What are Warehousing Services?

Warehousing services offer a variety of benefits for businesses. Find out what warehousing is and how it can help your business run smoothly.

What are Warehousing Services?

Warehousing is keeping inventory or goods in a warehouse until they are distributed or sold. Warehousing services help businesses in controlling the delivery of goods to customers. However, warehousing involves more than just keeping interests in storage space.

What Is A Warehouse?

A warehouse is a structure created to store many wares or goods combined with storage racks, operating tools, staff, and management resources that regulate the imbalance between the incoming and outgoing flow of goods. The goods come from the production facilities and suppliers and are sent to sales, production, etc. Some warehouses are different. Some warehouses are accessible to the general public, some provide logistics services, and some just store products. 

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Different Types of Warehouses

Private Warehouse

A private warehouse is a storage space that is owned and controlled by a single company. This type of warehouse can be used to store products, materials, or even paperwork. Private warehouses typically have security measures in place to keep track of who goes in and out, and to protect the items inside.

Public Warehouse

Public warehouses are a great option for those needing extra storage space. They are usually much cheaper than renting a storage unit from a private company. Plus, public warehouses typically have longer hours and more flexible access rules.

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded warehouses are special places where imported products are kept until they pass customs inspection. It's like a giant storage facility for all sorts of goods from other countries. Everything from clothes to electronics to food can be found in a bonded warehouse.

Distribution Warehouse

The distribution warehouses serve as checkpoints in the supply chain for wholesale items or goods. They frequently combine goods from various vendors to produce wholesale delivery for retail businesses.

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Fulfillment Warehouse

The term "Fulfillment Warehouse" is used to describe a third party logistics provider (3PL) or fulfillment center. These organizations play an important role in assisting businesses with inventory management, order fulfillment, and other warehousing needs.

There is an additional division within each type of warehouse. For example, many fulfillment facilities or centers offer specialty services like oversized fulfillment, cold storage and shipment for perishable goods, and fulfillment for beauty products.

Warehouse Vs. Fulfillment Center

A fulfillment center is a large structure that stores goods for a company, much like a warehouse does. But it has a lot of other uses as well. A fulfillment center typically keeps interests for brief intervals before shipping. Instead of a warehouse, retail items generally are from a fulfillment center.

While a fulfillment center's primary goal is to serve storage & warehousing services to external customers, a warehouse doesn't provide services to those customers. A warehouse may make sense if your business expands and needs more space, but a fulfillment center offers far more flexibility in today's world. It can handle various activities in one location.

Types Of Fulfillment Warehouse Services

Every Fulfillment center is different. You may create a successful e-commerce fulfillment strategy by knowing the warehouse services offered and what to consider from a 3PL. The Fulfillment services include packing, picking, storage, and shipping. Inventory control, kitting, and cross-docking are a few more services that some 3PL provide to their customers. 

Storage And Warehousing

One of the primary services fulfillment warehouses offer is the storage and warehousing of goods. Fulfillment warehouses provide an ideal solution for companies with large quantities of products or materials that need to be stored. They typically have a wide range of space available, with different climate control options depending on the type of goods being stored.

Inventory Management

Another vital service provided by fulfillment warehouses is inventory management. To ensure the efficient and accurate delivery of goods, warehousing companies carefully track the quantities and locations of each product or material in their facilities. This allows them to quickly locate items when they are needed for shipping, reducing delays and costs associated with out-of-stock products.

Order Fulfillment

In addition to warehousing and inventory management, fulfillment warehouses are often responsible for order fulfillment. This typically involves receiving customer orders, packaging items accordingly, and shipping orders out to customers promptly. Some companies may outsource this process to a warehousing company rather than handle it internally, as it can be complex and time-consuming.

Pick And Pack

Another critical service offered by warehousing companies is picked and pack operations. This involves selecting the specific items that customers have ordered and preparing them for shipping, either individually or in bulk. This process requires careful attention to detail to ensure that each item is labeled correctly and prepared for shipping.

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In addition to warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment services, fulfillment warehouses typically also handle shipping for their clients. This may involve working with various shipping carriers to arrange the most efficient delivery of goods to customers or coordinating shipments across multiple facilities if necessary.

Returns Processing

 In some cases, warehousing companies may also provide services for processing returns from customers. This can involve receiving, inspecting, and restocking returned items as needed. Depending on the requirements of each company, warehousing facilities may be responsible for all aspects of returns processing, or they may manage certain elements such as item inspection and storage.

