How to Share an Item on Amazon?

How to Share an Item on Amazon?

Anyone who's ever tried to sell anything on Amazon knows that it can be a little confusing to share your item with the world. Do you just post a link on social media? Share it in a group? How do you make sure people see your product and not someone else's? Here's a guide to sharing your Amazon item and getting the most out of your sales. Happy selling!

What Is Amazon Product Sharing and Why Is It Important?

Product sharing on Amazon influences people to know about the product, brand, and other specializations. There are different marketing strategies to build social sharing by sharing items. It is important to share a product to let people know about it. eCommerce websites need to give influencing factors to increase the sharing values which propel their business.

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How To Share An Item On Amazon?

You need to follow the steps to share an item on Amazon. These steps will help you know how to share Amazon link.

Step - 1

Start your PC or Laptop and open up a browser such as Google Chrome. Type the URL of When the page opens up, the sign-in option displays. Sign in to your current account. Ensure that your account is active. Prefer signing in to your account while working on the Amazon site.


Step - 2

After you get logged in to the site's home page, you need to search for the product you want to share. Research the relevant product, and click on it to get the options. You will get the Amazon share link further.


Step - 3

After clicking on the product, you will see the details of the product. On the product description page, you will find many organized options. It is better to go through them in detail.


Step – 4

Move to the top right of the product description page. Where the price is mentioned, you can see the Share option. There will be a list of options to share the product. You will find how to share Amazon item through social media sharing options such as email, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can select any of the options you wish to share the product with.


Step 5  

On my computer, you will find the email accounts you wish to use. Choose which you want to use, and further, the link and description will be added to the body of the email. Further, you have to email the person you want to share the product with. Through this, you will understand how to share a link from Amazon website.

You can also prefer another easy method. Just copy the link and paste it into an inbox. You have to highlight the URL and then right-click on it. Next, choose the Copy option. Now, you can paste it on a message or anywhere you want to share it. This will give you a clear idea of how to send an Amazon link.



Now that you know how to share your Amazon product, it's time to start selling! fulfillment can be a little daunting, but Simpl has got you covered. We offer pick, pack and ship services so you can focus on making sales and growing your business. Give us a call today to learn more about our fulfillment services and get started on growing your Amazon sales.

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