What Is Amazon OTT? A Comprehensive Guide to Streaming & Video Advertising

Learn about the advantages of Amazon OTT, a streaming service that is rapidly changing how we consume entertainment and giving brands access to new video advertising opportunities. Discover more about what it is and how you can benefit from it!

What Is Amazon OTT? A Comprehensive Guide to Streaming & Video Advertising

Today's society places a high value on entertainment. Streaming services like Amazon significantly influence the delivery of a wide range of media content as technology develops with its significant technological changes. Audiences are astonished that they can now watch games, movies, television shows, and other content anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The best option for marketers looking to include potential consumers in the initial stages of their purchasing process is streaming video, which is becoming increasingly popular and efficient at engaging audiences today. Streaming video advertising connects a business with a potential customer by combining the three senses: hearing, vision, and movement. Additionally, streaming enables companies to use sophisticated machine-learning techniques to improve their advertising and guarantee the operating first-hand information.

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising has significantly altered the online marketing landscape and has several advantages for users and marketers who need to define OTT initially. It is predicted that by 2027 there will be 4,216.3 million consumers within the OTT video advertisements market. Since the start of 2020, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of video content available, which has rendered OTT advertising services essential for brands. Additionally, marketers will eventually have to employ methods that do not depend on third-party cookies.

Since its initial release in 2019, Amazon OTT advertising through videos has drawn notice for its distinctive ability to promote both company performance desires and larger reach goals by utilizing Amazon's first-party information.

What Does "OTT" Mean?

OTT, or "over-the-top," is a term used to refer to content that is delivered over the Internet without using traditional methods of delivery such as satellite, cable or terrestrial networks. This type of content is usually distributed through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. 

The phrase “over-the-top” was first coined in the early 2000s when broadband access became widely available and allowed users to access any kind of video content via the internet. OTT services are now playing an increasingly important role in television production, distribution and consumption due to their ability to provide niche programming tailored for individual user preferences. Compared with traditional TV distribution channels such as cable or satellite TV, OTT can be much cheaper since there's no need for expensive infrastructure investments associated with transmission networks (e.g., antennas).

OTT continues to gain popularity among customers, particularly teens and young adults constantly looking for alternatives to conventional broadband for watching television. More than 60 percent of young individuals, based on Research, indicate that using OTT streaming platforms is how they primarily consume television content. Additionally, 198 million people in the US were anticipated to utilize OTT video services by 2021.

Knowing what OTT advertising is can give you better insights into improving brand reach. Brand advertisements on online streaming services for TV and movies that an ordinary cable or supplier does not control are referred to as OTT (over-the-top) marketing. As buyer preferences shift beyond conventional television viewing and toward live-streaming media sources, this form of advertising grows progressively more practical. 

Many commercial systems (like Amazon's OTT) have improved their selection, attribution, and scalability capabilities, making them more feasible for companies. Cable systems, gaming devices, and other linked gadgets, such as the Amazon Fire TV stick, transmit OTT video advertising. OTT video content fills the distance between classic television and contemporary digital media by enabling marketers to use programmable advertising reliability on online media.

What is Amazon OTT?

Amazon OTT (over-the-top) is an internet delivery service for streaming media offered directly to viewers, bypassing the traditional television industry. It allows viewers to access live and on-demand content from anywhere with an internet connection. Customers no longer need a satellite dish, cable box, or conventional fixed broadband connection to watch programming. In addition, Amazon OTT does not require additional hardware installation as the software can be downloaded and installed over the internet onto mobile phones, computers, and tablets. 

Broadcasting and cable television used to operate according to the "set one time and wait for the greatest" principle. You needed to depend on long-term statistics, and there was a significant likelihood that you may not hit the goal since you couldn't measure any target numbers. With the introduction of OTT advertising, marketers may now fully bridge the gap between television broadcasting and online advertising. It is now possible for advertisers to enter a world where consumers are seated and actively watching the programs they pick, which makes it simpler to measure precise data.

