Protect Yourself from Fraud with Amazon A-Z App

Find out everything you need to know about Amazon A-Z App and how it can protect you from fraud. Guidelines on how to avoid fraudulent claims. Get the details here.

Protect Yourself from Fraud with Amazon A-Z App

Amazon is one of the top marketplaces in the world, with more than 150 million monthly visitors. Amazon allows its customers to buy goods and services from the sellers directly. There is a huge list of claims a person can face while selling any product, and these claims are not avoidable. Amazon cares about its customer's satisfaction, and it is the climacteric part of the sales. 

What is the Amazon A-Z App and How Can it Protect You From Fraud

You must be wondering what this guarantee claim is; well, Amazon's A-Z Guarantee claim is the offer that Amazon provides to its customers when they determine to buy directly from the seller. The guarantee claims cover the quality issues of the product, including the delivery time. It contains all the product descriptions correctly to understand better the customers of what they are buying. 

How Does Amazon A-Z Work?

 Amazon A-Z clam works under the following grounds:

1. When the customer is not satisfied with the product, they received.

2. When the Seller or Buyer is incompetent to solve any matter within 48 hours, the customer can directly file a complaint to Amazon. 

3. When the complaint is filed, the seller gets 72 hours to respond if the seller fails to do that, then the customer can grant the claim of withdrawing the amount from the seller's account. 

4. When Amazon needs added information for decision-making, they provide the same 72 hours to the sellers. Although if the customer permits the claim, the seller gets 30 days to file an appeal on the claim. 

The claims can affect the Order Defect Rate( ODR), so it is crucial for the seller to be active on their social media platforms and continuously check their email. This is the only way to handle the communication.  

When can the A-Z Guarantee be Used?

Amazon gives complete protection to its customers, and they can enjoy full or partial payback on the following factors:

1. If the product arrives three days or 30 days late or more from the estimated delivery date.

2. If the team received by the customers is damaged, defective, not containing all parts, misclassified, or misrepresented. 

3. When the customer returned the product to the seller but didn't receive reimbursement. 

4. If the seller denies accepting the return request as it is specified on Amazon's return policy. 

5. When the customer is making an international shipment return, the seller has not provided the required label, return address, or total payback while neglecting this value. 

6. When the customer feels that he or she was overcharged. 

How to Avoid these Claims?

To avoid these claims, the customer has to be fully satisfied with their purchase they make online. Apart from this, you can check the following things that you can maintain to avoid the Amazon claims:

  • The seller should offer reasonable shipping.
  • The seller should provide the best handling services.
  • They should list the product with the accurate and appropriate information, including all the details and key features of the product.
  • The seller should list the product under its Amazon Standard Identification Number. 
  • They should use clear and engaging images of the product on a white background. 
  • They should be highly active and should respond to the queries and claims within 24 hours.

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