Everything to Know About Product Sourcing on Wish

Planning to source products on wish.com? Learn what to look for in a product on wish and how to source products on wish. Must read for all online sellers!

Everything to Know About Product Sourcing on Wish

Wish is undoubtedly one of the powerful and popular sales channels where online sellers can do great. Every day 300 million customers place two million orders. However, to gain success, it is necessary to know about the various product sources. It helps in generating better clicks, profits, and sales.

Basic Guide to Product Sourcing on Wish: How to find the Best Products & Where to Source it

Things to Look for In a Product on Wish

Being an online seller, then it is necessary to keep in mind when it comes to product sourcing on Wish.


Most of the customers in Wish are either millennials or Gen Z. They mostly look for niche products as well as experiences. Wish App prioritizes these values with its various customized shopping feed. It makes things easy as it helps in gathering niche products, especially for the right audience. 


Shoppers love variations and not to mention, Wish shoppers love the same thing. Due to this reason, products available in different sizes and colors do well. Hence, make sure to choose such products that are available in different varieties.

Less shipping cost

It is important to understand that Wish shoppers do not like paying high shipping costs. Therefore, you won't feel like not paying a high price for the products. Moreover, the revenue share-based selling fee means you have to keep fulfillment costs quite low. From storage, shipping to the package expenses, everything should be less.


The phenomenal success of Wish is solely due to the affordability. It provides inexpensive products that too much lower cost. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that products must be competitively priced.

Product Sourcing Tips on Wish

It is important to understand that there are different steps when it comes to product sourcing. A few of them are listed below.

Know about various sourcing options

If you want to sell products on Wish, it is necessary to be a manufacturer, brand owner, crafter, creator, etc. Therefore, you have to deal with different source options available. First is the direct-to-consumer sourcing option.

The wholesale sourcing option is buying stock from the manufacturer as well as supplier to retail on Wish. White label is yet another one of the sourcing options. Here, you can buy various unbranded products from the manufacturer and label them as your own brand for selling.

Brainstorm various product ideas

It is necessary to understand that product inspiration comes from different sources. For example, your hobbies, interest, sources, and area of expertise can be a great source of product ideas. Sales channels are yet another one of the effective product ideas. 

From other sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, you can take an idea of what others are selling. You can take the help of social media channels to find out popular products.

Research about the market demand

When it comes to product sourcing for Wish, validating ideas on the market demand is a great idea. Market demand ideally represents shoppers who are interested in shopping and can buy the products. It also involves various factors like overall interest, shopping channels, trends, etc. 

Therefore, you must know about product sourcing ways on Wish that is crucial if you are an online seller.

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