What is Amazon A+ Content?

What is Amazon A+ Content?

If you want to succeed on the Amazon platform, standing out from the immense competition is crucial. Amazon gives many opportunities to sellers to show constant increases in sales and improvement in their product listings so that you can take advantage of these features and tools. The ability to develop Amazon A+ content descriptions is one of Amazon's most efficient and practical features, specially designed to catch your attention. 

It has been found that A+ content pages are developed to help you increase your brand awareness, conversions, and overall sales of your business. In this post, you will be educated more about amazon a plus content, its benefits, eligibility, and how to develop A+ Content. Let's start with an overview of A+ Content.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a content marketing program offered by Amazon that allows brands to create more detailed and enhanced product descriptions for potential customers. This program was launched in 2010, and since then has become an industry standard for ecommerce platforms.

With the support of Amazon Plus content, Amazon sellers can add rich media elements like engaging videos, high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, comparison charts, and interactive modules to their listing of products. Adding content helps to engage and generate awareness among potential buyers, offering them a more detailed understanding of the product's usage, benefits, and features. 

The Amazon seller can quickly develop brand awareness, differentiate their products, and increase conversion rates by improving A+ content. The enhanced product information and visuals offered through A+ Content help build trust and credibility with potential customers, resulting in higher sales. Here, the vendors must enroll in Amazon Vendor Central, or sellers need to register in Amazon Brand Registry to access A+ content. The marketplace offers different modules and templates to assist sellers in developing compelling A+ content. After creating the content, it can be integrated into the product detail page, making it visible to customers. 

What is Premium Amazon A+ Content?

The new upgraded version of Amazon A+ Content is known as Premium Amazon A+ Content. It offers additional customization options and features for Amazon sellers. This version provides advanced design elements, modules, and layouts to develop visually stunning and highly engaging product detail pages. 

Premium A+ Content helps the sellers to include interactive image carousels, advanced comparison charts, immersive storytelling, and other interactive elements to attract potential customers. It also enables sellers to strengthen their brand presence.

Vital Features of Premium A+ Content

Some critical features in Premium A+ Content are not found in basic A+ Content. Let's have a look at these essential features.

  • Carousel modules
  • Improved comparison charts
  • Interactive hover hotspot modules
  • Q&A module
  • Larger pictures on the detail page
  • Multiple video modules

Differences Between Amazon Premium A+ Content and Amazon A+ Content

Both Amazon Premium A+ Content and Amazon A+ content are considered powerful tools for Amazon sellers to drive conversions and improve their product listings. However, you may find some differences, so let's check out.


Based on the available features, Amazon A+ content is usually accessible to all Brand registry sellers on Amazon. On the other hand, Amazon Premium A+ Content is accessible to a select seller group or has limited availability. The availability of Premium A+ Content is subject to the discretion of Amazon and may need to be part of exclusive programs or meet specific criteria.

Features and Customization

Usually, the Premium A+ Content provides more customization options, advanced features, and interactive modules than basic A+ Content. It offers additional layouts, design elements, and advanced modules like immersive storytelling and interactive image carousels. It has been found that Premium A+ Content gives flexibility and great creativity to create visually stunning and highly engaging product detail pages. 

Branding Opportunities

Compared to actual A+ content, Premium A+ Content provides enhanced branding opportunities. It helps sellers to incorporate different brand-specific layouts, messaging, and imagery to develop a branded and cohesive shopping experience. Premium A+ Content allows Amazon sellers to establish brand recognition, strengthen their brand identity, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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Compared to actual A+ content, Premium A+ Content has stricter eligibility criteria. Premium A+ Content can be accessed by limited sellers who meet their specific requirements, like part of their Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives. On the other hand, the basic A+ Content is accessible to all the sellers who have registered on the Vendor Central account or Amazon Brand Registry.

Visual Appeal

Premium A+ Content offers a more visually appealing experience than A+ content. It provides interactive features and advanced design elements that can engage and captivate potential buyers. Premium A+ Content emphasizes creating visually stunning and immersive product detail pages that make a long-lasting impression on buyers. 

Performance Insights

Both regular A+ Content and Premium A+ Content offer sellers access to performance insights and analytics. Amazon sellers can monitor key metrics like click-through rates, views, and conversion rates to understand their effectiveness and create data-driven optimizations. Both versions have similarities in terms of depth and availability of performance insights. 


Essential A plus content gets involved in Amazon services or is provided at a fixed cost. On the other hand, Premium A+ Content involves the additional costs that a seller has to pay as part of their marketing budget. 

Advantages of Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content is an enhanced marketing feature with many benefits for Amazon sellers. So, let's check some key benefits of using Amazon A+ Content:

Enhanced Product Presentation

With Amazon Plus content, sellers can showcase their products more engaging and visually appealingly. Sellers can develop a more prosperous product detail page by incorporating high-quality interactive modules, images, and videos that effectively communicate their products' benefits, features, and unique selling points. The developed presentation can increase the confidence of potential buyers to purchase by capturing their attention. 

