Walmart Private Label Brands: Complete Guide

Unlock the potential of Walmart's private-label brands with this comprehensive guide. Learn why these items are so popular amongst shoppers, what products you can find in each category, and how to save money by shopping smarter.

Walmart Private Label Brands: Complete Guide

Brands like Amazon & Walmart are so focused on marketing their products. Brands like this are concerned about brand safety, and according to that, they optimize their product listing. Many scammers used to steal the name and images of different brands to sell their products. This horrific scam can lead to the downfall of brand reputation and higher dissatisfaction with less profit. This is why Walmart's private label brands are getting popular. Walmart has recently decided to release its brand registry programs.

This is the most significant milestone for the top retailers. It will benefit all those merchants who used to sell their products at Walmart. Now sellers can defend themselves from multiple scammers, and customers will be guaranteed to receive the best quality products. This whole blog is all about Walmart's private-label brands and their benefits.

What Do You Mean By Private-Label Products?

Private label products mainly exist in the market but are rebranded and sold by other companies. Being a private label retailer, you can twist the product. By using private label products, a retailer can improve the brand quality, add new colors, change the dimensions, and add many more features. The best part of the private label is the retailer can develop a brand new product for selling under their brand!

Private labeling is a concept that has been used previously; multiple largest retailers still use it. If you have purchased at Walmart earlier, you have seen their private labeling products on Shelves. Some great examples are Sam's Choice and Equate! Let's check what brands Walmart owns!

Take A Look At Walmart's Private-Label Brands

Here are some great examples to give you a better idea of private-label products. Let's check Walmart's popular household brands.

Sam's Choice

Sam's Choice is a private label brand created in 1991 and named after the Walmart founder. This label is a premium food brand featuring products like bean coffees, thin-crust pizzas, frozen seafood, Swiss chocolate, breakfast meats, bread, and condiments.  

Great Value

This is another private-label grocery brand created in 1993 by Walmart. This private label claims itself as a quality national brand offering. The brand lists thousands of grocery items, including dried goods, snacks, candies, beverages, and cleaning supplies. Food corporations manufactured the products and labeled them to symbolize value branding.


This is an independent brand that Walmart released recently. This brand lists health and personal care products. For example, toothbrushes, shaving cream, lotion, and other over-the-counter medications.

Ol' Roy

Ol' Roy is the dog food brand released after the name of Sam Walton's dog in 1983. This brand is known for offering high-quality pet foods. This brand is also available on Amazon.

Pen + Gear

This is Walmart's private label brand which lists multiple schools & office supplies. The brand lists more than 500 items on! The brand sells quality organizers, notebooks, bubble wraps, paper products, and other novelty items.

Parent's Choice

This is the Walmart owner private label brand known for selling baby products. The brand lists products such as skincare, food, diapers, bottles, & bath essentials. Under this brand, the company provides products cheaper than the other brands!

Apparel Brands

This is another Walmart private label that owns various apparel brands and clothing for men, women, and children. The best examples of Apparel brands released by Walmart are George, Terra & Sky, Time and Tru, and Athletic Works.

There are also some more Walmart store brands you can search for on the internet.

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Reasons To Sell Private Label Products On Walmart

There are many reasons why retailers want to sell private-label products at Walmart. Here is how it helps to lead great value products.

Build A Strong Brand Reputation

Maintaining a solid brand reputation is why retailers choose private-label products for sale. Selling private-label products at Walmart improves customer loyalty and builds confidence. With the rise of social media, every tiny mistake counts and plunges the company's social reputation. This is why multiple unauthorized sellers choose Walmart private label brands to make a hit. By selecting this, a seller can turn the negative perception of their brand into a positive one! Overall, it helps the retailers hold their reputation.

Improve sales and profit

With the rise of the internet, private labeling made sales and profit easier. Most retailers need to consider product information, content, and pricing. The unauthorized sellers could be selling under the same name as the product names with low-quality images and incomplete descriptions. 

If you are going through poor customer service, choosing private labeling is an excellent idea as a retailer. Creating an unappealing version of the product can decrease brand sales, customer retention, and profitability. Selecting the products under the Walmart label can improve brand sales and profits. 

Better Relationship With Customers

Do you want to build a great relationship with customers? If you are struggling with the brand reputation as an unauthorized seller, it can worsen the brand reputation. The unauthorized sellers on Walmart can make working with the other sellers and retailers harder. 

No one wants to sign up or promote products with low conversion rates and market reputations. A retailer can build a better customer relationship by selecting firm listings with Walmart. Brands who sell their products on Walmart have a lot of opportunities to promote their products. 

Get An Advanced Protection

When you start your business scaling, you might look for the fraud signs that could put the brand in danger. The Walmart brand registry offers high-level protection to your business. It will help protect the risk and improve your peace of mind. Brands can file a claim for multiple factors like counterfeit, trademark, copyright, and patent. If anything suspicious happens, Walmart will solve the issues and defend the brand!