With Amazon OTT services, you can access free and paid video content, including movies, TV shows, online broadcasts of sports events, and other special interest programs such as music videos or documentaries. Users also get access to original series from Amazon Studios, which are exclusive to Prime members only. There's also rentable content available for those who don't have a paid subscription plan. The content library is continually updated, so customers have new viewing options. Finally, users can enjoy their favorites anytime without worrying about recording times or searching through archives since they have all been indexed for easy discovery & search capabilities across multiple platforms & devices(mobile/web/apps). 

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What are the Guidelines for Amazon OTT Advertisements?

For additional information on producing top-notch video ads for those Amazon OTT video advertising, follow the instructions below. You need to review each of Amazon's recommendations for ideal practices.

Establish a goal

You must decide what you hope to accomplish with your video ad as you produce any footage. Many businesses utilize advertisements to increase brand recognition and develop an emotional bond with their audience. Concentrating on a single goal could keep visitors engaged and motivated to discover more about your brand. 

Recognize the viewers

Ensure that the video advertisement has an important message that emphasizes what sets you apart and that you thoroughly understand who your target audience is. 

Share a story

Fascinate your audience by telling a grand narrative. Your narrative might describe the way your service or goods improves the lifestyles of your clients, explain why customers should choose your service above another from a rival, or use stunning pictures that captivate the audience's attention. 

Add a logo

It may seem simple, but include your company's logo in your video advertisement. By displaying a logo, you can increase brand recognition by having people connect the logo with your business. 

Call to action

Insert a call to action towards the bottom of the video advertisement that encourages viewers to your web page to buy something or does more research on your company. For example, you may say, "Accessible on Amazon.com," or "Become familiar with us at [URL]." Avoid giving the CTA the appearance of a link or button that may be clicked. 


Amazon does not need this. However, it can assist you in communicating with the viewers by reducing the amount of displayed text. 

On-screen writing

Amazon advises reducing the quantity of text in your streaming video advertisements since excessive use reduces the viewer experience, even though minimal on-screen text is acceptable. To make your argument, use clear, simple language. 

Audio or Music

Choose an audio or soundtrack that fits the general atmosphere of your advertisement. A loud, disturbing soundtrack should be avoided since it could ruin the experience for the audience. 

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How to Launch an Amazon OTT Campaign?

Large or small companies may take advantage of this advertising option. Here is a brief advice on how to begin using this strategy for advertising.

Create KPIs and goals

You must first establish specific objectives and KPIs, just like with every marketing initiative. What do you want your Amazon OTT advertising to accomplish? How will you assess your progress?

Identify Audience Subgroups

Again, this is just another commercial campaign. You must decide your target market and then establish subgroups for them. To whom would the Amazon OTT video ads be aimed? What age group do they belong to? What hobbies do people enjoy? For instance, Amazon Audience Solutions may help you locate and determine your prospective audiences.

Send Your Advertisement

You must register for an Amazon DSP profile on the Amazon video advertisements website to provide your advertisement. Tap on the Get Started button after scrolling below to discover it. To sign up for Amazon advertisements, follow the instructions. Then, you can develop your marketing strategies using the account you created. 

Evaluate and improve

After the advertisement has begun, it's crucial to keep testing and enhancing it. Analyze thoroughly different proposals, sections, and designers to improve your approach.

What Benefits Do OTT Advertisements Offer?

After examining what Amazon OTT advertising involves and how it functions, let's explore some benefits of implementing it. 

More Precise Targeting 

You can more successfully target viewers with Amazon OTT advertisements than conventional television advertisements. As a result of the audience information provided by Amazon DSP, your advertisement will be seen by the correct audience, increasing the likelihood that it will end up in a sale. 

Using information about product preferences and purchasing patterns, Amazon DSP provides facts about your audience. This comprises statistics, including gender, age, and other factors. Moreover, by utilizing Amazon OTT, you could use both the demand-side platform's marketing capabilities and the efficacy of the video style. 

