How to Check Amazon Messages

How to Check Amazon Messages

If you are setting up shop as an Amazon seller, you will need to know about the different functions and portals of the platform. The Amazon platform connects sellers with buyers to smooth purchase and sell channels online. A considerable part of this connection is communication. Amazon is making efforts to make a completely transparent communication system between Buyers and Sellers so that the two sides can communicate and take action as needed. 

The Need For An Amazon Message Center 

A messaging service or portal is essential on such a massive platform because the buyer and seller need to communicate. For example, suppose a buyer has received the wrong items; he has to talk to the seller about return and replacement. Many buyers also like to take a follow up from their sellers. Moreover, many buyers on Amazon ask questions to the seller before buying something and leave reviews after purchasing something from the platform. 

Therefore, buyers frequently use Amazon's message center to interact with sellers. As a seller, you should know the Amazon Seller messages portal, officially called the Amazon Message Center. Here, you will receive queries, requests, and complaints regarding your product from buyers. The Amazon Message Center is also known as the Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging service, where the buyers and sellers can connect and communicate about the issues and demands related to the product. 

For example, the seller can make the product's usage instructions clear, and the buyer can make some special requests too on the messaging portal. These days, there are a lot of sellers who are selling personalized products. The best way to use the Amazon message service is to ask for personal additions to the products so that you can create something unique for the buyers. The opportunities are endless if you know how to check Amazon messages and take action based on them. 

Every seller must know where to find messages on Amazon because buyers are looking for trusted sellers who are very responsive and interactive. The Amazon seller messages comprise a considerable part of your customer service during the buying-selling process. The buyer can use the Amazon Message Center to know about anything, from the shipping time to usage instructions to the refund process. 

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How Do Amazon Messages Benefit The Customers? 

Since the customer is the most important person for a seller or a company, communicating with the customer clearly through messages should be a priority. On a large eCommerce platform like Amazon, clear messaging and quick responses set some sellers apart. Remember that you are in a highly competitive environment and should focus on creating good, engaging customer relations. Prompt messaging and answering customer queries increase your brand recall and brand loyalty on the part of the customer. Thus, the Amazon Message Center can help you with platform branding and marketing. 

How To Open The Amazon Message Center Portal? 

To use the Amazon Message Center, you must first know how to open the portal from the Amazon app. The Amazon message center is just a tiny part of the Amazon platform. Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are straightforward ways of accessing the Amazon Message Center platform. Read on to find ways to open the portal from both sides. 

As A Customer 

As a customer, you can access the Amazon Message Center by logging in to your registered Amazon account. After logging into the Amazon account with your email address or Phone number, select the Your Account option from the drop-down main menu. Go to the Emails, Messages, and Ads section from the Your Account section and then to the Message Center to access the Amazon Message Center. Here, customers can take the action of Amazon view messages and see all the notifications and alerts related to their order shipping, delivery, returns, and refunds. Buyers can also contact particular sellers from the Amazon Message Center dashboard. 

As A Seller 

As a seller, there will be times when you have to send messages to buyers or interact with buyers regarding their queries. A seller needs to access and check Amazon messages from sellers regularly. You need to know how to open up the Amazon Message Center as a seller. 

As a seller, you can log into your seller account and then go to Seller Central. On the Seller Central dashboard, you can access the Orders tab to view the orders you have received. Then you have to click on the Manage Orders tab too. Choose the ranking you need to communicate with a particular buyer. After this, you have to click on the name of the buyer you need to send a message. You can send a message directly to the buyer's Amazon account through your seller central portal or copy the email address to send an email to the registered buyer. 

The Amazon Message Center gives you much flexibility and lets you manage your orders well. The proper use and management of Amazon Message Center can help you establish your business as credible and successful. When using the Amazon Messaging service, note that a seller can only use the Amazon Message Center to send and receive messages related to the order. You can only use it to answer specific customer service and not as a personal messaging app.

