How to Ship Electronics in 4 Easy Steps

How to Ship Electronics in 4 Easy Steps

It's hard to part with your new gadget, but sometimes you just have to send it off to be repaired. Or, maybe you're the one doing the repairs and need to send the device back out. No matter what the reason, shipping electronics can seem daunting. But with a few tips under your belt, it's actually quite easy! Here are 4 simple steps to shipping your electronics safely and securely.

Why Shipping Electronics is Challenging

It's no wonder that the electronics business is flourishing, which is why online sellers should earn in on it. On the other hand, Shipping electronics need more excellent care and attention. This is because most, although not all, electronics seem delicate, and any misuse might result in unforeseen problems.

Electronics are made up of thousands of small, delicate pieces. These components and electronics boxes are frequently constructed of hard plastic, which can dent or break quickly when struck. It's critical to pack electronics with extreme caution when shipping them, both because they're delicate and because the form of their contents typically demands an additional packaging method.

How To Pack Electronics For International Shipping?

Keep the Batteries In the Gadget

If you've never had to transport any electrical equipment before, you might believe it's safer to remove the batteries rather than leaving them within the item. This, however, is not the case. If static charge builds up in lithium-ion batteries, they can heat up or even cause fires. Static electricity may quickly build up in standard packaging. 

On the other hand, electronic equipment is intended to keep the batteries connected when turned off, significantly lowering the risk of any harm. As a result, it is safer for users to keep batteries in their gadgets rather than remove them when sending them overseas.

Use the Right Size Packaging

If you are sending electronics, you'll want to ensure the package is the right size. Use a box that is larger than the gadget you're shipping so that you may fill it with cushioning materials to keep your item safe throughout shipment.

Use Proper Materials 

Following selecting the most suitable box, the second step is to check that your package is packaged correctly using the appropriate materials such as plastic wraps or bubble wraps. You're one step on the way to properly shipping electronics if your gadgets are put in a suitable box and include the necessary packaging materials.

Include Relevant Labeling

If you're sending devices that contain a lithium-ion battery, ensure you include the relevant label indicating that the battery is lithium. If the item you're delivering is delicate, you'll also want to have a "Fragile" title on the exterior box. If you don't use the correct label, you run the danger of your shipment being destroyed during transportation. Or you might be fined if anything goes wrong during the shipment process.

When delivering electronics, you must adhere to the majority, if not all, delivery carriers.

Shipping Electronics With USPS

Shipping with USPS is easy. First, you must ensure that your electronics are adequately packaged following the above mentioned steps. Apart from that, transparent packing tape is used to secure the package. 

According to USPS, you should apply a layer of tape to the base of the package to protect the box from breaking and the electrical gadget from slipping out. Make sure to address your package. This should be addressed in the same manner as a letter, with the recipient's details in the center and your identity and address in the top left-hand corner. Make your writing legible by using all capital letters.


Now that you know how to safely ship your electronics, it's time to get packing! But if the thought of shipping all those boxes gives you a headache, don't worry. Simpl can take care of everything for you. We offer full-service fulfillment including packaging and shipping your products anywhere in the world. Get in touch with our team today and let us help you take your business to the next level. Thanks for reading!

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