Benefits of Using BackerKit Along with Easyship

Benefits of Using BackerKit Along with Easyship

BackerKit is a crowdfunding fulfillment software tool that helps you fulfill your crowdfunding campaign's fulfillment and shipping stage. It supports your backers and enables you to ship your products through a single integrated interface. It is a potent tool that not only saves time but also saves your money. Merging BackerKit with Easyship can provide you with many benefits as Easyship is known for being a direct partner of many global couriers.

Why You Should Use BackerKit along With EasyShip: Benefits and Pricing

There are many advantages of using BackerKit. They are as follows:

  • Have a proven track record
  • Helps to raise additional funds
  • It helps to notify your backers that digital downloads are available
  • Helps to deliver digital assets like PDF, text codes, and so on
  • Excellently handles customer support
  • Ensures that you provide a perfect survey
  • Tracks down failed payment
  • Provides excellent management tools to organize orders
  • Helps to validate the address, optimizes shipping cost, and ensures data accuracy
  • Manages late backers

Why Should You Use BackerKit with Easyship?

If you merge your BackerKit account with Easyship, you will save up to 70% off shipping rates. To integrate BackerKit with Easyship, no coding is required. Just a few clicks, and you will be able to merge both accounts. You may also get access to the shipping automation of Easyship, such as automatic duty, tax calculations, generation of custom documents, and many more, which can save more time on fulfillment.

Steps to Use BackerKit

Here are the steps that will teach you how to use BackerKit for your crowdfunding campaign:

1. Create a BackerFit account

2. Set up your project

3. Import your Backers

4. Launch your pre-order store

5. Review your project

6. Send surveys

7. Finalize the item counts

8. Get fulfillment quotes

9. Charge the cards

10. Finalize your orders

11. Export the shipping reports

12. Finally, notify your backers

Pricing Plans of BackerFit

There are two basic Backerfit pricing plans. They are:

Essential Pricing Plan- Campaign funds are raised by only 2%. 5% of the campaign funds in BackerKit enters the BackerKit account, which includes taxes, VAT, and shipping.

Professional Pricing Plan- Campaign funds are raised by only 3%, and there are no campaign funds in the BackerKit that may have the possibility to enter the BackerKit account. It gains access to PayPal processing.

Both the pricing plans provide a $199 fee set up. You may need to pay a small percentage of your campaign funds for their services. Both these plans are having minor differences. BackerFit is also planning to change its pricing plans soon.

Easyship helps to save money on every order by providing a significant discount on the shipping rates. Integrating it with BackerKit can allow you to save time as well. Some people are afraid of the legitimacy of the BackerKit. But BackerKit is too legit to think of quitting. It is a great tool to use for a crowdfunding campaign. It provides many benefits, and its outstanding features will make you choose BackerFit over any other device.

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