How to Get Free eBay Shipping Supplies?

Are you an eBay seller looking for a cost-effective way to ship your products? Check out our tips and tricks here on getting free shipping supplies from eBay – plus advice on keeping costs low when shopping online!

How to Get Free eBay Shipping Supplies?

Are you aware of the free shipping supplies on eBay? Merchants usually look for cost-effective solutions in terms of shipping. They check out every possible way and try their best to reduce shipping costs. With free shipping supplies, sellers can eventually deduct some amount from shipping.

You become eligible for a quarterly coupon code when you own an eBay store, whether at a basic or higher level. With this, you can receive free eBay-branded shipping supplies. The coupon credit can be used for purchasing from the store. Note to remember that each coupon is limited to each user per quarter.

The coupon worth varies based on the store type. When you own a basic-level eBay store, you will get a coupon worth $25. At the same time, for higher or premium-level eBay stores, you will receive a coupon worth $50. While for Enterprise or Anchor Store, you will get a $150 voucher.

There needs to be more clarity among merchants regarding eBay's free shipping supplies. Some find it challenging to find the code, while others need to be aware of the right ways to avail it. Here we bought a complete overview with a clear insight into free eBay Shipping Supplies. Dive into the below sections to understand in detail.

How To Find The eBay Free Shipping Coupon Code?

The free shipping coupon code will not only reduce your shipping charges, but you can also use it to buy shipping supplies. Here are the easy steps to find the eBay free shipping coupon code.

Step -1  First, you must visit eBay's official site ( Navigate the site and make sure you are logged in with your account. If not, then you need to log in to proceed further.

Step- 2  Check out and click on "My eBay," located in the top right corner of the website.

Step- 3 You will get a drop-down list; select the "Selling" option. It will land you on the Seller Hub.

Note – When you do not get access to Seller Hub, you can use this link here to enter Seller Hub

Step – 4  After you are in Seller Hub, click "Store" and select "Subscriber discounts."

Step – 5 The next step is to click on the "See details" option. You will get instructions to follow further to get discounts and free shipping coupons.

Note: Only verified eBay Store sellers/merchants can get discounts. You will notice the difference between the shipping supplies amounts and coupons' worth. For example, when your total shipping supply amount is $15, the coupon value will be $25. It is better to use the unused $10 in one transaction. 

Ways To Get Free Shipping Supplies For eBay Orders

There are several ways to get free or discounted shipping for your orders. Every seller must know the following methods to stay profitable in their business.

1. Customize Your Boxes Selection

Remember that boxes can add on more charges while shipping. Packages are costly when you choose the most specialized ones to ship fragile or oversized items. The heavy-duty boxes will drive your cost out of your imagination. This is why the sellers must customize their packages. Below are the methods to get cheap boxes for cheap shipping supplies on eBay.

Utilize the eBay Shipping Supplies Coupon 

With their eBay store account, the seller gets a shipping coupon code, as discussed earlier. The coupon can be used to get free eBay supplies, including boxes. So, let your money get wasted and use it for packages.

Find USPS boxes 

When shipping products via the post office, you can quickly get free boxes. The free boxes will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Check on Facebook 

When you require large boxes, you can request them on Facebook Marketplace by posting them. You will find people with oodles of boxes left that could be more useful to them.

Reuse boxes 

You will find many used boxes around your surroundings and at your place. You can customize and reuse them for your supplies.

2. Choose The Right Packing Materials

The packaging materials will also play a significant role in cutting down your shipping supplies cost. Poly mailers can be the best and most affordable packing material for eBay orders. The best thing about it is it costs significantly less and doesn't put on extra weight because of its lightweight specification. Moreover, these are considered superfast to pack and ship things in. If you want to go for the cheapest options, the 12″x15″ and 15″x19″ poly mailers sizes will be great options.

You can also buy cheap packaging supplies from Amazon. The collections are available on a large scale at a reasonable price—research shipping service providers offering their customer's free supplies. Remember, whatever packaging you choose, it should fit your item.

You can also customize your packing in their way from the below choices.

Reused material 

Some reused materials in your home may be suitable for packaging the materials. You can save these and save your money from investing in the packaging.

