How To Ship Beer: Basic Tips

How To Ship Beer: Basic Tips

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Beer Season.  Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or just someone who enjoys a drink every now and again, we all know that getting your favorite brew delivered to your doorstep is much more convenient than having to go out and buy it yourself. That being said, there are still some things you should consider when ordering online so that you don't end up with spoiled products or an empty fridge when it arrives. Read on for tips on how to ship beer like a pro!

Understanding The Rules

Shipping any alcoholic beverage is not allowed in many delivery companies—all sorts of liquid items on glass bottles are considered risky for transport. Every carrier has its own rules, so make sure you apprehend what they are. And even if you have a license, what's possible will rely on the national regulations for both where you live and where you'll be sending your package deal. 

Always visit the carrier's website or office to get all the required information. It is a fantastic and endorsed idea to have the whole thing successfully packed before taking it to the delivery company. In that manner, you can avoid several worrying questions from the clerk.

Packing The Beer Properly

You have made up  your mind and are determined to try to transport your beer anyway. Now it is time to look at a way to make your package secure for travel all of the manner. It would help if you were mainly cautious with the packing part.

Choosing The Right Container

Before you decide which materials are excellent on your package deal, choose if you are sending your beer in glass bottles, plastic bottles, or cans. You have to be especially cautious with glass, as it is less complicated to break. You can look for wine delivery kits and shipping boxes on amazon and different large retailer stores. 

If you don't need to buy kits, ensure that the materials you're using must be durable, and you need to make sure that they are in excellent condition. Use at least three cardboard packing containers for each bundle.

Proper Sealing

With your beer in the suitable box, it's now time to check the seal. If you're shipping cans or packing containers with a wax seal, you may leave this step. However, if your beer is in standard bottles, you need to ensure the lids are properly sealed. If you have a screw-top lid, screw it on as tightly as possible. Tip it the other way up to check it doesn't leak. Now take your electric tape and wind it around the bottle top so that it covers the seal and helps the lid to stay in its place.

Wrapping Your Bottle

It is now time to put every can or bottle into a plastic bag. While you've sealed your bag, wrap it in bubble wrap. The handiest way to do this is to roll it inside a length of the wrap. Then turn your bottle or can through 90 degrees and repeat the technique to cover the ends. You should at least use three layers of bubble wrap for every can or bottle. The bubble wrap with the more oversized air pockets works first-class. But if you've got the stuff with smaller bubbles, that's exceptional. Add an extra layer or two to be safe.

Padding And Preparing The Package

It would help if you now got your box ready for the beer. Collect it if essential, then place a few padding within the bottom. You could use some bubble wrap for this, or maybe a crumpled newspaper. Just scrunch up sufficient sheets to cowl the complete of the bottom of the container. Make sure you have an excellent, thick buffer among the beer. Leftover padded envelopes paintings can be used for padding. You can store quite a bit of cash by reusing packaging for parcels that have been added to you.

After the contents and padding are done, seal the container and look at the outdoors cautiously. You don't want any lumps or bumps. If it seems like there's a chance the container may burst, the carrier might also require you to repack it. Seal up all of the openings cautiously, masking the joins with packing tape. With regards to the quantity of tape to apply, extra is honestly more excellent! You need to make sure there's no harm to your beer when it is shipping. Always make sure to place the label of fragile on both sides of your box so that the carrier is more careful while handling your package.

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