Steps to Connect Deliverr to your Amazon FBM Orders

Get details on how to connect your Deliverr account to your Amazon FBM orders. Understand the advantages of FBM and how to convert FBA listings to FBM. Must-read!

Steps to Connect Deliverr to your Amazon FBM Orders

Amazon is considered to be one of the top marketplaces in the world. It offers the sellers two different methods to fulfill their orders. They are Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). When the sellers choose to ship the products they listed on Amazon to each buyer themselves, this is called Fulfillment by Merchant or FBM. FBM usually takes a longer time than FBA. Hence, you must connect your FBM orders with Deliverr that offers fast and affordable fulfilment.

How to Connect Deliverr to Amazon FBM Orders

Setting Up a Deliverr Account

1. Create a secondary SKU

FBA merchants can convert their FBA offer to FBM if Amazon still contains the inventory. Creating a secondary SKU is a better alternative to connect to Deliverr easily.

2. Connect Amazon with Deliverr

There are two basic options to connect Amazon and Deliverr. They are: connecting Amazon with Deliverr through direct integration or use a listing tool (GeekSeller, ChannelAdvisor, SellerActive, SellerCloud, and so on) that can help to integrate with both Amazon and Deliverr.

3. Configure the shipping templates and settings of Amazon

To update the shipping template, login to Amazon Seller Account, Go to the Settings option where you will find Shipping settings, select the shipping templates tab and click on edit. Under the shipping settings option, you can update the settings as well.

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Converting FBA Listing to FBM

Though it is not necessary to convert FBA into FBM, still here is the process of converting it.

  • Go to Amazon Seller Central and visit the Inventory tab. There you will get Manage FBA inventory. Click on it.
  • Select the items needed to convert, and you will notice Change to Fulfilled by Merchant option. Click on it.
  • You may notice another page that is titled “Convert to Fulfilled by Merchant”. Visit that page and confirm the items once more before converting them. Finally, click the Convert button.
Advantages of FBM

Here are some of the advantages of using FBM listings.

  • Opportunity for both types of stores: online and offline.
  • Scope to build an independent brand
  • No unexpected costs with significant profit margins
  • Liberty to run the business according to the seller’s choice
  • A better understanding of things and managing the numbers and the inventory
  • Incurring less loss due to frequent changes in Amazon policies

Types of Amazon FBM Fees

Amazon FBM fees refer to the cost that a seller may incur if he decides to ship the item to the buyer by himself. These charges usually vary from seller to seller, depending on the delivery options. The types of Amazon FBM fees are: Monthly Subscription fees, Per item selling fee, referral fee, shipping fee, labelling fee, packaging fee, long-term shortage fee, stock removal fee, and returns processing fee.

FBM orders are usually overlooked due to Amazon FBA that provides easy handling and shipping of products. But if you connect your FBM orders with Deliverr, you can get fast delivery as it lets you fulfil your marketplace and shopping orders. Deliverr also allows reliable and predictable order fulfillment that comes at an affordable cost.

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