How To Slash Your Shipping Costs With FedEx One Rate

How To Slash Your Shipping Costs With FedEx One Rate

FedEx One Rate is a new shipping service that promises to slash your shipping costs. But does it really deliver? Here's a breakdown of how FedEx One Rate works and whether it's worth using.

What is FedEx One rate? and Why does it matter?

FedEx One Rate is one of the best shipping service providers. Now, what is the FedEx One rate? It is a flat-rate pricing option provided by the service provider "FedEx ."It includes all applicable surcharges like residential, fuel, and delivery area surcharges. When the difference between FedEx's one rate and standard rate is analyzed, it states that the standard rates vary. The increase or decrease in rate depends on the weight, the type of package selected and choice of delivery location, and delivery speed option.

On the other hand, FedEx one rate is predetermined and does not vary according to the weight, type of package, or speed option. FedEx offers 12 different packs for free such as envelope, FedEx flat rate box, pack, tube, etc. The FedEx box prices depend on the size of the box, such as small box, medium box, and extra-large box.

FedEx one rate defines the shipping cost according to the zones like Local, Regional, National, etc. The option of FedEx one speed is not applicable for international flat rate box FedEx as one rate is applicable only for FedEx Express US domestic services.

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How To Slash Your Shipping Costs With FedEx One Rate?

The cost charged by FedEx one rate is nominal, but the shipping costs can be still controlled by following the below-mentioned points:-


Some minor issues can be handled technically by proper planning. Even though the rates are average, when the materials are sent in separate packing to the same destination hub, the cost incurred on the packaging is more. When the parcels are meant to be delivered to the same destination hub, they can be clubbed and packed in a single package and returned to the destination hub. Later, locally it will be delivered individually. 

Weight Range

Normally, the price determined by FedEx one rate implies all the weights within a range. Suppose some material has to be shipped to a destination hub, then the material equal to this range of importance can be considered in one package. This is applicable only in the case of similar types of products.

Delicate Products

 Packing fragile products separately and handling them with care will reduce the customer's reimbursement cost. In the case of soft materials, packing them separately is a good practice.


 FedEx one rate is a service that takes care of packing and picking the consignment. As the same team does the task, the crew required to recheck the process is reduced, thereby reducing the cost incurred on the workforce.


 Normally, when a shipment arrives at the destination hub, if the concerned staff is not available, then outsourcing such a task is the only option. Some part of the profit earned has to be shared with the outsourcing partner. Since the services of FedEx one rate is available all over the world, there is no requirement for additional sources for delivery. This way, the profit earned in this process belongs to FedEx's one rate, and even the expenses incurred will be under control as single management manages everything.

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FedEx One Rate is the perfect shipping option for business owners who are looking to save money on their shipping costs. With FedEx One Rate, you can get a flat rate for shipping packages anywhere in the United States, regardless of their size or weight. This makes it easy to budget for your shipping expenses, and eliminates the guesswork involved in calculating shipping costs. In addition, FedEx One Rate is available 24/7, so you can ship packages whenever you need to.

If you're looking to save money on your shipping costs, FedEx One Rate is the solution for you. Need help with fulfillment? Let Simpl manage your fulfillment needs - we offer competitive rates and unparalleled customer service. Contact us today to learn more!

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