What is a Good Amazon RoAS?

What is a Good Amazon RoAS?

If you want to improve your product discoverability, increase sales, and improve your organic rankings, then one of the effective ways could be running sponsored ads for listing on Amazon. Choosing an advertising presence in the marketplace can be a worthwhile investment and bring high returns for your business. Hence, you must measure your campaign's performance to gain profit from advertising. By Amazon RoAS calculation, you can measure your advertising effort's success. The advertising dashboard of Amazon already offers vital metrics to help you make the right decisions with different metrics like ad sales and ad spending. 

Nowadays, monitoring RoAS has become very important for the advertising climate. Research shows that digital advertising increased to $602.25 billion in 2022, which is a growth of 15.6 percent compared to 2021. Therefore, you need to understand a good RoAS for your business. This post highlights the meaning of RoAS, its calculation, the production of the highest RoAS, and many more. 

A Brief Overview Of Amazon RoAS

What does RoAS stand for? It signifies Return on Ad Spend, a crucial performance metric in marketing and advertising campaigns. This RoAS helps evaluate the generated revenue before spending on advertising. It measures the profitability and effectiveness of advertising investment. 

Amazon RoAS helps advertisers succeed in their marketing efforts by offering insights into the efficiency of ad spending. You can generate more revenue with the higher RoAS from your campaign, which can be a profitable investment. 

In digital advertising, RoAS Amazon is handy as it is easier to measure and track the impact of ad campaigns. An advertiser can allocate budgets more effectively, optimize advertising strategies, and identify areas for improvement by anaanalyzingAS. Moreover, it also helps to compare and determine different campaigns or advertising channels to drive the most significant returns and deliver the best results. It is a valuable metric for many advertisers to make data-driven decisions and evaluate their marketing investment's success to maximize profitability. 

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How to Calculate Amazon RoAS

If you are looking for Amazon RoAS calculation, you can easily calculate the RoAS. You need to divide the total ad-attributed sales by the real ad spend. For instance, you earned $500 in ad sales by spending $100 on sponsored ads, and then five will be you're RoAS.

Here, your ad campaigns will be more profitable with higher Amazon rates. Similarly, if you only earned $100 in ad sales by spending $100 on sponsored ads, then I will be you're RoAS. In such a case, you will receive unprofitable deals from your campaign as you have only earned 1 for spending 1 dollar on ads. Your business can enter the red zone after you factor in your Amazon fees and product costs. You must focus on this powerful metric to earn more revenue and improve your ads without requiring spending more money. After understanding the rules, you can adjust to optimize business ads and revisit your ad strategy.

What to Consider When Calculating Amazon's RoAS

Compared to Amazon listing fees, the advertising cost is always higher. When calculating with the RoAS formula to understand the actual price of an advertising campaign, you must also focus on certain factors.

Affiliate Commission

One of the essential things to consider when calculating Amazon's RoAS is affiliate commission. You must check the percent commission paid to network transaction fees and affiliates.

Partner Or Vendor Costs

It has been found that the partners or vendors assist on the channel level or campaign that involves joint commissions and fees. Here, tabulating in-house advertising personnel accounting costs like salary and other associated expenses is crucial. If you are not quantifying these costs, then RoAS Amazon will not elaborate on the efficacy and efficiency of individual marketing efforts, which can result in a decline in utility metrics. 

Clicks And Impressions

Another essential thing to consider when calculating Amazon's RoAS is clicks and impressions. It would help if you thought the metrics like the total number of clicks, impressions numbers purchased, the average cost per click, and the average cost per thousand impressions.

Advertising Products On Amazon That Generates The Highest RoAS

You may get introduced to three ad types when you want to advertise your product on the marketplace as a seller. Each ad type serves various functions and comes in PPC format to achieve the advertising goals. It has been found that the selected ad type by the seller can lead to offering returns differently on your spent ad. Research shows that the highest RoAS is produced through sponsored brand ads compared to sponsored displays and products. 

Amazon Ad Products

In general, Sponsored Display ads come in the lowest RoAS yield, while Sponsored Product ads are considered in a close second. However, it does not signify that both ad campaign types are not worthy of your brand testing. It has been found that Sponsored Display ads are a great source to retarget potential users and increase your visibility, but they will not provide you with high investment returns. 

It helps to re-engage your users who may like to convert to your sale and previously visited your listing as they are searching for similar category items or are already familiar with it. Here, it can work great for your sales that do not work for others. So, look for the option that best suits your business, and always look for test methods. 

By Product Price

Your Amazon RoAS can also get impacted by your product's cost. It has been found that customers feel it is more accessible to purchase lower-cost products rather than choose a higher-cost product. A higher-cost product only sometimes provides a great return on investments because it may take more time to increase sales and require more ad clicks to convert the sale. Only some customers are willing to invest a massive amount in higher-cost products. 

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By Targeting Type

Your Amazon RoAS can also get influenced by your selected type of targeting. It has been identified that different match types are available such as loose match, close match, category, ASIN, complements, substitutes, and views. Here, the highest RoAS is mainly found in close games compared to others, as it always targets the most relevant keywords for customers' searches. However, it does not mean other targeting options are not efficient or effective. Each campaign and product is unique, so you must test different target match types to understand their performance with your product. 

There are different targeting options to choose from for each ad type. For instance, you are focusing on sponsored product campaigns, and then you can select the manual and automatic campaign options. It has been found that both manual and automated campaigns have various targeting options. For example, manual movement does not acquire any targeting options. On the other hand, the automatic targeting campaign can choose the targeting options like a loose match, close match, complements, and substitutes. Hence, manual campaigns can target your competitor's products related keywords. 

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How To Determine A Good RoAS on Amazon? 

Now you know the RoAS meaning and its average RoAS cost, let's move on to understand how to determine a good RoAS. Several factors help to choose a good RoAS on Amazon. It may include advertising goals, product categories, competitive landscape, and profit margins. 

In general, a good Amazon RoAS is known to be 4:1 or more than that. Here, a RoAS of 4:1 signifies that every dollar invested in an advertising campaign can help to generate a revenue of four dollars. It means that the advertising investment contributes to profitability and provides a healthy return. Similarly, gaining more than 4:1 RoAS implies that your advertising campaigns drive substantial revenue and perform well compared to the incurred advertising costs.

However, the target RoAS can vary depending on the specific circumstances. For instance, you expect high-profit margins with selling products, so you can aim to generate maximum profitability at a higher rate. On the contrary, if you have a highly competitive market or have lower margins, then it can result in lower rates. 

In addition, the expected RoAS can also get influenced by the lifecycle stage of your products. It has been found that the new product requires more time to gain traction and visibility, which can result in a lower RoAS. However, your RoAS can improve by generating sales history and reviews and gaining momentum. Moreover, it is essential to analyze and monitor your advertising performance in the marketplace to determine opportunities for optimization; you can consider average order value, conversion rates, and click-through rates in conjunction with RoAS to understand your campaign's effectiveness. Further, you can focus on key performance indicators like customer acquisition costs, organic sales growth, and overall profitability to assess the total contribution of your advertising efforts.



 Are you an eCommerce seller on Amazon trying to figure out how much money you should make on your advertising campaigns? If so, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into determining a good Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) for Amazon sellers and how to measure it to maximize profitability. We'll provide tips on improving RoAS and look at some common industry standards that can help guide your efforts. So please sit back, get comfortable, and dive into what makes up a good Amazon RoAS!

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