Shopify International Shipping: The Complete Guide

Learn how to set up international shipping in your Shopify store. We'll also cover some of the best tips and tricks for shipping products overseas. Ready to get started?

Shopify International Shipping: The Complete Guide

International shipping has been a major issue for many growing merchants. This is due to various challenging factors. The two main obstacles are difficulty in shipping and expensive charges. The International shipping Shopify is not flexible as domestic shipping. Moreover, it has a narrow profit margin. But, once you understand the process, you can simplify it and run seamlessly. It is necessary to understand the charges and shipping process. Once managed, it is not that complex. You can further find suitable ways to grow your business in the international marketplace. 

When you want to craft the Shopify shipping international strategies in the right way, you will understand how it actually works. Especially with the shipping rates, customizations and market options available. Let's go through the guide of International shipping Shopify to understand the process and related facts.

What Is Shopify International Shipping, And How Does It Work?

Shopify International shipping has been running for decades. It is the process of importing and exporting different goods despite their shapes and sizes. The products are shipped to various regions of the world globe via different transports. People usually ask- does Shopify ship internationally, and the answer is that Shopify assists well in international shipping. 

With time, the advent of the ecommerce sector integrated with advanced technologies has brought significant changes. eCommerce vendors and business owners need to align with many international shipping processes. It includes certain rates and taxes. The process gets complex with the terms and conditions and rules and policies. But the business owners have learned its working mechanism and strategies. When you want to begin the setup process for international shipments, it is necessary to understand the basic fieldwork, proper strategy and campaigns to run across various regions.

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How Shopify International Shipping Works?

Shopify Shipping has partnered with top leaders such as UPS, USPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and Sendle. It offers multiple mail classes with each carrier. International shipping Shopify works through a managed process. 

Creating A Shipping Label

Initially, on the Orders page, you need to open an order and select to create the shipping label. Next, you should select the parcel and choose the preferred delivery service. Once done, review the details. 

Purchasing And Printing Labels

The next step is to buy and print the shipping label. The best thing is that multiple labels can be purchased at once. The purchase cost will be added to your monthly bill. 

Transferring Parcel To The Collection Point

The final step is to bring the parcel to the collection point. Your customers will receive their respective orders by tracking the information. 

Setting Up Shopify International Shipping

The setup process of international shipping on Shopify is easy. Follow the setup process given below.  

Step -1 – You have to understand the product type you are shipping.

Step – 2 – Determine and know the location you want to ship. This will let you know the taxes and charges.

Step – 3 – You must clear the international taxes and specify the shipment's recipients. 

Step – 4 – Select a reliable and trustworthy shipping method or company. It should be determined based on the estimated delivery time. 

Step – 5 – Finally, conclude the sales. 

This is how to set up international shipping on Shopify

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The Benefits Of Shopify International Shipping

Higher Business Growth

For expanding your business worldwide with immediate growth results, international shipping is highly beneficial. It will let you uncover new boundaries, improve potential growth and reach new customers.  Shopify international shipping makes it easy for you to expand your business globally by providing all the tools and resources you need, from international shipping rates to international tax calculators.

Enjoy Round-The-Year Sales

Your product demand will increase globally. With viable shipping, you can maintain year-round sales. Whether it's a holiday or another season, international shipping allows you to keep up with the growing demand.

Save Time and Costs

With international shipping, you can save both time and costs. You no longer need to set up a separate operation for international orders - all your international orders will be fulfilled from one place. Additionally, international shipping rates are often cheaper than domestic shipping rates, further reducing your costs.

Variety of Products

Once you reach the new platforms, you can deal with different products in your inventory. Moreover, you can find out the needs of the markets. This will further enhance your sales.

Increase In Customer Base

Shipping internationally brings new opportunities and avenues for your business. When you sell products globally, it will eventually increase your customer base. 

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How To Calculate Taxes And Duties For Shopify International Orders?

You have to understand that the taxes & duties of international sales are not fixed. The tax percentage rates are determined using the key information based on custom forms, which are different for every country. Primary factors to be considered in duties & taxes:

  • Quantity and value of the shipment item.
  • Know the overall shipping cost of the products and the Shopify international shipping rates.
  • Insurance associated with the shipment

Tips For Success When Selling Internationally With Shopify

  • Developing a good UX design will be helpful to start your success journey.

  • Try to use the right integration. The platform should be customizable. Plugins and integrations can improve the site's functionality, leading to better engagement.

  • Building multiple traffic streams for different shoppers, such as PPC ads, referral traffic, email promotion, etc.

  • Testing and analyzing your site will be quite helpful. Shopify has built-in analytics, which helps in the process.

  • Making creative content will be effective in grabbing the attention of the customers.

Troubleshooting Tips For Shopify International Orders

  • Always check for bugs that cause loading delays. Disable the pop-ups. 

  • While product listing, list them on a spreadsheet and use CSV format. 

  • During high server traffic is at its peak, double-check the internet connection and also check the Liquid code.

  • The most common issue is duplicate content. You can use canonical tags to inform Google that the product page is a master copy.


By following the tips in this guide, you'll be able to offer international shipping through Shopify with ease. And if you run into any trouble along the way, don't hesitate to reach out for help. Simpl is here to support your business and make sure your customers have a great experience shopping with you, no matter where they're located. Ready to get started?

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