Does Amazon Have a Return Limit?

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Does Amazon Have a Return Limit?

Knowing the return policy for Amazon is crucial, especially if you are a seller or a constant customer of Amazon. Amazon is constantly altering its return criteria, so it is critical to know what is happening in the Amazon Marketplace. It is necessary to give a consistent experience to your consumers. Undoubtedly, "Returns" are a part of the marketing game, which is true even for Amazon. Amazon is the world's most profitable and most significant marketplace. Regarding "Amazon Returns," the fault usually falls on you since you sent the incorrect product, color, size, or SKU.

However, it's not your fault every time. But here's the harsh reality: Amazon still compels vendors to accept returns, even if the buyer is at fault. Let's review Amazon's return policy, how to apply for a return, and whether Amazon has any return limits.

Amazon Return Policies You Should Know

So, how long is Amazon's return policy? Most Amazon purchases have a 30-day return policy. However, the retailer tracks returns to ensure consumer fulfillment and protect sellers.  You may receive a formal notification if you return too many goods, even if the return numbers vary. When you seek an exchange or return for practically all your goods, Amazon may get suspicious and limit your returns. 

Amazon has a 30-day international store return policy for most of its items. They do not, however, apply this limitation to perishable commodities or products purchased from third-party merchants. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of this policy to return many items. That is when Amazon must act to prevent those customers from abusing their generous return policy. 

When you need to return too many items, Amazon may send you a notice to remind you of the return policy. They also inform you that shops may ban or restrict your account based on their discretion. Such a message has an extremely high proportion of difficulties with desired returns. Amazon evaluates each performance individually and may terminate your account if necessary. 

Returning Amazon merchandise is generally recommended only when there is a genuine problem. Otherwise, you may experience disruption and subscriptions while shopping.   

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How Do I Handle A Return Request?

As a seller, you may use Manage Amazon FBA returns to do the following steps on a return request:

Approve The Request

Individual and professional sellers can approve the request by following the steps below. Visit the seller-centralized account and Navigate to Orders > Manage returns. To authorize a single-return request, select the request to be reviewed.

Here, you will be asked to use the RMA number provided by Amazon or generate a custom RMA number. This RMA number will appear directly below the return label on the buyer's return permission sheet.

It's worth noting that you'll have the choice of using an unpaid return label supplied by Amazon or uploading your prepaid return label. Your return address will be generated automatically on the label if Amazon creates the label.

  • Navigate to Account Info and select Return Address.
  • Go to Account Info and then Return Address.
  • You must enter an address for the return if the return is being handled manually. You may use a previously saved address or input a new one for returns.

To authorize several return requests simultaneously, choose the request to be reviewed.

Pick Authorize all specified returns from the dropdown menu on the Manage Returns page. You may select receiving a return request email with a legitimate link to close, reply, or authorize by going to Settings > Return Settings and then checking the appropriate option.

Choose and give a suitable explanation for canceling the return request to the consumer. When the return request is completed, Amazon sends the message you sent to the customer, along with the explanation for the closure.

Submit The Request

You can immediately close a return request if you: Plan to give a refund without requiring the item to be returned. A buyer, on the other hand, may reject a return request. In this scenario, you will receive mail regarding the same concern.

Provide A Refund

A refund is possible following the return of the item. If you allow the purchaser to keep your product, Amazon suggests waiting until you get it before filing a refund.

According to Amazon, you must complete the reimbursement process within two days of receiving the returned products. If you do not execute the refund within the stated time limit, Amazon maintains the right to return the specified sum to the customer and charge the exact amount to your seller account.

As a result, to avoid a terrible consumer experience, monitor your refund and ensure that the client receives it on time.

Make Contact With The Buyer

You can contact the buyer by email to address the problem. It is usually preferable to address the issue rather than handle the return and offer a refund.

Individual Seller (or Non-FBA) Amazon Return Process

When a buyer puts an order with a seller that fulfills and delivers from their inventory, the return goes to the vendor rather than

Though most individual sellers' return policies are similar to those of, a few guidelines may differ. As a result, before making a purchase, a buyer should always check the particular seller's return policy.

A third-party supplier should supply one or more of the following:

  • A legitimate return address in the United States.
  • A suitable prepaid return label.
  • A complete refund without the need to return the merchandise.

If a seller does not supply these three choices, the buyer may file an A-Z Guarantee Claim to request assistance with your return. If the purchaser sends an item within the United States, they must ensure the consignment and ship it with the signature of the shipping service.

Conversely, a $35 or higher item should be sent to the seller with an identifiable link from the delivery provider. Amazon recommends that purchasers utilize the USPS shipping service for products under $35.

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How Can You Avoid Amazon Return Scammers?

Some merchants record or photograph themselves to protect their business from scammers, especially before sending costly items. If someone complains about not receiving an order, it proves it was dispatched correctly. These measures, of course, demand more time than your current heavy task. However, these safeguards can help you save money while protecting your reputation if a buyer attempts to defraud you.

