3 Tricks to Reduce Subscription Box Shipping Cost

3 Tricks to Reduce Subscription Box Shipping Cost

Shipping is one of the most critical parts of any subscription business because it is factored directly into the cost of goods sold. There are three ways to ship subscription boxes for less, and each provides a different experience for the customers.

Trick #1: Ship Subscription Boxes by Cubic Weight

The Cubic weight system is one of the most effective ways to reduce the subscription cost. Packaging's weighing less than 20 pounds and measuring less than .5 cubic feet volume are eligible. Cubic rating is based on five different stages, which can be determined with the following formula: Length*Width* Height/1728 equals the Cubic Feet. Carriers like USPS offer cubic pricing for customers who ship large volumes of mail.

Although this volume is difficult to obtain fulfillment centers to negotiate with the major mail carriers on behalf of customers and qualify for cubic weight shipping, but to get benefit from this fact, the customers need to ask the supplier to use a corporate shipping account—another option to consider to work with a 3PL or fulfillment center. 

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Trick #2: Use  UPS SurePost to Send Subscription Boxes

Another great way to have low-priced shipping is by using UPS SurePost or FedEx SmartPost. It is a highly reliable shipping provider having a huge number of locations, and their shipping dashboard is easy to track.

In any mail service, the most expensive part is the heavy trucks containing loaded mails that are driving to the customers' home or office. But with this service, prices fluctuate on the selected locations. By dealing with the dimension charges and not with the weight of the parcel, this is the cheapest shipping source, one can have easy access to. SurePost serves in picking up the mailing packages from the customer's site and delivering it to the final zone. USPS generally does the last-mile delivery for the package. SurePost is very resourceful in delivering the subscription boxes and often means extra savings for the customers.

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Trick #3: Get Discounts from a fulfillment Center

Using discounts from a fulfillment center helps as they work directly with the materials manufacturers and different purchases (boxes, packing materials, printers, and labels) at wholesale prices. If you try to buy these items retail and start a subscription box and fulfill orders, it can be very expensive.

If any errors occur, the best fulfillment centers in the business will usually send out the correction with no extra charges. The best choice may be to outsource your entire fulfillment operation as can be observed when one adds up all the discounts fulfillment centers can get, i.e., shipping carrier discounts, packaging materials purchased at wholesale price, and reduced labor costs.

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Your business depends on the timely arrival of your packages to the right destinations. A reliable carrier would contribute to your business's positive reputation and will help it grow by meeting the customer's expectations. Choosing a carrier with transparency in the statement is also very important.

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For a better experience, one should evaluate the carrier services on the following basis:

Cost- What is the cost to ship smaller packages weighing under 5 pounds? And the cost of the distance traveled by the mail service.

Reliability- The chances of timely delivery with safety are higher with which carrier service.

Deliverability- What is the geographic assortment of the delivery and address flexibility?

Ease of Access- It includes the degree of difficulty needed to look up packages and access tracking information online.

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