Marketing on Shopify: Top 17 Strategies to Quickly Increase Sales

Want to see a boost in sales on your Shopify store? Check out these 17 marketing strategies that will help increase traffic and conversions.

Marketing on Shopify: Top 17 Strategies to Quickly Increase Sales

There are many ways to start your eCommerce store, and Shopify is one of them. You can begin designing the Shopify store, but without marketing strategies, there will be no progress on the sales front. It would help if you managed the marketing and sales front with good strategy and tools. Since so many brands and stores are already on the eCommerce platform, it is essential to employ strategies that make your store a popular store on the platform. Marketing for Shopify is not the same as other platforms because it is more about using e-commerce tactics so that people buy more. Because you have so many competitors on the platform, you need to correct the marketing strategy. Here are the marketing strategies you can employ when promoting your products on the platform. 

How To Find The Perfect Shopify Marketing Strategy For Your Business 

There is a lot that you can do with Shopify marketing strategies. You can use the method to attract more customers and users to your shop. You can use these strategies to retain customers and promote more customer loyalty. The best Shopify Marketing strategies help you achieve multiple objectives and goals related to sales and revenue. The best marketing strategies are the ones that help you drive traffic to your site and increase the rate of conversion for your brand. Most of the Shopify marketing strategies are used to promote your store and products through digital channels so that you can pull customers from different channels to your eCommerce storefront. 

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns 

Many shoppers add products to their shopping cart but never go on to purchase them. These people add the products to the cart to check for discounts and promo codes or to keep them for purchase another time. In such cases, there might be a specific factor that is making them abandon their carts. For such cases, it is always recommended to carry out abandoned cart recovery campaigns, push such people to recover their carts and go ahead with the final purchase step.

 Instead of focusing on acquiring customers, it is easier to convert existing leads just one step away from the purchase. Your store will generate revenue more efficiently with accurate cart recovery campaigns. Store owners can send out reminders from time to time to get the customers back. Moreover, these customers usually wait for a sale to get the products of choice at a bargain. The best way to retain a user or customer is to offer a discount code for the users so that they can quickly go back and purchase the products they have selected. 

You can automate abandoned cart messages and marketing notifications, which can be done with the help of intelligent messaging systems. This will help drive back traffic to the platform and help with sales. 

2. Email Marketing Campaigns 

Email marketing campaigns can be vital strategies for implementing the best Shopify marketing strategies. Email marketing campaigns help you in going for a continuous conversation with the users. You can slowly promote your products, including new product ranges, and even spread the word about a sale with the help of a well-planned email marketing campaign. You can send users emails about deals of the day or discount offers. This will bring a lot of users and visitors back to your store and help increase sales. 

3. Set Up A Referral Program 

You can start a referral program under the selling strategies for Shopify. The referral code can attract more people and help in acquiring new customers. A referral program is a promotional strategy that helps create brand awareness for your eCommerce store. By referral code, when one person buys something, he gets a referral code that he can share with others, and when the other person uses the code, he gets a discount, but the first user also gets cashback or discount codes. This mutually beneficial way of promoting products helps in creating word-of-mouth marketing for the products. 

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4. Send SMS Product Promotions

You can use SMS in vast ways to promote the products you own. People nowadays use different types of text apps to connect with their friends. Your store can send out texts to other people and lead to sales opportunities. Advertising Shopify strategies are also implemented with the help of SMS apps. 

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5. Showcase Customer Reviews 

With the help of customer reviews, you can do Shopify advertising on the same platform. You can incorporate customer reviews on the Shopify sales pages and use the product pages as your advertising column. With the help of customer reviews, you can ensure that people see good reviews and can buy genuine products. This helps make your products reliable and worth the money the customer spends. 

6. Automate The Execution 

Automation is an essential element of the marketing strategies and execution process. The execution of the plan can be very repetitive if you look at the number of emails, messages, and notifications you have to send to the users and prospective customers. In such cases, you can send out these messages and other vital reminders automated. When the execution and implementation process is automatic, the whole process is optimized, and the workforce is utilized better. 

7. Customer Loyalty Programs 

Customer loyalty programs are also a good way of retaining customers and keeping them engaged with your platform. With a good loyalty program, you will have customers that repurchase your products. A customer loyalty program combined with a range of suitable products works like magic for your store's sales. 

