What Is UPS SurePost? How Businesses Can Benefit From It

What Is UPS SurePost? How Businesses Can Benefit From It

If you're a business owner who's looking for an affordable and reliable shipping option, UPS SurePost may be the perfect solution for you. But what is it, exactly? And how can you take advantage of its benefits? In this article, we'll provide an overview of UPS SurePost and explore some of the ways businesses can benefit from using it. keep reading to learn more!

What Is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a shipping service that delivers packages to customers via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). SurePost is available for select areas in the United States, and offers delivery within 2-8 days. UPS SurePost is typically cheaper than UPS Ground shipping, and is ideal for items that do not need to be delivered quickly.

UPS SurePost is a simply method of shipping that can nevertheless be quite economical, depending on the location SurePost ships to and from, as well as other factors such as weight and dimensions of the package(s) being shipped. Contracted through USPS,SurePost shipments receive all UPS mail processing services, guaranteed un evening or weekend delivery times, standard transit times based on destination, tracking with end-of-day email notification or text alerts.

Here's how it works: when you place an order with a business that offers UPS SurePost, the order will be shipped via UPS Ground to a local USPS post office. Then, it will be delivered to your door by USPS. This delivery process allows businesses to take advantage of USPS rates while still using the reliability and tracking features of UPS.

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Requirements for Using UPS SurePost

1. The package must be shipped inside a corrugated box, poly bag, padded bag, or shipping tube when using SurePost Parcel Select (1lb - 70lbs). The package cannot exceed a girth of 60" in any place, nor can it be longer than 130".

2. SurePost Parcel Select Lightweight (1 oz. – 15.99 oz.): The package must be shipped inside a corrugated box, padded bag, poly bag, or mailing tube in order to qualify for SurePost Parcel Select Lightweight.

3. Bound and printed matter must be transported inside a corrugated box, poly bag, padded bag, or shipping tube for SurePost (1lb to 15lbs) bound and printed matter. The parcel's combined maximum length and girth cannot be greater than 108". Only sheets and materials that are permanently bonded may be included in the printed matter. The parcel must contain bound, printed material in amounts of at least 90%. Within SurePost, this is a contractual relationship.

4. The package must be shipped inside of a corrugated box, poly bag, padded bag, or mailing tube for SurePost Media Mail (1lb - 70lbs). There are also several limitations for specific content, such as that it can only be in the form of tapes, books, C.D.s, etc. Along with it, a unique agreement with SurePost is necessary.

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Pros Of UPS SurePost

There are many fascinating elements of the service for individuals who are just learning what UPS SurePost is. The following are some of UPS SurePost's greatest benefits:

Expense Savings

The last mile is when many delivery costs are incurred, as we previously discussed, regardless of how far the trip is. If deliveries are frequent enough, staffing delivery employees and running several trucks can mount costly. Consolidating this method can significantly reduce delivery costs because USPS already makes daily deliveries to most locations.

Daily and Weekend Delivery

The USPS operates from Monday through Saturday six days a week, while UPS SurePost has the same delivery window. Weekend delivery is a fantastic shipping choice that can hasten the delivery of goods to customers; it's a perfect addition to the UPS SurePost program since it operates on Saturdays.

UPS SurePost tracking shipment

Unlike certain shipping services, which need the tracking number to change whenever the carrier changes during transit, UPS SurePost enables you to use the same tracking number from the time after the order is placed till the customer receives the goods.

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Shipment Drop Off

UPS SurePost enables customers to pick up their orders at the neighborhood post office. The ability to offer pick-up and delivery choices is a terrific approach for an eCommerce company to personalize the customer experience.

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Delivery to P.O. Boxes

The USPS delivers to P.O. boxes and all U.S. territories, although UPS and FedEx have more limited delivery zones. With UPS SurePost, members can send packages to any domestic location, extending their capacity to serve a somewhat broader delivery base profitably.

Cons Of UPS SurePost

While there are numerous benefits to using UPS SurePost, every shipping service has a number of drawbacks as well. A few of these are:

Lack of promptness

Compared to selecting to ship directly through USPS, there are some modest delivery delays when items are transferred between UPS and USPS. Although the weekend delivery can make up for these delays, UPS SurePost wouldn't be the fastest shipping choice if you were searching for that. If you need anything mailed overnight, UPS SurePost won't be the best option because delivery periods for UPS SurePost might range from 2 to 7 days.

