Everything to Know About the Amazon WishList

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Everything to Know About the Amazon WishList

It is mainly a gift registry, just like a wedding registry. Here you can make your wish list from where your friends or family can buy items. All you have to do is list the products, and after purchase, Amazon will deliver the items to your doorstep.

The idea of the Amazon Wishlist is no doubt exciting and first came back in 1999. It came from the concept where people can make their clear list, which they want for loved ones. Due to this reason, it eliminated the question 'what do you want on festivals or occasions.'

A wish list is an innovative concept and developed solely for grandparents and parents. This made it easier for them to understand what their kids want. From that time, various updates and changes have been made and even changed the face of creating wish lists.

Therefore, you can understand that the Amazon Wishlist plays a crucial role for the customers. All you have to do is keep the products on the wish list and purchase them when needed.

Amazon Wishlist: How Does it Work and Why Should Sellers Consider Using it

How Does the Amazon Wishlist Work?

Earlier, the concept of the Amazon Wishlist was relatively straightforward. All you had to do is either add products to the Wishlist or the cart. If you bought the product from the Wishlist, then Amazon removed it to avoid duplicating it.

However, concerns like security, privacy, and other issue forced Amazon to take this step. Until 2018, people could share and view Amazon's Wishlist but could not edit it. However, the feature was available just for Amazon's wedding registry.

Today. Amazon launched few editable Wishlist's that too for all the customers. Here, you will get an invitation from the 'Wishlist creator.' You get the opportunity to edit the list the way you want. Moreover, the Wishlist creator also gets complete control over the list.

How Do Sellers Use the Wishlist?

Being a seller, you might think about how you can support the Wishlist of Amazon. It will help the customer to make more purchases. However, you have to consider what forces the customers to Wishlist any product. Here are a few vital things that you must note.

The first scenario- Suppose any buyer is unsure whether to buy the product and is still in the primary stage. Also, the customer does not want to miss the product. As a result, keeping it on the Wishlist will undoubtedly help them look into the product later.

The second scenario- Suppose any buyer wants to know if the price of any product will drop. If the buyer stores the product in the cart or Wishlist, Amazon will automatically send you a notification once the price drops. 

The third scenario- Suppose a buyer wants a product to be available in their favorite color, which is not available currently. Putting the product on the Wishlist will help them to check the product once it becomes available in their preferred color.

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Amazon does not consider its Wishlist as an effective selling tool. However, their Wishlist's are pretty limited; it can make the users engaged using the marketing techniques. For example, the Wishlist encourages different users to share it on various social media platforms.

Keeping the products on the Wishlist, you will receive follow-up emails along with other popular announcements. These company announcements mostly contain any sale news or product launch information.

Hence, the Wishlist concept of Amazon is quite helpful for buyers as well as sellers. These are a few things that you must know about the Amazon wishlist.

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