Aside from these, here are some additional precautions to take to avoid future encounters with scammers:

  • Make sure that your signature appears on all packages that you send.
  • Purchase insurance for packages containing valuable items.
  • Make use of a tracked delivery system.

Amazon also advises third-party merchants to consider the following factors to protect themselves from dishonest customers.

Respond To Emails From Customers 

Though Amazon motivates buyers to work with them to resolve issues, a few claims are made against top-performing sellers on occasion. This is primarily due to merchants needing to respond to consumers' communications within a reasonable timeframe. As a result, as a vendor, you must ensure you answer your clients promptly.

Prompt Refunding

A seller can avoid a claim if they swiftly investigate the return with the customer. The refund can be avoided if the rationale is judged to be appropriate. When an issue is resolved this way, a customer is less likely to file a claim against you.

Responsible Shipment

Trackable shipment methods, a signature-required approach, and cautious packaging, may significantly reduce non-receipt and damaged goods claims. The obligation to offer a valid tracking code for 95% of shipments inside the United States and mailing to Amazon-provided locations can help reduce your liability.

Accurate Product Photos And Descriptions

Giving accurate photographs and descriptions of a product reduces misconceptions and unnecessary concerns about what a consumer expects to receive. Ensure that all of your offerings correspond to the correct ASINs. It is not permitted to compare the product to a previous edition. The seller is responsible for the claim if a product listing is incorrectly published.

Keep The Purchasers Up To Date

Even though Amazon handles order and shipping notifications, it is necessary to work directly with buyers to resolve problems or inquire about the product.

Cancel The Out-Of-Stock Orders 

If an item is out of stock, it is your duty as a seller to notify the buyer via email so they do not expect a package. Dealing with an Amazon Return is much simpler if you follow the measures mentioned earlier, especially before shipping.

Is Amazon Checking The Products You Returned?

Does Amazon return used items? Amazon only conducts a thorough investigation when submitting a return for only one or two goods. It's simple to comprehend because they process millions of transactions every day. Nonetheless, if you require frequent returns and refunds for many items, their staff will notice and closely monitor your account activity. 

It is true if the return rate surpasses 10% of your purchase orders or if you request refunds and returns regularly. Amazon employees may view all of your purchases on their website. As a result, you should avoid ordering many things to return them a few days later. 

Is There A Return Limit On Amazon?  

Amazon needs to make its return policies public. Regarding unclear constraints, Amazon will take note of practically every order if consumers seek returns.  Amazon may warn customers who make 5 to 10 returns or more. Alternatively, Amazon will alert them if 10% of their purchased orders are returned or refunded. They also remind clients about their return policy when the value of the returned products is more than the worth of the purchased and maintained goods. 

When Amazon sends you a notice about the return policy, it's best to restrict your return requests.

What Would You Do If You Have Problems Returning The Product?

You may need help with your Amazon orders or items on occasion. If you believe Amazon made a mistake in warning you about regular returns, you should contact them and inform them of the issue.  You must show them images of damaged products or items that differ from what you bought. Amazon can terminate or ban your account without a credible backup explanation.  When you receive their email notification, respond and explain why you need to return your orders. Amazon colleagues will carefully examine your charges to determine if they can assist you with broken items or incorrect orders.

Once you've gone overboard with your returns, it's best to respond to them, acknowledging their concerns and promising to be more cautious with future purchases on their site. There will be no issues if your return rate is less than 10%.

Will Amazon Suspend A Customer's Account If They Return Too Many Items?

Amazon always wants to retain a client if the problem is significant. In most situations, they warn clients about returning too many things, which is an effective way to deter them from overspending.  Nonetheless, Amazon reserves the right to ban customers who violate the Amazon return policy on a case-by-case basis. It only happens if the return rate is less than 10% of all purchased items and buyers cannot offer clear evidence of actual problems.

Nonetheless, Amazon reserves the right to ban customers who violate the Amazon return policy on a case-by-case basis. As a result, anytime you wish to return many things to Amazon quickly, it's critical to offer a detailed explanation and visual proof.  Amazon will tell you via messages or phone calls if your account is about to be blocked. They will also notify you if they need to cancel your account due to repeated infractions. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are barred from buying on their website, they will deactivate your Amazon Seller or Amazon Associates account.


With Amazon's return policies, you can confidently make an informed purchasing decision and order. Now that you've read about the process of making returns on Amazon, you can easily make your purchases. While there are certain limitations when returning items, Amazon makes the process easy for its customers. If unsatisfied with the purchased product, know you can ship it back quickly and receive a full refund. Need help fulfilling Amazon orders? Get in touch with Simpl today. Our experienced team of order fulfillment specialists is ready to provide solutions tailored to your needs – so that you can relax knowing your orders are taken care of in a timely and efficient manner!

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