Get Higher Profits

The private labeling products you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer or supplier at the lowest possible cost. It will leave you with better profit margins. Private labeling enables the customization of the product to fit with the brand. To stand out in the competition, it is recommended to choose private-label products. Retailers can develop unique ideas and work with the supplier & graphic designers to improve their products.

Get Creative Control Over Walmart Listings

Launching the private label products on Walmart helps you create brand new listings! You don't have any trouble editing images and listing copy. If you are reselling the other brand at Walmart, you might be looking to compare with the Buy Box or other market sellers. 

Apart from these, there are multiple benefits that you must look for when selling private-label brands. 

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Ways To Sell Private Label Products On Walmart

Selling private label products at Walmart is the most significant opportunity for e-commerce sellers. If you want to take an omnichannel approach, here is how to start!

Research About The Products

Product research is the most critical step in the entire process. Without complete research, you could invest in a product no one wants to purchase. There are some harsh realities of e-commerce that you need to consider! Creating private-label product branding is essential to stay competitive in the market. Many platforms help you in the whole process.  

If you want to participate in this whole process, you should look for research tools. Try to find products that have a minimal number of sellers. It should be easy for the Walmart marketplace. Try to search for products that have a minimal number of sellers. You can also list the private label catalog as an Amazon seller.

Find The Supplier

Once you find the perfect product to sell at Walmart, search for a company to manufacture the product. Searching for the supplier takes some time, but using the supplier database helps search the reputable supplier more effectively. You can contact different suppliers and manufacturers. 

Check who is providing the best quality products in the market at reasonable costs. Before placing the large bulk order, ask for samples from each supplier. In this way, you can evaluate the quality they offer. You can set the order once you agree to the terms and conditions!

Build The Walmart Listing

In the next step, create or optimize the Walmart product listing. Even if you select a great product to sell, customers will still need to be able to search for it when searching on You should spend enough time researching keywords to determine what consumers are searching for! 

It would help if you created or craft the title, features, and descriptions richly and compellingly. Remember the images. The images are the most compelling way to build a critical aspect of the product listings. For this, you can hire a professional photographer to construct high-quality photos.

Select The Fulfillment Method

When selling at Walmart, you might have received two options for fulfillment. Retailers can fulfill orders or have Walmart fulfill the orders through the WFS program. Using WFS is ideal if anyone is looking for a hands-free fulfillment operation. Walmart covers everything from storage to packaging and fulfillment returns to customer services.

Launch The Product

Now, you can launch or sell the product after all these things. You can make your product off the ground using Walmart private label brands. This is how you can reach your potential customers. 

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Best Practices For Keeping The Brand Safe At Walmart

Signing up for the Brand portal programs protects your brand on the Walmart marketplace. To start with Walmart, it would be best to ensure the brand reputation of Walmart. Someone else will be there with the brand if you are outside the marketplace. By being a creator of the brand listing, warranty, images, customer support, pricing, and shipping.

Make sure to have a trademark regarding the products to make a differentiation between the listings from others. Your trademark could take the logo form, templates, symbols, phrases, etc. It gives the legal rights to protect the brand. Start protecting the Walmart brand today by following the above-discussed steps. 

Walmart's new brand portal offers new ways for sellers to defend themselves from fraud. Optimizing the above methods helps to boost their reputation and drive sales. If you want to enroll in this program, you can follow all the above-discussed considerations. 

Walmart's private-label goods are those that the retailer owns. While purchasing at Walmart, you may have noticed brands such as Great Value, Equate, Sam's Choice, and others available only at Walmart. Investing in private-label brands is a successful business, and Walmart is doing it.

Based on a Numerator analysis, customers are led to approach private-label items for food, essentials, and consumables. Private-label products are purchased by more than 40 percent of both high- and middle-income buyers. As a result, private-label goods are becoming increasingly significant for retail establishments, with Walmart leading the way.

Walmart is your most great Choice for boosting your internet presence through a marketplace that millions of consumers visit daily. Walmart Marketplace can assist you in developing and selling your well-researched, high-quality goods. The most popular brand of Walmart is Equate, Marketside, Great Value & Freshness.

If you notice the statistics, you will find that the brand Great Value goods are purchased by the customers in the US 72.7%. Walmart is investing more in its house brands due to the success of these four private label companies.

Since the global epidemic began, has surpassed Amazon to become the world's second-largest online marketplace. Brand familiarity keeps customers returning for more because they have typically shopped at Walmart (32%) and are acquainted with the goods offered by Walmart and its stores. Walmart attracts almost 100 million unique visits annually, with 99% making at least one online purchase each month and 20% making at least one daily transaction.


With its ever-growing selection of high-quality private-label products, Walmart provides customers with the perfect combination of convenience, affordability, and variety. Whether you need to find pet supplies in a pinch or are refreshing your wardrobe on a budget — Walmart can help! Check out the top choices we've identified in each category to ensure you're getting the best deals around. With our help, you can shop smarter and save more time and money when filling your home and closet. Plus, if you're looking for an easy way to order and fulfill multiple items from Walmart at once — Simpl is always here for you! Get in touch today and discover how we can help simplify your multi-order fulfillment needs.

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