How You Can Collect and Calculate Amazon Sales Tax for FBA Sellers

Are you an Amazon FBA seller? Learn how to get sales tax nexus in various states and how to set-up your account for sales collection. A simple step-by-step guide from log-in to setting up your taxes on Amazon. Must read!

How You Can Collect and Calculate Amazon Sales Tax for FBA Sellers

Many countries have already opted for running sales tax and are accountable for checking the sales tax. Mainly, the amount collected from sales tax is used for public welfare. For example, funding local as well as state budget components like school parks, parks, etc.

The government considers sales tax as the 'pass-through tax.' The US already made it compulsory to impose sales tax, especially for the merchants. They have to charge sales tax to various buyers. For sales tax administration, states have leeway.

As a result, US states apply a tax every time you sell anything keeping in mind the different laws and regulations. Moreover, it is necessary to keep in mind that the sales tax rate varies according to the states and localities.

One of the common examples of varied sales tax is shipping charges. Every state imposes a variety of shipping charges compared to others.

What are Amazon FBA Sales Tax and How to Collect and Calculate Amazon Sales Tax for FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA Sales Tax

Being a merchant, you have to take sales tax only from the customers having sales tax nexus. It is a vital connection for the states. Even though the laws and regulations are different for every state, various key aspects form nexus.

Factors like location include stores, office, sample room, warehouse, etc. Similarly, inventory includes Amazon FBA. Also, personnel is another factor that provides for employees, installers, independent contractors, etc.

In case you are an Amazon FBA seller, you will get sales tax nexus in various states. You will get the opportunity to stock the items for reselling.

When do Amazon Sellers Collect Sales Tax?

As an FBA seller, you can easily collect the taxes if you meet specific criteria and conditions. These conditions include products you sell should be physical or TPP; the product generates high sales volume, the state where you collect tax should have a Nexus.

Once done registering for the Amazon sales tax permit, make sure that you are getting high sales tax from the Amazon customers. Ideally, Amazon offers a reliable system when it comes to tax collection.

The engines are designed in a way for appending 'product tax code.' This will help you charge an accurate amount that too on particular products—such as clothing, beauty, groceries, healthcare, etc.

There are a few steps that you have to follow for sales tax collection:

1. Log in to the Amazon Seller Central

2. Go to settings and select 'Tax settings.'

3. Choose 'view or edit tax collection.'

4. Select the states from where you have to collect tax

Alternatively, you can enter customized sales tax rates. However, it is a good idea to avoid this as the sales tax often keeps changing.

Besides, you will require your sales tax registration number. Therefore, before you begin with your sales tax collection, make sure to be ready with the number. It is one of the security steps from Amazon for protecting sellers. Also, the steps help prevent them from anything unlawful.

Therefore, Amazon comes with a mind-blowing tax collection system. You will get to know everything about collecting and calculating tax for FBA sellers from the above information.

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