How To Become An eBay Top-Rated Seller?

Are you an online seller looking to take your business to the next level? Read this guide and learn the key steps and best practices for achieving success on eBay's platform, including how to become a top-rated seller.

How To Become An eBay Top-Rated Seller?

eBay has become one of the favorite places for sellers to showcase their products and attract customers to their brands more effectively than through traditional retail stores. Sellers can set their prices and complete a sale cycle faster, obtaining buyers looking for good deals and affordable prices. However, as the number of users is increasing on eBay, it is becoming tough to sell on the eBay platform. So the most effective way to stand out from this competition to make your brand more visible is becoming an eBay top-rated seller. This batch of status incentivizes sellers who offer excellent customer service and a great return policy. 

Sellers can enjoy various benefits, including increased listing visibility, discounts, and protections. But to achieve all that, sellers need to meet some strict requirements. This guide will offer you deep insight into the eBay seller levels and help you achieve that top-rated seller batch. So let's get started. 

What are the eBay seller levels?

Before you fulfill eBay's top-rated seller requirements, getting your hands on the basics of sellers' degrees on the platform is crucial. On eBay, you can find up to three degrees of seller performance:

  • Top rated
  • Above standard
  • Below standard

The top-rated seller is the eBay top-star seller batch that only a power seller can achieve. So when you become a power seller, you can benefit from Priority Customer Support and Power Seller Discussion Board. So next, when you become a top-rated seller, all these eBay power seller benefits would come into play. 

The power seller means the members who meet specific monthly gross merchandise sales objectives and deliver exceptional customer care. Since Powerseller is not used anymore, these sellers are now referred to as the Top-Rated seller level. 

Next, many sellers can conveniently obtain the Above standard seller level on eBay. This seller level must only meet a minimum sales requirement and deliver good customer service. 

The below standard seller level on the list differs from an account any seller wants to hold. With such a level, the sellers risk having sales restrictions on the history and not being eligible for promoted listing. 

What Does It Mean To Become A Top Rated eBay Seller?

If you are to start from the basic information, that can only be covered by mentioning what the Top rated eBay seller status mean. Since eBay prioritizes excellent customer service, its Top Rated Seller status has to reflect this mission literally. It would help if you did not doubt how high eBay holds its seller's standards, especially to the Top Rated Seller status, which further highlights its importance to the offer customers top-notch customer service. 

Although eBay doesn't explicitly state what qualifies as "exceptional" customer service, this eBay seller status is typically given to businesses that exceed a specific limit for monthly sales, have preventive measures in-line for fewer transaction defects, and have a low rate of late shipments. There are also some other criteria involved in meeting that top-rated seller status. But before that, let's get to know eBay's power seller benefits that put more meaning to the status. 

Benefits Of Becoming An eBay Top-Rated Seller

Undoubtedly, having a top-rated status on eBay splits opinions among sellers. Some sellers work hard to earn the title of Top Rated Seller, while others think the requirements could be more relaxed and beneficial for regular eBay vendors. Some sellers state that making the title of Top Rated Seller comes as a natural outcome of offering superb, reliable customer service and selling high-quality goods. You can only know if it's worth it by knowing what benefits you can gain. Here are some of the key benefits to take note of:

Improve Online Visibility

One primary eBay top-rated seller benefit is improving visibility on eBay search results. The eBay search result page would feature the best relevant match for the visitor's search query in a default procedure. This means it's the best match algorithm for the search query functions to focus on assessing the buyer's name, description, and images. Moreover, it would access the impressions and sales of the items, the price, and the seller's profile and performance. 

So when the search results appear and users adhere to the eBay listing optimization guidelines, your top-rated seller level would make you stand apart. Hence, aiming for this status is crucial. The additional benefit of this cool badge also establishes your legitimacy as a merchant, persuading confused or hesitant customers to purchase from you. 