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8. Add Instagram Feed 

These days, social media marketing is vast for eCommerce and small business stores. With the addition of an Instagram feed, you can attract people and display your products and promotional activities. On the other hand, you can also use the feed to connect your user base to your social media handles to better engage with the brand. Adding the Instagram feed on the platform is simple but one of the best Shopify marketing strategies that yield results with time. 

9. Use Pinterest 

Pinterest is a less explored social media channel you can use to promote your product and get more user engagement. People are active on Pinterest and saving boards of the products and aesthetics that inspire them. Whether you run a clothing and apparel store or a wedding store, you can create new users and promote your products better by putting up pins of the products on Pinterest. 

10. Run Ads On Google And Social Media 

The best Shopify marketing strategies need the help of Google and Social media to be executed. You must explore how to put advertisements and promotional campaigns on different social platforms and Google. You can even go for paid advertising campaigns that help you reach your target audience very quickly. You can build your store visibility and come across different demographic areas. Google Ads and Social media ads will help you get the audience coverage you have targeted because these two platforms are used by everyone nowadays. You can focus on Google retargeting ads, Facebook ads, etc. 

11. SEO Marketing 

SEO marketing is a tactic you should invest in when using it because it will help you improve the platform's ranking on Google search results. You can use SEO optimization techniques and SEO content to promote your shopping website. With the right keywords, you can be on top of the results when the users search for particular keywords related to your niche. When your store is featured on top of the search results, your store is already having better audience targeting and more visitors and users than other websites that rank below you. 

12. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a method that is used to create links to the platform and use these affiliate links to promote the platform. Affiliate marketing is done through influencers and even ordinary people, but it is a budget-friendly method because you pay for only the sales. When the users use the affiliate link, the affiliate is paid a portion of the profits. The platform and the affiliate both benefit from the process. 

13. Do Community Marketing 

You can do community marketing by joining social media and creating a social media presence for your brand. In this process, you do not create a standalone community but go into social media communities like Facebook groups, Instagram pages for shoutouts, and other social media platforms, where you can take over an existing community and promote your product with real people. This helps you start relevant conversations around your products and selling to real people. 

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14. Social Media Posts

Creating a social media handle and posting regularly about your products and marketing activities is very important. Social media posts about your products and community can attract new people and put your store forth as an active brand. Regular social media posting can increase your store visibility and user base with constant engagement. It is essential to create engaging content on the platform so that you can create a better impact on the audience and engage them in sales and promotions. Today, social media has also become an extended marketplace, and social media posting can help you convert leads. 

15. Run A Social Media Giveaway 

After establishing your brand presence on social media, it is essential also to start interacting with the users there. You must focus on building social media presence and selling products online. You can engage more people with your brand by sending out social media giveaways and contests. The idea of a free giveaway can increase your follower base and also help you run a successful promotional campaign. You can start with a follow-back, chain the following contest, and ask relevant questions about your products and store. Then you can pick the giveaway winners and send out your products for free. This will leave a lasting impression on your audience and help in word-of-mouth marketing. Even if you are only getting one or two giveaway winners, you can use the list of new entrants to market your products more aggressively. 

16. Start Blogging 

Blogging is an activity that can be done to promote your products on different websites and your shopping website. You can use blogs and articles to spread the word about your store and attract new leads and visitors to the website. You can use blogs to gather customer feedback, start conversations about your products and do SEO marketing for your products too. The use of blogs and articles is soft pitching your products and gives excellent results in the long run. 

17. Use Of Videos 

Short and long videos are a huge part of product promotions. Today, videos are viral among people of all age groups. Instead of scrolling through websites and blogs, people prefer scrolling through short-duration videos that present the brand message uniquely. You can use these videos to promote and showcase your products or gather more audience and users for your store. Videos are more interactive and very entertaining for the audience. Therefore, people often go for video watching rather than other forms of marketing and promotions. 

There are a vast array of marketing strategies that you can implement when it comes to promoting your Shopify storefront. With the help of the above method, you can attract real people to your customer base and retain them with new offers and discounts. When it comes to marketing on Shopify, it is about selling more products with higher consistency and a more significant impact on the audience. The crafting of a Shopify strategy is about using all the available resources to promote your products and services. 

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Sales are the lifeblood of any business. And if you're looking for ways to increase sales on your Shopify store, you're in luck. In this blog post, we've shared 17 marketing strategies you can use to boost sales. So read on and start putting these tips into action! Need help with fulfillment? Get in touch with Simpl fulfillment – we can help you take your business to the next level. 

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