eCommerce Returns: 7 Best Practices For Smart Businesses

eCommerce Returns: 7 Best Practices For Smart Businesses

If you're like most business owners, the idea of dealing with customer returns probably makes your skin crawl. But online shopping has changed the way customers return items, and as a business owner, it's important to be prepared. Here are seven best practices for handling eCommerce returns.

1. Your Return Policy Should Be Exceptional

Do you want to know how to manage returns like a top player? Customers will appreciate it if you make it simple for them. It all begins with a clear and appealing return policy. A return policy might potentially serve as one of your most valuable marketing tools when done correctly. 

Keep your policy clear and appealing to the customer, whatever it may be. Your return policy should also be freely accessible on your website. Including a link to your return policy on each product page makes your customers aware and may influence their choice to buy your items.

2. You Should Have A Separate Page Dedicated To Your Return Policy

Do you already have a firm return policy in place? Then, make sure it's prominently displayed on your eCommerce website. Don't try to disguise it. Please create a separate page for your return policy and make it easy to discover. Consumers will be hesitant to buy from you if your return policy is buried in legal language and they can't comprehend it.

3. Provide Returns From Multiple Channels

You must provide multi channel returns if you have an online and offline firm. If a consumer purchases anything on your website but is unhappy with it, they must be able to come back to your store's physical place, or it's something you don't generally stock. Providing several ways for customers to return things leads to higher customer experience and customer retention.

4. Give Free Returns

When it comes to processing and managing returns, there are always charges involved. Those expenses, however, must be evaluated against the benefits of free returns. Customers may be more likely to purchase an item they are undecided about if they think they can refund it for nothing.

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5. Offer Simple Exchanges

A consumer purchases an item in certain circumstances and falls in love with it; however, the size or color is incorrect. Your eCommerce shop must make it simple for the client to replace items in these cases. Giving the consumer what they need in the exact size without any further hassles or payments will ensure that your store has a delighted customer who will return to deal with you.

6. Offer a Packing Slip For Returns

While it may appear paradoxical, including a preprinted packing slip and label with each purchase is highly sensible. The slips allow the firm to insert additional info on the shipping document that may be useful when handling the return.

7. Gather Essential Feedback

Allow customers to explain why they're returning a product when they return it. It may be as straightforward as ticking a box on a produced packing sheet. The response may offer you helpful information which may assist you in reducing the number of returns you have to cope with.



 We all know that it's a pain to deal with customer returns. But as an eCommerce owner, you can't afford not to be prepared for the worst and have a plan in place should your customers decide they no longer want what they bought from you. These seven best practices will help get your business ready for dealing with any return scenario so you don’t miss out on potential revenue opportunities because of lost merchandise or bad customer service

Simpl fulfillment is here to help you take care of your customer service issues and remove the pain point that returns can become. We specialize in helping eCommerce businesses manage their inventory, process orders, fulfill items for customers who need an exchange or return, and more. It's not always easy handling all those exchanges and refunds as a small business owner. If this sounds like something you want to get out of the way so you can focus on what matters most- growing your business-reach out to us today!

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