How To Send Certified Mail

Certificate of Mailing proves you have mailed a letter or package. How do you send Certified Mail? Get a detailed step-by-step process here.

How To Send Certified Mail

Certified Mail® is assistance offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that gives both the sender a mailing receipt and electronic confirmation that you conveyed an article or that a delivery was made. You can get the certificate of mailing at the mailing station when you bring a bundle. You can get your certificate of shipping at the mailing station when you bring a bundle.

Why Send Certified Mail

People send sensitive or essential emails and letters. These emails or letters can include financial documents, legal files, or some other necessary papers. Perhaps you are mailing such important and sensitive documents you use a certified mailing service. When you use certified mail to send your documents, an electronic verification is formed, proving that the letter was sent and received. Creating records for such deliveries is essential because, without any records, you will not be able to verify whether the document was sent or not.

How to Send Certified Mail in 5 Easy Steps and When to Use Certified Mail

Sending certified mail is a whole process through which you can successfully send your certified mail with a record.

Step 1


For sending your sensitive documents, you will need the following things that are as follows:

- The letter you want to send or any form.

- Total cost or fees of the delivery.

- USPS postage services

Gather all the listed things and choose what Certified Mail type you want for your delivery. There are two options, simple certified Mail and Certified Mail with Return Receipt. With Certified Mail, you get verification electronically that your mail was delivered, and the USPS receives a record of shipping that it keeps on file. However, if you need a hard copy or electronic form of delivery that it was received, get Certified Mail with Return Receipt.

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Step 2

You can go to the USPS store and ask the type of service that provides certified mail, and after choosing the right kind of service, you have to complete the slip with information on it. You have to take your identity card with you.


Services of USPS that provide certified mailing are as follows:

  • Priority mail
  • First-class mailing
  • Media mail
  • First-class mail international
  • Special handling
  • Package services

Step 3

After filling in the information, you have to position the barcode provided, apply the top part of the barcode on top of your package, and place the barcode to any visible place for the middle one.

Step 4

The next step is payment; you have to pay the cost of your chosen certified mail services. Certified mail is considered an extra service, and it can be a little costly as you have to pay the standard delivery charges and the cost of certified mail service. The total cost also depends on the type of verification you choose; if you want electronic proof, then it is less, and if you want a hard copy of your confirmation, that is a little more.

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Step 5

The next step is to track the delivery of your package. There are few ways provided by USPS to see the delivery status that are as follows.

- You can visit their website and can find the tracking option for your delivery. You will get a tracking id, and you can find your package by putting the number on the USPS website.

- You can call and track your mail.

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When to Use Certified Mail

There is a chance that your mail gets lost, destroyed, sent to some unacceptable location, or some other issue. Around there, if the mail is significant or convenient, a verification of mailing can be a lifeline. Here are a couple of circumstances that may require a certificate of mailing.


You may owe any government cash or need to present an administration structure via mail. Assuming the mail is lost and the government does not get the records, a verified mail certificate will show that you did your part and sent them in.


A cheque can be significant, and if it is not received, you will have proof in the form of a certificate of mail that you mailed them.


Paying taxes is necessary for the given date. If your taxes are not received, you will have a verification with the date you sent it, and through this, you can avoid problems and penalties.

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USPS provides a domestic mail service that is certified mail. With the Certified Mail service, the sender receives a mailing receipt as legally recognized proof of sending. The recipient must also sign for certified mail to prove that the mailed item has been delivered. Certified mail is valuable when you need a legitimately verified certificate of delivery. This could be when sending court papers, significant agreements, or assessment review notices. There is a simple process explained above to send your certified mails through USPS.

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