What is a Pick Packer?

What is a Pick Packer?

The process of delivery is incomplete without the services of pick packers. A pick packer picks the parcels packs and keeps them ready for dispatch or shipping. Now, what is a packer mean?

 A packer is someone who does the job of only packing the items. Therefore, the task of a pick packer is more than a packer. Packing jobs are responsible for packing the items perfectly suitable for transportation. So special care is required while doing the packing job as mistakes done during the packing may damage the article, which is a loss to everyone involved.

What Is The Picker Packer Job Description?

You can include the following points in the picker packer job description.

Order picking

The picker should pick up the products quickly and handle them with care. A delay in picking the product may result in a delay in shipping as after picking, it involves a lot of processes.


Once all the said products are picked, they need to be adequately packed. While packing, the packer must do the need patiently and ensure no damage to the product. Then, the packed products must be labeled and ready for shipping. Then the products should be loaded into respective vehicles meant for transportation.

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Maintain cleanliness

The picker packer should ensure that the work area where the packing is done is neat and clean. Even after packing, the work should be kept clean and ready for the following process.

Keep good health

As the picker packer's job involves picking the products, the person should be healthy enough to lift the products. Even during the packing career, the packer must stand for a long time and needs sufficient energy to load the products into the trucks. So, a healthy and fit picker packer can do the task quickly and perfectly.

What Does A Warehouse Packer Do?

The task of the picker packer remains the same with a bit of variation based on the location he is working. A warehouse picker is a person who picks the products or stock in a particular warehouse. The job of the warehouse picker may include the task of unloading the supplies also based on the requirement. A warehouse packer packs the stock related to the warehouse and loads it into the trucks to be dispatched to the destination. Therefore, the task of the warehouse picker and warehouse packer is limited to the job in the warehouse.

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 If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of packing and shipping you have to do, don't worry! A pick packer can help take some of the burden off your shoulders. Contact Simpl today for more information on how we can help with all your packing and shipping needs.

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