Enhanced Branding and Storytelling

Plus, content helps sellers to strengthen their brand identity and effectively tell their brand story. Here, sellers can create branded and cohesive shopping experiences using unique imagery, the ability to customize layouts, and the incorporation of brand-specific messaging. This essential feature helps sellers differentiate themselves from competitors, develop a strong connection with buyers, and develop brand awareness. 

Increased Conversion Rates

It has been found that Amazon A plus content positively influences conversion rates. This helps potential buyers to make the right purchasing decisions by offering more engaging visuals and comprehensive information. By choosing A+ content, the seller can highlight product differentiators, address objections and common questions, and build customer trust. This increased product education and transparency can result in higher sales and conversion rates. 

Improved SEO and Discoverability

A+ Content positively impacts the product's SEO in the marketplace. Here, sellers can enhance their item's visibility in the search result of Amazon by incorporating detailed product descriptions, relevant keywords, and additional product information. It has been found that A+ Content can enhance the overall product's discoverability, attract more organic traffic, and increase click-through rates.

Competitive Advantage

Another significant benefit of A+ content is its competitive advantage. A seller can get a competitive edge with well-designed A+ Content by separating their selling item. Moreover, sellers can explain why their product is better and superior to meet customers' needs with detailed product specifications, interactive comparison charts, and customer testimonials. A+ Content helps sellers to emphasize critical benefits, unique selling points, and features, allowing them to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace. 

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Cross-Selling Opportunities

A+ Content helps sellers to showcase complementary or related products. Here, sellers can recommend additional items by incorporating cross-selling modules that help to increase the likelihood of multiple purchases and increase customers' interest. It allows the sellers to improve their sales potential by enhancing the A+ Content space to upsell and promote different products within their catalog.

Performance Insights and Analytics 

Sellers can get valuable insights into their enhanced product detail page's performance with A+ Content. Here, sellers can access click-through rates, conversion rates, and data on views for their A+ Content through reporting tools on Amazon. Moreover, it helps the sellers to identify improvement areas, assess the effectiveness of their content, and make data-driven decisions to receive better results to optimize their A+ Content.

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Improved Mobile Shopping Experience

A+ Content is specially designed to provide an optimal mobile shopping experience to the buyers by improving the shopper's numbers using portable devices to purchase or browse products on the marketplace. Its responsive design ensures that the content adapts effectively to various screen devices and sizes, which helps to interact with the enhanced range and helps customers to view it on their tablets or smartphones.

Brand Registry Benefits

The Amazon a+ content guidelines recommend that sellers utilize the brand registry benefits. The seller must enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to access A+ Content. It helps sellers with advanced tools to protect their intellectual property rights and brand on Amazon. Moreover, it allows sellers to report infringing content, utilize other brand-building features, control product listings, and access brand-specific marketing programs.

Access to Premium A+ Content

Premium A+ Content allows sellers to access it by meeting its specific eligibility criteria. It provides additional design elements, advanced customization options, and more interactive modules to develop visually compelling and highly engaging product detail pages. Moreover, it also allows sellers to deliver an exceptional shopping experience, strengthen their brand presence, and differentiate their products.

Overall, Amazon A+ Content has many benefits for sellers like increased conversion rates, competitive advantage, cross-selling opportunities, access to analytics and performance insights, enhanced product presentation, improved branding and storytelling, improved SEO and discoverability, better mobile shopping experience, and access for Premium A+ Content. Using this content can help the sellers to improve their sales potential, deliver a great shopping experience and differentiate their products on the marketplace. 

Steps to Create Amazon A+ Content

It has been found that creating Amazon A+ Content can boost conversions and enhance your product listings. So, let's check out how you can develop A+ content on Amazon. 

  • You must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements of Amazon as part of a Brand Registered Seller.
  • You must develop a clear strategy for your Amazon A+ Content by identifying the key product benefits, features, and unique selling points. 
  • You can choose the appropriate A+ Content module for your selling item with the standard highlight, standard comparison, and extended text and image.
  • To develop visually appealing content, you must incorporate high-quality infographics, product images, lifestyle photos, and charts with professional design and photography. 
  • It would help if you focused on addressing pain points, on customer benefits, and using persuasive language to write concise and compelling copy that describes the selling products. 
  • You must include your tagline, logo, and colors to develop buyer trust and reinforce brand identity. 
  • Consider easy navigation for customers and the flow of information by arranging your content modules in a visually pleasing and logical manner. 
  • Create mobile-friendly A+ Content because most of the traffic comes from mobile users. 
  • Use analytics tools on Amazon to track your A+ content's performance. You can make data-driven optimizations to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • You must ensure that your A+ Content complies with Amazon's content guidelines.


In conclusion, Amazon A+ Content is an essential feature for any business selling products on the Amazon marketplace. It presents new opportunities to reach potential customers through increased visibility and additional information regarding your products, and it is also straightforward to set up and use. You can go right with added product slideshows, visual assets, detailed descriptions, and more included within this toolset. So why give it a try today? Leverage the power of Amazon A+ Content as part of your product listing strategy and see how effective it can be! And if you need help to fulfill eCommerce orders, be sure to contact Simpl for assistance.

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