Wait, What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean?

When you're waiting for a package to be shipped, it may say awaiting fulfillment. Here's what that means and how long it might take! Order statuses explained.

Ordering products online has become a trend in the digital world of today. Owing to its convenience, more people are relying on these stores for their shopping needs - when you purchase things from an online store and check up with your order status often enough, then there's always a chance that some technical terminologies may go over your head because they're not explained well or at all! One such word would be “awaiting fulfillment." Some customers think this means their package disappeared only it doesn't really mean anything like that.

What's the deal with awaiting fulfillment? It means that your package is on its way, but not necessarily gone. Knowing this will help you be patient!

What Is The Meaning Of Awaiting Fulfillment?

The real awaiting fulfillment meaning is that your order has been received by the staff and is getting ready to be shipped soon. So, you can expect to receive an email confirming the shipment of the item. When an order reaches the stage of “awaiting fulfillment,” it means that the order has been paid for, and it will move to the packing department to pack and then ship.

So, next time you see your order status as awaiting fulfillment, make sure not to panic. It doesn’t at all mean that there is some issue with your order. In fact, it means you will be getting your package very soon.

Why Is There A Need For The “Awaiting Fulfillment” Order Status?

Ordering an item online and getting it delivered is not a single-step process. Rather there are a number of steps in between. It all starts with the customers placing an order with a retailer online and making the payment for the item. Once the payment of the order is made, the order is marked as complete with the fulfillment system. In the next step, the product is immediately sent to the particular logistic company of the retailer. 

When the order reaches the status of “awaiting fulfillment,” it indicates that the logistics warehouse has not initiated the order fulfillment process. In this stage, the ordered item will be picked and then packed in the right boxes that are ready to be shipped. After the completion of this process, the order will get a shipping number. Finally, the package will be dispatched soon for delivery at the location of the customer. Before the dispatch process starts, the customers will receive a confirmation mail in which the status is shown as “awaiting shipment.”

Different Order Status and Their Meaning

Now that you know the awaiting shipment meaning and awaiting fulfillment meaning, it is also important to understand other order statuses. Are you wondering what does fulfillment status mean? Well, it means the stages that your online order has to go through. Here are some of the significant stages through which your order usually passes when you purchase online.

Submitted for Fulfilment

This is the initial step that occurs when you make the payment after an online purchase. The order status means that your order is complete and is on the way to the logistics of the selected retailer.

Pending Fulfillment

Many people have a confusion about what does pending fulfillment mean. Pending fulfillment status means that your order is in a queue. Your order has been received by the company but is yet to be processed. In other words, the process of picking and packing hasn’t started.

In Fulfillment

Wondering what does in fulfillment mean? It simply means that the order has been processed. It is now being prepared in order to be shipped.


When your order status becomes “shipped,” it means that the item has been handed over to FedEx, USPS, or UPS. At this stage, you will get an email in which you will find a link. Using the link, you can easily track and monitor the progress of your order. The link will provide you with an estimation of the expected delivery date.


The order status “delivered” simply means that the carrier company has delivered the product to the customer. When you see this status but have not received the parcel, it is important to check with the retailer or carrier with whom the order was placed. This will ensure that the order does not get delivered to the wrong address.

Difference between "Pending Fulfillment" and "Awaiting Fulfillment"

A lot of customers get confused between pending fulfillment and awaiting fulfillment. Well, it is quite normal. In eCommerce fulfillment, both “pending” and “awaiting” mean the same. The eCommerce companies usually use these terms interchangeably.


You might think that Amazon FBA would be a simple process, but there are many things you should know to avoid confusion. For example, if your order is awaiting fulfillment it means the product has been shipped from Amazon into their warehouse and they're waiting for someone at the shipping company to pick up the package before sending it out again. This status can help you understand how long something will take as well as track exactly where your shipment is in transit.

But if things still seem unclear or confusing, we’re here for you! We specialize in helping companies with their fulfillment needs so that they can focus on what matters most – growing their business. Contact us today to find out how our team can simplify all of this for you!

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