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Benefits of High Volume Deliveries

For individuals who consistently make a high volume of deliveries, joining UPS SurePost is the ideal option. This is because, in order for the program to be financially viable, there must be a sufficient volume of deliveries. The most economical service wouldn't be this one if you only sometimes ship packages.

No International Delivery Choices

Since UPS SurePost depends on the USPS, shipments can only be made within the United States; there are no international shipping options. This is acceptable if your customer is only domestic; however, UPS SurePost would not be helpful if you were seeking to develop internationally.

Who Should Use SurePost?

Although not required for every business, UPS SurePost is a shipping service that can increase a company's total earnings by reducing delivery expenses. The ideal business for UPS SurePost will have the following characteristics:

High Volume Shipping Load

In order to get the most from SurePost, it is best to be shipping a large number of goods to optimize the savings on delivery fees. You should ensure that your company is making an investment that will truly provide a return on investment owing to lower delivery costs before paying to join the UPS SurePost service. Consolidating shipments through UPS will increase a company's weekly spending while reducing delivery costs over time and maximizing earnings.

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No Demand for Expedited Delivery 

UPS SurePost is an excellent choice if your products are not time-sensitive or in high demand for express shipping choices. If your products can wait that long, UPS SurePost offers delivery in 2–7 days after the cargo is scheduled. Thus there are significant discounts to be had. A program is a wonderful option if the products are not time-sensitive and customers are aware of UPS delivery schedules.

Packages are Usually Lightweight 

Each e-commerce website is unique, and UPS SurePost is best for those sending light packages. The majority of shipments handled through a UPS SurePost agreement will weigh less than 10 lbs, so furniture companies are not required to apply.

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How Can Businesses Benefit From Using UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a shipping service that enables businesses to reduce shipping expenses and potentially increase their earnings. However, the last mile of delivery is when many of the annoying shipping fees that internet sellers must deal with are incurred. Especially if you send a lot of deliveries each week, those big trucks making many trips each day might start to mount up.

UPS SurePost delivers packages using the company’s vast ground network

This means your package will travel on the same big trucks as other UPS packages, which helps keep costs down. And because UPS has such an extensive ground network, chances are good that your package will be delivered on time.

UPS SurePost tracking is also very reliable

This is important because it allows businesses to keep track of their packages and ensure they are delivered on time.

Save on last-mile delivery fees

It is also a good option for businesses that rely on tracking to ensure that their packages are delivered on time.

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SurePost Vs Similar Services

Not only does UPS SurePost offer dependable and quick shipping methods, but other shipping services do as well. The two main rivals are USPS and FedEx, with FedEx offering a service called FedEx SmartPost that is remarkably comparable to USPS. Every company will have different shipping requirements, which can lead them to select one provider over the others. 

Compared to UPS SurePost or FedEx, USPS will be a far better choice for express and overnight delivery possibilities. Determining which of these courier services is best for you will typically rely on the type of parcels being sent, the frequency of shipments, and the locations to which the products are being delivered.

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UPS SurePost Vs. FedEx Smartpost

Outside of their names, UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost don't appear to differ much from one another. Nevertheless, each has subtle differences that could persuade a company to select one over the other. The consolidation approach, collaboration with USPS to manage the final mile of delivery, and weekly spend-based shipping costs are the only distinctions between UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost. 

The following below are some of the main distinctions between FedEx SmartPost and UPS SurePost:

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Delivery time

FedEx SmartPost actually takes longer to deliver packages than UPS SurePost because of transfers to USPS. Due in part to FedEx's unique consolidation mechanism, UPS SurePost delivery times are faster than FedEx's.


FedEx SmartPost uses a consolidation technique that limits USPS's ability to receive packages until a certain volume has been reached. Both services can be combined, although FedEx is a little more unpredictable because UPS SurePost doesn't wait until it meets a volume threshold for USPS delivery.

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Simpl Can Help With Shipping Costs

Do you know what UPS SurePost is? If not, don't worry- Simpl can help explain it and determine if it's right for your business. UPS SurePost as a shipping method that involves UPS delivering your packages to the local post office near the destination address. From there, the package will be delivered by USPS. This shipping method is often used for businesses because it can save on shipping costs. However, it's important to note that UPS SurePost delivery times are usually longer than other shipping methods. If you're unsure whether UPS SurePost is right for your business, Simpl can help. We'll look at your particular needs and give you a quote. Contact us today!

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