Kitting And Assembly

In addition to warehousing and order fulfillment, fulfillment warehouses may also provide specialized services such as kitting and assembly. This involves combining multiple items or assembling products in a specific way to meet the requirements of a customer's order. This can be an essential service for businesses that sell customized products, as it allows them to quickly and efficiently manufacture orders according to each customer's specifications.


Another warehousing service offered by fulfillment companies is known as cross-docking. This involves moving goods from one location to another without being warehoused to minimize the time and costs associated with storage. For example, a fulfillment warehouse may receive products from a manufacturer or distributor and immediately send them to their final destination rather than warehousing them for some time. This can be an efficient way for businesses to manage their inventory and shipping needs, particularly when large quantities of items are involved.

Inventory Planning 

Another critical service offered by warehousing companies is inventory planning, which typically involves forecasting future demand and ordering appropriate goods to ensure they are available when needed. This can include analyzing historical data on sales and product trends and working closely with the clients they serve to understand their needs and goals. By accurately predicting future demands and stocking products accordingly, warehousing companies help businesses avoid out-of-stock situations or overstocking items that are unlikely to sell quickly.

Palletized Shipping

Many warehousing facilities also specialize in palletized shipping, which involves using custom boxes and skids to transport large items safely. This can be an essential service for businesses transporting large or unusually shaped products, ensuring they are well-protected during transit. Additionally, some warehousing companies may offer additional logistics services such as kitting and assembly, customized packaging options, or product warehousing to help their clients manage all aspects of their supply chain.

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How Can Warehouse Services Improve Your eCommerce Business?

Your eCommerce business might grow by utilizing the services warehouse of a 3PL. You experience an increase in your warehouse staff's skills without hiring a single employee. The 3PL can reduce delivery timings at warehouse sites. And once you consider savings from fewer errors and returns, you could be amazed at how reasonably priced the fulfillment services are.

Streamline Operations

One of the critical benefits of warehousing services for eCommerce businesses is that they can help streamline and optimize operations. By taking care of tasks such as warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping on behalf of their clients, warehousing companies can allow eCommerce businesses to focus on areas where their expertise lies, such as managing their online storefront or marketing their products. Additionally, warehousing companies often have specialized knowledge and experience with the logistics industry, allowing them to provide efficient and effective services that maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Increase Speed And Accuracy

Another benefit of working with a warehousing company is that it can help improve the speed and accuracy of your eCommerce operations. Whether you are ordering in bulk or fulfilling individual customer orders, warehousing companies have the expertise and equipment needed to ensure that items are processed quickly and accurately. This can help minimize delays in getting products out to customers or fulfilling customer orders, improving your business's satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce Operational Costs

One of the most significant benefits of working with a warehousing company is that it can help reduce your overall operational costs. By providing warehousing services at a fixed rate rather than charging based on usage, warehousing companies make it easier for businesses to predict their expenses and manage their cash flow more effectively. Additionally, many warehousing companies will offer additional value-added services such as product kitting and assembly, custom packaging options, or specialized logistics services such as cross-dock or just-in-time warehousing. These services can help further decrease costs and improve efficiency. As such, by working with a warehousing company, you can benefit from the expertise and experience of a specialized logistics provider while controlling your expenditures.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, the main benefit of warehousing services for your eCommerce business is that they can help improve customer satisfaction. By ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately, warehousing companies help businesses provide a high level of service to their customers, which can contribute to greater brand loyalty and repeat business. Additionally, by working with a warehousing company, you can focus on growing your business and creating innovative products without worrying about keeping up with the demands of warehousing and order fulfillment. If you are looking for ways to keep your operations running smoothly and minimize costs while increasing customer satisfaction, partnering with a warehousing company may be the right choice for your eCommerce business.

Save Money On Shipping Costs

One of the main benefits of working with a warehousing company is that it can help you save money on shipping costs. By storing your products at a warehousing facility, you can take advantage of economies of scale and reduce your shipping costs by ordering in bulk or using specialized logistics services such as cross-dock or just-in-time warehousing. Additionally, many warehousing companies offer cost-effective shipping options, such as discounted rates with major carriers or negotiated rates with small and local delivery services, which can further improve your bottom line by lowering your shipping expenses. As such, if you want to reduce the cost and hassle of shipping while maximizing efficiency in your eCommerce business, partnering with a warehousing company may be the right choice.

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Warehousing services are an important part of the supply chain and logistics industry. They provide businesses with a place to store their goods, as well as the necessary equipment and personnel to manage those goods. Warehousing can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business, making it an essential part of any logistics plan. There are many different types of warehousing services available, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. If you're looking for help fulfilling Amazon orders, Simpl can provide you with everything you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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