Blank news sheets 

When dealing with higher and heavy quantities, blank sheets can be helpful. These are very cheap, and the ink doesn't bleed. You can order the blank sheets online too.


Yes, the newspaper can be another cheapest option. There may be a lot of paper left in your home, and you can simply use it for packaging. Moreover, the newspaper can be recycled and customized to fit your products.

3.  Get Shipping Labels From The Right Place

The choice of shipping label can also add to your cost, increasing your shipping charges. Buying the brands in large quantities is better than getting them at the best price. Usually, each shipping label roll contains 220-250 labels. Consider purchasing a box of rolls that can last longer to ship your products. The eBay free shipping coupon code is another economical way to buy shipping labels.

Buying a thermal label printer can be an effortless and cost-effective solution too. Purchasing a label printing machine is better when your business witnesses shipping many items daily. You can also customize the labels accordingly.

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4. Go For Cost-Effective Packing Tape

You can also get free packing tape from multiple sources. The shipping companies can offer you the best deals for purchasing in bulk from them. When you want to save most of your money, buy a large majority of tape for your business in the long run. It is also better to buy a box of tape at once.

5. Use The Discounts From Shipping Companies

When sellers go for eBay labels, they will get discounts from USPS and FedEx. The values are available for both domestic and international shipping. When you complete 300 transactions every month, you will enjoy the discounts. This is why the sellers are asked to take advantage of the shipping companies and their offers. 

Moreover, you can skip any formal process to avail of the discounts. The sellers should be eligible for eBay discounts when they print USPS and FedEx labels with "Seller Hub or My eBay. As a seller, you can also get UPS discounts, but you must sign up or log in to the UPS account using your eBay ID.

6. Consider A Shipping Insurance

Extra shipping insurance can help the sellers a lot in the long run for their business. Under the Money Back Guarantee policy, eBay can take all your profit. With insurance, the buyers will get an immediate refund when the product has yet to reach their location or in case they receive a damaged product. Insurance also helps sellers to deal with complex situations.

7. Offer Your Buyers Combined Shipping Discounts

You can also cut your charges on shipping supplies by offering combined discounts to the buyers. This kind of discount also encourages buyers to shop for more items. This will save both sellers and buyers money. It is easy to add shipping discount rules to buy specific products. This will let the buyer get a discount when they purchase the items.

How Will Sellers Get Free Shipping Supplies From USPS and FedEx?

There are multiple sources to get free shipping supplies. As it is discussed, USPS and FedEx offer free supplies. Here, you will know what the eBay seller must do to get the free supplies. Get additional information on getting the supplies from other sources too. Let's discuss it in detail.

Free Shipping Supplies From USPS

When sellers mainly ship your items using USPS, they can grab free boxes and bags from the local USPS store. It can also be ordered from their official site - There you will get a lot of size options to fit different varieties of products. USPS will also ship the boxes to your doorstep for free.

The seller must have a USPS account to get USPS-free supplies on eBay. The sign-up process is free and easy. With the help of the account, you can track the packages too. This account allows you to make an insurance claim seamlessly when the package is lost or damaged.

With a USPS account, ordering priority boxes of different sizes to ship your items will become convenient. You can use mailers for clothing items and textiles, medium boxes for laptops, and flat-rate boxes for shoes and other essentials.

The regional boxes of USPS are also suitable for shipping within domestic regions. Note that you should use supplies marked as 'Priority mail.' It cannot be used for parcel post or first class. This rule must be followed while you are using USPS-free supplies.

Free Shipping Supplies From FedEx

FedEx supplies free boxes on its website to the sellers. The boxes are best for shipping items such as sports accessories like baseball bats, golf clubs, and long and narrow products. When you use FedEx Express for shipping, you get the packaging as complimentary. The supplies are free and shipped to your order step. These supplies can be ordered online from the site. Moreover, the sellers also get flat-rate shipping with FedEx. Make sure you have a FedEx account to get the supplies.

Free Shipping Supplies From Amazon

Amazon is another free source of getting shipping supplies. The boxes from Amazon are significant and long. It is known for its durability and anti-damage properties. The boxes are also eco-friendly; they can be recycled, reused and protects shipping items.