This provision is made to protect the privacy of the customers and Amazon users. The Amazon Message Center is a very private and secure platform that allows you to promote your Amazon-enlisted products and business. While it gives a lot of opportunities to promote your business, you can stay within the boundaries of essential communication on Amazon. You need to respect the user's data privacy and personal freedoms on Amazon. In other words, the Amazon Messaging service is strictly used for product selling and buying purposes on the platform. 

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Tips To Use For Maximizing The Amazon Message Center 

You need to follow some tips if you want to use Amazon Message Center to its maximum potential. Know about these tips before starting to use the Amazon message center service. 

Do Not Get Fazed By Customer Complaints 

The Amazon platform is a place where you sell products. Sellers usually sell many physical products, which could be issued during delivery or manufacturing. As a product seller, you have to realize no matter how good of a product you make, there will be some dissatisfied buyers. You might get some complaints, queries, and negative reviews. Until and unless you get negative reviews from a large section of customers and it is severe, do not let the complaints faze you. Look at the complaints as a way of connecting with the customer. Respond to the complaint but refrain from overreacting to the protests. Do not take the complaints personally and lose your professionalism as a seller. It is also possible that the buyer is facing some shipping issues and is contacting you for an update. No matter what kind of complaint you get, stay composed and calm. 

You need to acknowledge the issue that the customers take up in the message. You then need to understand the problem the customer is facing. Sometimes the person faces a minor issue, but he needs reassurance and simple solutions rather than some significant steps. Be polite and understanding in your tone to calm the customer down and offer valuable solutions to them. 

If you can handle customer queries and issues proficiently, you can become a successful seller who is relaxed in any business situation. 

Make Use Of Message Filters

The Amazon seller account and Amazon Message Center have message filters so that you can find the right section of messages for replying. The Amazon Message Center has many message filters which you can use to sort through the messages you receive. The sellers can sort out the messages and assign specific messages to their team members if they have a customer support team or other business members. You can take in more new members when establishing the business and expanding the company. You can expand the team and assign different types of message addressing to various team members. When you start selling to a lot of people, you are bound to get a lot of queries every day. If you check them daily, you might have to sort them out based on priority. The message filters help you find the most pressing queries to address. 

Always Be Highly Responsive

People try to look for highly responsive sellers who are eager to solve the problems they face. A highly responsive seller means the seller responds to all queries and offers good customer service to new and existing users. People want responsive sellers because they need reassurance and communication before buying products. When people believe some things from an online platform, they cannot touch or feel the product, but they want to gather as much information about the products and company as possible. So, usually, customers like to send queries and requests to the seller. 

When the seller responds quickly and with genuine information, it helps the customers navigate the purchase journey and buy the product. How you react and connect with the customers can make all the difference to how well your products sell. If you are responsive, people see you as a genuine seller, adding credibility to your profile. This way, you can attract more and more loyal customers. The only way that you can be very responsive is by being aware of the problems that the customers can face and usually bring up. Be ready to talk to customers and troubleshoot. 

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Be Proactive 

Customers want to buy more from brands and sellers who are proactive and involved in the selling process. The sellers are open to communication, do not hide any necessary information, and are seen as highly active and safe to invest in. Let us be clear that thousands of sellers are on the Amazon platform. People are the targets that you want to attract, and you can do this only by being the better seller. When you are writing the product description, be clear and detailed. When you answer the queries put up by people, be transparent and authentic. Also, be clear about their minor problems and offer simple solutions. People like interacting with genuine, honest sellers who want to look out for their customers. Care about your customers and reflect this care in your conversation on the Amazon Message Center. Try to resolve the issues and create a rapport with your frequent customers so they return to your brand. 

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Keeping on top of incoming notifications from Amazon messages can be a tedious task without the right strategy. But, with a few minutes invested and using the guidelines provided in this blog post, you can gain more control over the notifications and easily keep track of any important information coming your way. Remember that many of these services are incredibly complex and continuous updates occur to make sure they remain relevant — if at any time you’re uncertain, reach out to customer service for support. Now that you have the knowledge to organize your inbox, take these tips one step further by considering strategies for optimization such as automatic archiving or setting filters within your email client. And don’t forget, if you need help fulfilling Amazon orders, get in touch with Simpl fulfillment!

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