How Do You Make Money Streaming On Twitch?

How Do You Make Money Streaming On Twitch?

The pandemic played a significant role in expanding gaming and live streaming into society. As a result of being locked up at home, individuals created these new interests and went to websites like Twitch for entertainment or to engage in gaming. The Amazon-owned company's early-year growth increased by 82 percent, dominating at 1.8 billion hours watched. Its popularity has only increased with prominent sports organizations and politicians using the site to share their content or thoughts.

Twitch is a live streaming platform that primarily targets video gamers. With approximately 2.7 billion individuals worldwide, that is a significant marketplace. Therefore, it is not surprising that Twitch has experienced considerable growth since its launch in 2011.

Video gamers can stream their gameplay live online because of Twitch. The idea is straightforward, but it is pretty popular. Twitch has grown to 15 million daily viewers and 2.2 million streamers, and individuals wonder how to make money streaming on Twitch. Even though Twitch has live streaming from several genres, such as "in real life" and musical performances, gaming continues to be the most popular. On Twitch, you can watch users play almost every game you know, from classics to the latest new releases.

How To Stream On Twitch?

Twitch is synonymous with streaming live. In the past several years, it has grown to involve content producers of many genres after beginning as a platform focused chiefly on gaming. The number of hours viewed on the website increased from 5.7 billion hours to 6.13 billion hours in 2022. In addition, the Twitch mobile application has 73 percent more regularly active viewers than similar user-generated streaming apps.

You should be familiar with Twitch and how to start streaming if you want to control your viewers as a live streamer. Although it might appear straightforward, you must register for a Twitch account to stream content. Simple and quick, the process requires a few minutes to complete.

A one-time password is sent to the mobile device through text or an authenticator app to ensure that you are the one signing in. Therefore, you should set up two-factor authentication for more protection. How to stream on Twitch on a PC is shown below:

Connect to Twitch

Although most streaming applications include configuration screens to assist users in instantly setting up a connection to Twitch, here's how to accomplish it yourself.

Step 1: Start by launching your broadcasting application. (OBS)

Step 2: Click Settings below File within the toolbar.

Step 3: Choose a stream.

Step 4: Select Twitch as the Service.

Step 5: Clicking Connect Account is the simplest way to link your Twitch account. A pop-up requesting you to sign in to your Twitch account will appear.

Step 6: If you do not wish to link your account through Twitch directly, you can utilize a stream key. Sign in to the Twitch account and look under Settings & Stream for your stream key.

Step 7: This key can be copied and pasted into the settings of your streaming program.

A scene is how your broadcast is set up as viewers see it. On Twitch how to start streaming, you may make your stream scene as simple or complex as you want, and several streams have numerous settings for various kinds of content. Further, adjust the OBS interface and set the sources such as Game Capture, Display Capture, Video Capture, and Window Capture for the entire screen, and you are good to go for your streaming.

How to Earn Money on Twitch

Twitch is an online streaming service mostly used for broadcasting live video games. But as the service has grown, many people have begun to utilize it, raising concerns regarding content monetization – How to make money streaming on Twitch, even so?

Activate Bits

Among the most well-liked methods of Twitch earning are Bits. Users can purchase and send Cheers, Cheermotes, or custom Cheermotes—emoticons, animated emoticons, and personalized emoticons—in the website's chat rooms for content creators. 

Boost Your Channel's Subscriptions

Subscribers are essential for content creators because they represent the primary means of funding for the channel. You must be aware that the subscription involves a monthly fee for the audience. As a result, members are entitled to various particular advantages, including reviewing content free of advertisements or accessing uniquely designed Cheermotes.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

Since Amazon owns Twitch, promoting Amazon items is one of the easiest ways that come under how to make money streaming on Twitch. Twitch may be a beneficial source of cash if you use it to promote and connect to Amazon products relating to the topic of your channel during a broadcast, particularly if you have a large following of subscribers and watchers. To sign up to be an Amazon affiliate, you only have to mention the product on your live broadcast and include the relevant link.

Include Ads in your streams

Ads are just another option to make money from a Twitch channel. In this situation, the number of people viewing the advertisement will determine your Twitch earning. The plan is to begin with one minute of commercials for each hour of programming because this is a reasonably small break that will only annoy audiences a little. This duration may be expanded to three minutes based on how consumers respond. 

Acquire sponsorships

Brands are searching for content creators to discuss and analyze their live offerings. The goal is to find a sponsor that matches the channel's ideals and concept. Keep in mind that taking sponsorships is not something you should do to receive them. Examine your ability to discuss that product or service naturally. Additionally, you have to determine whether the company's terms are reasonable.

Sell your merchandise

Starting your unique product business is a fantastic way to earn money on Twitch. The best aspect is that offering merchandise on Twitch is completely free of restrictions. Therefore, you can efficiently market your inventory to them if you have a large following. Contact a company that can produce things especially for your target market to do this. When the goods are prepared, you may open an online shop and connect to it from your Twitch profile. 

