Get an Edge on the Competition by Spying on their Web Traffic

Analyze your competitors' website traffic to gain an edge. Find out why understanding competitors' web traffic is essential and how it can help inform your marketing strategy with this helpful guide from Simpl!

Get an Edge on the Competition by Spying on their Web Traffic

Finding methods to outperform your rivals is one of the main challenges facing every organization. Establishing a company is now simpler than ever due to the advanced analyze competitor website traffic tools & technologies! 

Consequently, how can you get that competitive edge? How do you perform better than your rivals? The first step is to have a fantastic product or service, but you also have to spread the word about it so that people know about it. And what's the best technique to discover which tactics are effective for evaluating competitors' website traffic and which are not? 

In this blog article, you will outline three strategies for spying or tracking competitors' website traffic and explain why you should start immediately.

Why Spy On Business Rivals, And Is It Ever Immoral To Do So?

Snooping on opponents is not nearly as threatening as it may seem initially; instead, it's a chance to monitor their digital marketing tactics, content, keywords, and other things. This process is done to comprehend why they are outperforming you in certain areas and what produces outcomes for them; in some situations. This technique is used to discover what you can perform as superior to your rivals to maintain development.

Website traffic competitor analysis is a crucial component of creating a marketing plan. Additionally, it offers a fantastic benchmarking chance to assess how well the marketing efforts are doing.

Your rivals are probably also watching you. They'll be curious how they might improve your search engine positioning if you're already ranking higher. They'll want to know how to enhance the social media strategy if you increase engagement to get the same or better outcomes. They'll like to update their content to match yours if your business blog is causing waves in the industry.

As you can see, snooping on your rivals is not about obtaining their trade secrets; instead, it's about better understanding their approach and your audience: what motivates them to read a blog entry, what interests them on social media, etc.

How To Begin Eavesdropping On Your Rivals

Choose Your Rivals To Begin Watching

The first step of competing for website traffic is finding the rival companies you wish to assess your company against. You must watch all the well-known and obscure figures in your industry to conduct a thorough study. Your company and rivals' names should then be entered into a social listening program. This is essential to keep track of all brand references online. 

This will enable you to determine where your rivals are receiving the most popular, how much traffic they are receiving throughout the web, if they are receiving more than your brand, and the growth they made through this.

You may look for keywords associated with your industry to learn more about your real competition. The tool will retrieve information on mean total searches and the amount of competition when you enter specific keywords. You may choose your rivals based on such keywords to ensure you are only up against people in your niche.

Pick the top five keywords or terms, and search for them on Google to observe which companies appear first in the search results. These may be future rivals of yours. It's also important to remember that companies with top search results only sometimes do well on social networking platforms. To determine which of your rivals is at the forefront of social search results, enter the terms in the Facebook search box. The social media pages that are now trending are those at the top.

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Use Social Listening To Monitor Your Competitors

With the help of social listening technologies, you may conduct market research or find essential influencers in your industry.

Of course, monitoring your rivals' internet mentions wherever they occur is another fantastic way to use them. You may monitor the whole web reasonably with the help of several social listening technologies, including blogs, forums, news websites, and other online outlets in addition to social media. 

What Can You Accomplish Using Social Listening?

  • Create searches for your rivals' names and websites to identify any online mentions. This may help you learn valuable information, such as what acknowledges your competitors receive in prestigious publications and how you might do the same for your business.
  • Are they receiving more references than you are in terms of quantity?
  • What motivations are behind their mentions?
  • What is your voice, and what is theirs?

This data will enable you to compare your company to your rivals and understand their entire business strategy and the outcomes they are achieving.

Utilize Tools To Keep Tabs On The Performance, SEO Tactics, And Online 

It's more complicated to drive visitors to your website. You must do many other things and strategies you must employ while competing with numerous other websites for the same audience.

In this situation, being aware of what your rivals are doing to increase their traffic will significantly benefit your efforts to improve your own.

  • How many people visit them there?
  • From where does their traffic originate?
  • What search terms do they rank for?
  • Which websites connect to their website?

Several solutions are available for tracking the traffic as well as the SEO of your competitors. View the traffic statistics for any website, including interaction, the number of unique visitors, and the traffic sources.  Identify new competitors based on how their viewership overlaps with that of a different competitor's website. To find new traffic prospects, compare your website's statistics to your rivals and traffic sources. Discover prospective low-competition keywords for which you may rank by researching the keywords for which your rivals are ranking.

Keep Track On And Comprehend The Social Media Tactics Of Your Rivals

When utilized properly, social media can increase brand exposure, consumer interaction, website traffic, conversions, and sales. When creating your plan, keeping an eye on the social media activity of your rivals is helpful. Here's what you want and need to learn:

What social networks do your competitors use? You can find out where they have accounts and which are performing the best by searching for their brand names across all major social networks. Where are there the most significant interactions and followers? This helps you decide which platforms are appropriate for your social media strategy.

What kind of content strategy do they use? What kind of announcements do they publish on each social media platform, and how are they doing? This can assist you in determining the ideal updates to make for the intended audience, including both terms of the content formats and the subjects they like to discuss. Use this knowledge to create your content plan for social media, not to imitate their posts but to learn which ones do well.

Check whom they follow. Who constitutes their target market? Please keep track of their following to look for chances to interact with more individuals.

What advertisements do they conduct on social media? Should you run your promotions on the same platforms?

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Conduct A Keyword Search

Examining the ranks for various keywords is another technique to assess your competitors. To do keyword research, go to Term Overview in whichever tool you use, enter your keyword there, and click Search. You'll initially see some basic statistics on the search result, such as the general keyword traffic, how challenging it is to rank for the phrase, the price per click if you run advertisements on the term, and more.

Investigate Their Organic Traffic

You may have questioned which websites your rivals receive the most search engine traffic. These pages generate traffic and are crucial to their rankings because they are the ones that receive the majority of the website's backlinks.

Examine The Backlinks Of Your Competition

Where do your rivals' backlinks come from? Why should you understand that? Consider the following scenario: You discover a blog article with several high-quality, relevant backlinks on a rival's website. You think your creations can be superior to theirs. Once you've updated a previous post's content, you can request a backlink.

Knowing the sources of your rivals' backlinks can help you develop fresh ideas regarding your backlink approach. Many useful tools are available; most provide more sophisticated features through paid memberships.


Even though it could appear immoral on the surface, competitor surveillance is not unethical. Social listening means monitoring your rivals' content, trends, keywords, sources, marketing plans, and other tactics. Keeping up with online discussions about your sector, including the brand and rivals, is the essence of social listening.

Understanding your competitors' secret strategies for surpassing you is made possible through competitive analysis. Nevertheless, you may also determine how you differ from your rivals through these analytics and use that information to maintain advancement.

Your rivals also utilize social listening to keep tabs on your statistics, learn which brands perform well on search results or social media, and achieve comparable outcomes by employing the same tactics. To understand the needs of the market and the audience in your niche, spying on rivals helps you grow.

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