Advertisement Conquesting

When using Amazon OTT advertising, you may target customers who have also looked at your rivals' items with your brand's ads. As of right now, only Amazon OTT advertising offers this option. This will enable you to attract a few viewers who might consider buying your competitors' goods.

Cheaper Than Television Advertisements

OTT commercials on Amazon are less expensive than those shown on conventional television. The price of advertising spots has increased dramatically due to the reduced viewership for television in traditional media. As a result, OTT video ads are far more affordable visual advertising since the ad budget is considerably lower. Furthermore, remember that OTT advertising is more straightforward to monitor since obtaining important information after the promotion ends is much simpler.

Access To The Audience Who Are Difficult To Reach

Amazon OTT advertisements will give you access to an audience who are challenging to reach otherwise. For example, users with ad-blocker enabled, no active TV subscription, or who canceled their existing subscription are challenging to achieve. By using OTT Amazon, you will have access to these audiences.

What Are The New Features And Modifications For Amazon OTT?

Amazon made a few modifications in November this past year to improve its OTT advertising. This comprises new programs with the potential to open up prospects for additional advertisements and additional resources that would help marketers develop their brands. Let's examine these modifications:

New Content

Amazon has added new material to IMDb TV and Amazon Prime Video, including new films and highlights for NFL Thursday night football, which will increase the potential for commercials to attract a broader demographic.

Genre Blockage

Amazon first released the genre-blocking function in September of the previous year to provide marketers with greater authority regarding the placement of their advertising. This tool allows you to block a maximum of five content categories, ensuring that your commercials only appear in those critical to your intended audience and are likely to generate interactions from them.

Audiences Claim

You may purchase ads for the target market you wish to connect with because of Amazon's audience guarantee. In essence, you only have to pay to receive messages that reach customers interested in your business and its services.

Beta For A Creative Video Builder

Advertisers without customized video assets can still develop video advertisements using the video creative builder beta. You may select through its library of movies and themes to test various ad concepts without wasting time or money.

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How To Measure Success With Amazon OTT?

Here are a few examples of how you may use the variety of unique first-party and third-party measurement research to link outcomes to your advertising spend.

Brand Reach 

The trick to building brand recognition is to reach a broad demographic. Innovative video technologies have altered content consumption; in 2020, the US population viewed an average of 140 minutes of online video daily. You can determine if your OTT video ads efforts are successful by researching brand reach.

Brand Lift

With the help of third-party measurement partners, you can determine the brand lift with OTT advertisements, which are a fantastic method to increase brand recognition among viewers. Do my OTT advertising initiatives alter how people see my brand? Such types of queries might be answered using brand lift research. 

Branded Search And Analytics For New Brands

Promoting your message and reaching a large audience with traditional TV advertising is powerful. Still, it may be challenging to determine whether such advertisements encourage consumers to make purchases. With Amazon Streaming TV advertisements, you can use specialized analytics, such as branded search and new-to-brand, to gain insight into the activities customers take on Amazon after viewing your advertisement.

Website visits

Understanding how marketing influences consumer interaction with your items is crucial if you own an Amazon store. To do this, calculate the number of detail pages viewed and the page detail visit rate. These data allow you to measure the number of times the detail page for a product has been seen before and following an OTT Amazon Streaming TV ad strategy. This enables you to determine whether your marketing led to increased traffic to the product's information page.


In conclusion, Amazon OTT is a fantastic streaming service for viewers searching for an ever-evolving collection of content. This revolutionary platform offers something for everyone, from sports broadcasts and original series to movies and networks alike. Moreover, it provides comprehensive analytics generated from streaming options, enabling customers to discover insights about their audience demographics. So if you're looking for an online TV platform with a wealth of content and an easy-to-use interface, Amazon OTT is the way to go! Now that you know the benefits of signing up for this service, why not try it? And if you need help setting up your online store, Simpl can be there to help guide you each step of the way!

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