Get Credit For Promoted Listings

It's crucial to note that eBay gives its top sellers credit toward Promoted Listings every quarter. This means if you have a few listings you wish to increase in value during peak seasons, you can do it. A top-rated seller badge can leverage from specific listings and receive a top-rated plus seal for the products in the listings. You can be eligible for this seal if you, as a top-rated seller, offer same-day inventory handling time, a 30-day return policy with a money-back guarantee, etc. 

Get A Discount On eBay Fees

The top-rated plus seal can also avail the seller 10% off on the final value free of the product listing. Every quarter, eBay gives top-rated sellers a credit of $30 on their account for promoted listings. If they utilize the eBay shipping label, they will also get the shipping discount offered to eBay's top-rated sellers. These eBay policies for top-rated sellers may enable them to make significant savings on business expenses and eBay seller fees.

Seller Protections For Top-Rated Sellers

The top-rated sellers on eBay all have the right to stay protected under its seller protection program. If eBay sellers need clarification about the security of their transactions, this program can be a great alternative. There are many other benefits to the seller protection program for the top-rated seller as the program aid with return shipping label credit on monthly invoices with inaccurate or false "term not as described" claims. Moreover, eBay avails up to a 50% refund deduction for covering decreased values on used and damaged returns. 

Where To Check Your eBay Seller Status?

It is easy to check the eBay seller status on the platform. Go to your profile account, and you can see the listed level on the seller's dashboard. When you check back on the status every month, eBay would suggest which areas you can develop more o improve the status and get marked listings that are eligible for top-rated seller account benefits. 

Top-rated eBay Seller In Another Country

If you meet the requirements for a particular marketplace, you can sell on eBay as one of the top sellers in another country. For Instance, your stats for eBay are based on how well you sell to US customers. Based on how well you do with British customers, you can achieve top seller status on eBay UK operations even if you live in the US.

Requirements For Becoming A Top-Rated Seller On eBay

Below are eBay's stringent requirements you need to meet to get awarded with Top Rated Seller status:

1. First, your seller account should be active for at least 90 days. 

2. Your brand or account should have sold up to £1,000 worth of products with at least 100 transactions. 

3. The seller must comply with eBay's "Selling Practice Policy." This includes ensuring the accurate origin location of your products, the shipping and return policy terms and conditions should be clear and correct, and also accepting product returns. 

4. The seller's transaction defect rate should be at least 0.5% or less. It should include, at most, three defects from the individual buyers. 

5. There should be less than two resolution cases with the same buyer, and should be at most, 0.3% of buyer cases should be closed without a seller resolution. 

6. The late shipment rate should be 3% or less; a maximum of 5 late shipments are acceptable to become a top-rated seller status on eBay. 

Although it might seem overwhelming to meet all these criteria, it would be easier if the seller invested in the right tools and technologies. The seller can use advanced software for improving their inventory management and order fulfillment with reliable means of terms and conditions as well as excellent customer support. 

Would It Increase Your Sale To Have An eBay Top Rated Seller Status?

There could be many opinions on whether having a top-rated seller status on eBay increases sales. Some sellers claim it's true; the top-rated seal can quickly bring in significant sales, and others say it does not impact much. But if you are to improve your sales revenue, putting effort into improving the seller account status is acceptable. 

eBay is transparent about its requirement for improving the visibility of seller listings through the Best Match rules. Then you can get the top-rated seller status to increase visibility in the search results. Businesses selling in a competitive niche can have the upper hand in being a top-rated sellers. This would influence your customers to choose a product from your brand over your customers. 

Your listings will likely get missed among hundreds of search results pages if you're selling in a saturated marketplace. It's very unlikely that many users will get past the first few pages, even if your product has reached page five of 100. So you need to get to the first page by boosting your ranking. Thus, you need a top-rated seller badge to get your listings from lower to high positions. Notably, achieving and maintaining Top Rated Seller status requires consistent effort and attention to detail.