Free Shipping Supplies From Other Sources

A dumpster drive is a controversial option, but you can get the supplies from there too. However, make sure to check the local and state regulations and laws. You can also check out stores selling furniture, electronics, and home décor. Stores that sell dry goods have cleaner boxes.

Moreover, you can also get other supply items from the store, such as air pillows, bubble wraps, packaging materials, and styrofoam from the stores. Another reliable option is to check Craigslist to find out the recent movers. When you collect the boxes from different sources, you can also recycle and customize them.

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How Do Sellers Get Shipping Supplies From eBay?

eBay offers self-branded shipping supplies such as mailing envelopes, boxes, tape, etc. They supply these to help and support their sellers in delivering the goods. Therefore, the sellers do not have to look for other ways and sources to get the shipping supplies.

Moreover, eBay order shipping supplies are easy to access. However, the stores could have better or more affordable prices. When you buy a combo of 25 cardboard boxes, it will cost around $31. When your business is an excellent profit margin, and you ship hundreds of products daily, you can invest in eBay shipping supplies. However, eBay also offers better deals on supplies. The sellers can go through eBay listings and then check for auctions and sales to get packing supplies at a discounted rate.

How To Choose The Right Shipping Supplies?

When you follow good shipping practices, you must know to balance safety and budget. As a seller, you must ensure that the buyers reach the items safely with the right supplies. Here are the things to consider to choose the supplies.

Select the correct type of containers

You will get two types of containers for shipping products - boxes and mailers. Choose them accordingly based on your product types. It is better to go for the smallest package possible. The containers should be safe to ship the products in.

Check for cushioning and void fill

Choose the right cushioning, such as bubble wrap and air pillows, to fill the space in your boxes. This will keep the items sturdy during transit. Whichever cushioning you choose, ensure it won't damage the product.

Special attention to irregular and fragile items

You can store the fragile items in multiple boxes and wrap them with foam or bubble wrap. Styrofoam sheets are also of great use for irregular items. Place folded cardboard at the edges for items with sharp edges. It will prevent the package from breaking.


From where to get free shipping boxes for eBay orders?

Shipping boxes are usually available at USPS, FedEx, and UPS shipping centers. You can also get it from authorized shipping services like USPS Post Office, UPS Store, and FedEx Office. The shipping boxes are also available for free. It may also include other shipping supplies, such as labels and stickers.

How to get free shipping supplies from eBay?

First, visit its official website, then click on summary> Seller hub> marketing> check subscriber discounts> select eBay shipping supplies> check details> avail coupon code on the next page.

How often does the seller get free eBay shipping supplies coupons?

The free shipping coupons are available for the sellers on eBay quarterly. Sellers who own eBay stores are eligible for the quarterly coupons. With the help of these coupons, they can service free eBay-branded shipping supplies to ship their products. These coupons are limited per user per quarter.

How cheaper are eBay shipping labels?

The seller only pays for the postage cost and additional services such as insurance and tracking if needed. Even the Signature Confirmation and Tracking are cheaper when you print online labels rather than purchasing them in the post office.

Does eBay send free shipping supplies to its sellers?

Yes, eBay sends free shipping supplies to its sellers during special events. It is shipped as "swag" to sellers who have participated in events, for example, the Spring Seller Check-in event. Recently, eBay sent free shipping supplies to its first five hundred attendees to join in their post-event survey. It also offers eBay Store subscription coupons for every user's shipping supplies per quarter.


If you're an eBay seller looking to get the most out of your shipping budget, take advantage of the resources available on the platform. As we discussed today, many cost-efficient methods exist for acquiring free shipping supplies on eBay. With some research and tips from experienced sellers across the platform, you can easily find discounted or even free goods to provide a quality product to your customers. Don't let selling online drain your wallet; instead, take proactive measures and check out our suggestions so that you'll be able to maximize savings while still providing quality products. If you found this blog post helpful but still need extra assistance, don't hesitate to contact Simpl -- our experienced eCommerce fulfillment team will ensure your orders are delivered on time and affordable.

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