Become an Affiliate for Twitch

An affiliate program, which is often the first step before joining as a partner, is offered by Twitch and is fascinating. Several criteria must be satisfied to sign up as an affiliate on Twitch and obtain your Twitch earning with this service: you should have streamed for at least eight hours seven days a row throughout the previous thirty days. There should be at least 50 fans, with an average of 3 viewers for each broadcast. 

Program for Twitch Partners 

The Twitch Partner program is the most excellent option for Twitch monetization of a channel on this network. However, it has higher standards than the affiliate scheme. These conditions have streamed for at least 25 hours during the last 30 days. The live broadcasts must be streamed on at least 12 different days, with 75 people watching per broadcast on average.

If these conditions are satisfied, a partner application may be made and can be thoroughly examined. This implies that more than fulfilling these conditions is needed to ensure enrollment in the program. The program offers the streamer several benefits, including Twitch monetization through ads, customizing their channel, and having unique access to particular promotions. Additionally, there are three payment options available to subscribers.

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How To Get Popular On Twitch?

Twitch is a relatively recent live-streaming website that is expanding very quickly. What began as a social networking site focusing on the gaming community has evolved to go beyond online video games and encompass a variety of popular content subjects. The following section will explore how to expand your Twitch channel to gain more online exposure and views.

Steam Regularly and Often

Success on any online site demands continuously supplying the algorithm with new content. The most popular Twitch broadcasters broadcast live between four and eight hours daily, at least five days a week.

While you are not required to broadcast your entire life, it is strongly advised you set up a regular plan. This enhances the chance that new viewers will subscribe to your channel during specific times by letting them know when you are going live.

Use Different Social Media Platforms

Growth requires using various social media platforms, particularly if you've got a vast audience to promote when you go live. Even popular Twitch streamers use their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels to promote themselves.

Twitch streamers frequently use YouTube to host their streams. An excellent strategy for how to get popular on Twitch is to advertise your Twitch account by uploading videos from your stream to YouTube. Clipping videos relevant to popular themes will increase the number of visitors to your YouTube channel. In your YouTube profile, you may link to your Twitch account and advertise your live stream in your videos.

Set objectives

It takes time to build a channel naturally. Therefore, you must make reasonable objectives that you can achieve over time. One of over 10 million Twitch channels, growing your following is hard work. Consequently, it's crucial to keep your eyes on the result.

Give Your Viewers Importance

Delivering value to your Twitch broadcast audience is the most crucial step in stream growth. For viewers to pick your channel above the millions of other accounts on the network, you must provide them with a compelling reason.

Your Twitch stream needs to satisfy market demand on how to get famous on Twitch. Consider your area of expertise and a market segment with room for expansion but isn't already crowded. One way to differentiate yourself from other accounts is by selecting new games and experimenting with different content. Reaction content is one of the areas that is growing in popularity. Streamers watch internet videos with their viewers and share their thoughts on them.

Using Top-Notch Streaming Equipment

You must have a well-lit space with crystal-clear sound to expand your Twitch channel. If you try with your streaming setup, users will continue watching it. A high-quality stream requires several kinds of equipment and software. Even though many videos on YouTube may assist you in producing a perfect broadcast, the procedure might be challenging if you need more audio or visual technical knowledge.

Communicate with Your Audience

Success on Twitch depends heavily on your viewership. The platform's direct engagement via "Chat" differentiates it from less active social networking connections. Famous Twitch streamers are supported by a loyal fan base that frequently attends live streams. Utilizing Twitch's unique capabilities and interacting with people face-to-face is essential to developing a dedicated following.

Play popular games

Live broadcasting of video games is the backbone of Twitch. The decision to play a game is a sure guarantee for building your Twitch following, even though the platform has expanded to incorporate other entertainment. Your chosen streaming game will draw in new people. The most well-liked online games that can help to get famous on Twitch are League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Super Mario Brothers.

Working with Other Streamers

Twitch streamers frequently work together. Interacting with a different streamer involves gaining a connection to their audience, whether it be through online conversation or in person. The secret to successful cooperation is to plan strategically. Work only with streamers whose audience would be passionate about the kind of content you provide.


Twitch streaming is a fantastic way to turn your passion into profit, and people worldwide have been doing it for years. With the proper dedication, effort, and strategy, you, too, can make money on Twitch and take your channel to new heights. We've provided some great tips on converting your Twitch viewership into an income-generating activity - however much or little it may be. Whether starting up a brand new channel or looking to improve an existing one, there is significant potential for monetization through various means - use them wisely! Lastly, need help fulfilling orders? Get in touch with Simpl and allow us to simplify your business processes so you can focus more of your valuable time on streamers. So now that we've covered what it takes to become a successful Twitch streamer, it's time for you to go out there and start creating content that people love.

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