How To Use Wix Shipping And Get A Competitive Edge Over Rivals

How To Use Wix Shipping And Get A Competitive Edge Over Rivals

Wix is currently among the most user-friendly website builders in the market. Everyone interested in eCommerce today wants to know how to use Wix. It has managed to establish itself among the top DTC brands. It enables the brands to create an online store in a hassle-free fashion. There are more than 500 templates in it for the user to select from. Otherwise, one may customize the store completely for all sections, starting from the product section to that of checkout.    

Rising from being a mere website builder, it has emerged as a comprehensive eCommerce solution to provide a massive range of tools to help its users establish their brand. The best part is that Wix is quite assured from safety perspectives and integrates Wix Payments, one of the highly profound payment processing tools. In addition, it provides flexibility for the user to select a payment mode from a pool of payment providers, including PayPal.

The following section elaborates on how to use Wix in a detailed fashion.

How to Set-up Wix Shipping and Get a Competitive Edge Over Rivals

There are two ways of designing a website using Wix. The first one is to use Wix Editor, which offers a significant menu to explore. One can create a catchy website in a matter of only 1.5 to 2 hours. It's moreover like a drag-and-drop method. Starting from images to apps, one can drag as per wish and drop the same. Wix Editor can be excellent for small businesses, bloggers, etc., those who are not so tech-savvy.   

The other option available is to use Wix ADI. Upon using this high-end technology, one can make a catchy website in a pretty automated fashion. There is not much to do apart from providing some basic details, like the type of business, details of a contact, and website address. 

It allows users to do minor tweaks in design as desired to meet the target audience's interest. Wix ADI can be excellent for those who are tech-savvy or busy enough with various other works. However, here one may not have the same level of flexibility as Wix Editor in terms of dragging and dropping the desired element.

Before launching the Wix Store, one must have a thorough shipping strategy ready before even getting started with accepting the orders. Below is the comprehensive guide for those who want to learn about setting up shipping on Wix Store. 

Steps for Setting Up Wix Shipping

Starting from selecting regions for shipping to setting the shipping rules, Wix makes things easy for the user to ship. Below are the key steps to follow for setting up shipping for Wix Store.   


Step 1: Select the shipping region for the user 

Wix provides two shipping regions by default-Domestic, and International, for the users to select from. From here, one can choose the country and be specific about the location as well, simply upon putting a click on 'Add Region.' 

Step 2: Set distinct shipping rule for a particular region

The next step is about setting a shipping rule for every location where it has to be shipped. One can change or edit shipping management by simply clicking 'Edit Shipping Rule' for the region to which you want to add the shipping option. 

Next, you can select the rule you want upon going through the drop-down section. There are several Wix shipping options to choose from, starting from flat rate to order total. Those having a physical storefront may go with the possibility of 'Store Pickup' as well.  

Step 3: Provide multiple shipping options for the buyer

Post selecting one shipping rule for every single region, there remains the option for the user to add more simply by tapping on 'Add Another Delivery Option.' The more the number of options it offers for the customers to select from, the better it is for the buyer making them more interested in shopping. It is suggested to calculate shipping costs to find out ways of offering more cost-effective shipping and stay competitive.    

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Tips to Stay Competitive with Your Wix Store

Everyone wants to stay competitive enough in business. In this context, the following tips can be handy for Wix users. 

  1. Make sure you have a personalized email address. Using the Google App option, one can make a customized business email id highlighting your site's domain name.  

  1. Needless is to say that a quality image can boost sales prospects. In this context, one must explore the Image Editor for better results. 

  1. Wix provides an incredible tool for mobile optimization to make the site mobile-friendly and fetch more mobile users. 

  1. Promoting and making a site among millions gets more accessible through "Wix of the Day." It's the most powerful way of reaching millions of views for the site.


So, this should be enough for those who want to know how to use Wix. It is one of the easiest ways to start an eCommerce store from scratch, even without any technical or coding experience. Starting from creation to promotion, Wix takes care of all for the user to gain incredible sales quickly.  

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