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Tips On How To Become A Top-Rated eBay Seller

With all detailed requirements in mind, let's dive into specifics on how to transform into a top-rated seller on eBay. As you can see, evaluating eBay seller performance is a significant focus of the top-rated seller requirements. So read on to learn the below tips on the performance-related tasks required as a part of your plan to earn the eBay Top-rated Seller badge.

Prioritize Order Shipping And Fulfillment

The first thing to take care of is streamlining your inventory and shipping process. Here is what to do to ensure that your order fulfillment rate is on track:

Keep track of your inventory stock level

Use advanced software for your inventory management requirements. It would help you stay updated on your inventory to keep track of each item's stock level. You can promptly fill out any items running out or low in stock. The advanced software solution can also enable you to keep track of the inventory across all your selling channels. With these digital solutions, you won't have to go through manual updates or abundant tracking of the stock files. 

Use the eBay stock function

The "out-of-stock" feature is one of eBay sellers' preferred selling methods. The Out-of-Stock option prevents eBay from removing your sold-out items from the site. The ad for your product appears sold out or hidden from eBay searchers. This would help you avoid any unintentional sales you can't fulfill due to stock-outs and have a lower buyer's case to respond. 

Offer exceptional delivery package

It is the seller who is responsible for shipping packages up until the time the delivery arrives at the customer's location. Although sellers have no control over the shipping and logistics service or postal deliveries, as a responsible seller, you should employ appropriate packaging techniques and materials to guard against potential damage to the item. 

Use the delivery tracking option

You must have accurate tracking information for at least 95% of your deliveries to meet the criteria of being eBay's top seller. That's why you need to use an automatic tracking method. While making a transaction, the buyer should feel more confident as they have a tracking number. Having this technological transformation for your delivery tracking system, you can avoid the buyers' cases, where they make bogus claims about not receiving their purchases. 

Excellent Customer Service

Having a top-rated seller on eBay badge, you can enjoy that sense of accomplishment and recognition for all the effort you put into providing excellent customer service and high-quality product deliveries. Offering exceptional customer service involves majorly resolving customer cases. As a top-rated seller requirement for eBay, you must reduce customer cases. 

You should always be able to respond quickly to consumer inquiries and address any problems that they might be experiencing. The goal here is to give clients the impression that you are concerned about their issues and have genuinely suggested solutions. It's crucial to keep them satisfied and happy. This effort will differentiate your brand from competitors and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Moreover, it would help if you went with eBay's guarantee policy. This involves accepting returns and refund requests of customers when they contact to know about the money-back guarantee policy. This way, you would not be held accountable by eBay for any unresolved customer case. This simple step can prevent your seller account from obtaining bad reviews or low service ratings. You can effectively minimize the rate of closing buyer cases without any resolution. 

Minimize Transaction Defects Rate

No matter the reason, the transaction defect rate is the number of times a vendor cancels transactions with the buyers. This rate should be as low as possible to improve your seller account status on eBay. This might result from outdated inventory when a buyer unintentionally purchases an item out of stock or unsolved problems where customers have a poor shopping experience. You require the number 0.5% for the transaction defect rate. So always keep track of transactions, whether it's regarding inventory, order tracking, shipping time, return policies, etc. Always put the needs of the customer first when conducting transactions.


Becoming an eBay Top Rated Seller is an excellent way for online sellers to elevate their outlets. However, it takes work. As outlined in this blog post, successfully achieving that coveted status requires finding the right strategies and adhering to best practices regarding feedback ratings. Considering these steps is paramount for those looking to take the next step with their eCommerce ventures. Additionally, if you need to help fulfilling orders, Simpl can provide excellent assistance, so get in touch! Following the advice provided here can help maximize your success on eBay by allowing you to become an eBay Top Rated Seller and helping you leverage more visibility and better shipping rates. So why delay any further? Get started today - making progress toward becoming an eBay Top Rated Seller will set you up for success now and into the future!

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