will learn here.

If you already have a proven eCommerce company, a brilliant idea for a new product, or a desire for selling, here's how to make the next move with Amazon.


Amazon is possibly the most common and world's largest online retailer, and their sales are increasing. Prime memberships are incredibly common these days, and many people use the website for all of their shopping needs. Given the current state of affairs, there has never been a better time to sell on Amazon. As a result, several entrepreneurs have opted to begin selling their goods on the web, resulting in various success stories.

However, only because Amazon sells many items does not guarantee that any product you offer for sale on the site will sell. If you want to build a successful company, you must select the right products to market. You can quickly make a lot of money if you find products with high-profit margins and a high volume of sales.

Fortunately, deciding what to sell and how to sell it on Amazon isn't as difficult as you would think. In reality, the majority of your research can be done for free on the web.

We've built this guide to help you select a low-risk, high-return marketable product on Amazon. Keep reading and learning about best-selling products, what you can sell, and how to perform research to ensure everything you're selling is a pretty good bet on the eCommerce site.


Toys and Games

This market segment makes excellent sense. When even Toys R Us goes out of business, you know that online toy sales are gaining traction. It could be a business that you could easily tap into. It's not like the choices are all that complicated. To find lucrative items to sell, search Amazon's best-selling lists to see what's hot right now.

Product listings provide you with a wealth of information on which to base your product reviews. You should look at product descriptions and see if you're interested in getting started. Examine some Amazon advertisements to see where toy companies are spending money to increase sales.

All of this material is easily accessible via Amazon.com. When you consider the strong move toward online sales over brick-and-mortar shopping, you can see the promise here!

The increase in online toy and game sales makes this niche even more appealing. It turns into a self-sustaining loop. The more games sold online, the poorer the performance of retail stores. The bad the understanding of department stores, the more toys and games are sold online.

If you can break into this market, you might amass a cult-like following of people who adore your product. Even then, because so many major brand companies dominate the Toys & Games niche, it could not be easy to break into.


Electronics is a category in which Amazon dominates with their goods. I can imagine how difficult it would be to get into this. As you can see, many of the top sellers are products owned and manufactured by Amazon:

Cameras and Photographs

Here's a market that might have some room for you. The Camera & Photo category contains various products, including home cameras, disposable cameras, and even cameras hidden inside pens. There are also light-up selfie rings and miniature microscopes.

If you approach it head-on, this can be a difficult niche. However, there are several back doors available to a savvy Amazon FBA seller. Most of the time, you are not attempting to create a new form of camera. However, camera caps, carrying bags, portable lights, portable green screens, stands, and lightboxes are only a few examples of the types of equipment that might be a successful Amazon FBA dropshipping option.

It is a market where an intelligent entrepreneur might offer a fresh spin on old technology. This group contains name brands (avoid them), but household names do not drive it.


This is a market that is ripe for new entrants. Selling a book is not the same as marketing a showerhead or a floating pool, but the money is available.

Amazon's website has made it ridiculously simple to self-publish a novel. There are familiar stories about Kindle writers who made a small fortune by being Kindle best sellers.

Perhaps more popular are the many millions of writers who make thousands of dollars per month on Kindle. Frequently, this is done to build a passive income stream from Kindle. This market is loaded with potential, only waiting for the right entrepreneur to grab it.

Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry

Clothing, accessories, and jewelry are another area where intelligent entrepreneurs can make a lot of money. But be warned: this is a crowded market. Making a shirt is a lot simpler than coming up with a fresh concept for a new product.

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Before you can sell goods on Amazon, you must first find stock to sell. Here are some quick ways to find Amazon products:

Perform Manual Research on Amazon.Com

To manually study favorite products on Amazon – which will help you determine which product to sell – begin with Amazon's best-selling items in a specific category. If you've explored a class and its sub-categories, you should be able to narrow down on a niche.

When browsing Amazon's best-sellers list, you might want to look at the "Customers also purchased" section for suggestions on similar items.

After you've compiled a list of products, use Google Keyword Planner to see if those items have search volume, suggesting a level of demand.

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Examine the Amazon Best Sellers List

If you want to get a good idea of what items people wish to the most, the best-selling list on Amazon is a great place to start. You can search for any category of interest and save the things that catch your attention. Eliminate seasonal pieces as much as possible to ensure continuity throughout the year.

Keep Your Distance From The Extremes Of The Spectrum

When brainstorming product ideas, strive to avoid products that are either highly common or highly niche. If they're very hot, you'll be up against some stiff competition. And if they are extremely niche, you can have difficulty seeking buyers.

Consider Being A Private Label Seller

One of the best parts about mixing private label selling and Amazon FBA is that you can work with lucrative products, put your spin on them, and then let Amazon handle the rest. In 99.9 percent of instances, re-inventing the wheel and creating your item is a bad idea. However, with private labels, you can take an already popular product and reintroduce it to the market with your enhanced touch.

Only Purchase Items That Are Small, Light, And Long-Lasting

Avoid large items because shipping costs will eat into your profitability. The same is true for bulky products. The lower the shipping price, the smaller and lighter the product Amazon will fit into a package. In terms of durability, this protects you from consumer concerns and sloppy shippers who treat shipments as if they were auditioning for the Olympic javelin event.

Try To Find Items That Are Simple and Inexpensive To Make

The quicker and less expensive it is to make the product you want to sell, the better your chances of making a good profit. Consider the distinction between a Honda Civic and a Bentley. The former can be installed in a matter of hours, while the latter takes months to complete. And the cost differences are reflected in the respective costs. Consider Amazon seller fees as well.

Keep Track Of The Product's Seller Ranking And Sales History

These are two critical factors to consider. The sales history is essential for understanding how a product has performed over time. It allows you to determine if it has been consistently successful or whether it has only been popular at certain times.

On the other hand, the seller rating tells you how many units of the commodity your rivals are selling. Jungle Scout is an excellent extension for analyzing Amazon competitors.

Maintain an Open Mind

You could go into the quest knowing what you want to sell on Amazon. On the other hand, maintaining a static mentality could be one of the worst behaviors to adopt. By doing so, you are excluding yourself from future goods that could significantly increase your share of the Amazon FBA pie. Instead, aim to be as rational as possible about the operation. Examine an object from different angles and try to determine whether it is a good product rather than just whether you like it or not.

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To truly thrive on Amazon, you must be able to provide exclusive, low-cost goods with little competition.

Because of the platform's overabundance, it's more challenging than ever to stand out, but selling on Amazon for the sake of selling on Amazon isn't a good idea. Instead, you want to be sure that you can have something of quality.

If you already have a product in mind, use the advice above to fine-tune your approach and locate a niche market into a broader audience. If you don't affect the mind, start with the basics: what are the most common Amazon keywords, and which products are the most profitable?

After you've compiled a list based on keyword analysis, consider whether similar items that the consumer may find more interesting or valuable than those currently available on Amazon.

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