Amazon Product Videos: How to Make the Best Use of Them

Amazon Product Videos: How to Make the Best Use of Them

Amazon has become a full-fledged marketplace where sellers can join and sell their products. Today, people who want to spread their business are comprehensively investing in product videos and interactive media that support their product sales. Amazon product videos are the most viewed videos on the platform of Amazon because people are interested in knowing in depth about the products before buying them. 

Moreover, there is a burst of influencer culture on Amazon which has led to the creation of many product videos and interactive media on the Amazon platform. These product videos are created with different tools and techniques to make the presentation interesting. If you are planning to enter the platform of Amazon, you should know how to promote products and make them more appealing to customers. 

Videos are going viral on every platform, and it is an effective marketing medium. Videos are the top consumed media on the internet and social media platforms. Amazon product videos also migrate from the platform and go viral on different channels. Moreover, according to statistics and data collected from the platforms, more than 90 percent of people purchase things based on the product videos they see. 

Why Are Amazon Product Videos So Popular? 

The logic behind Amazon product videos is elementary. People are more responsive when the platform is interactive. The Amazon platform supports using Product videos to increase the quotient of interactive nature. When people look at product videos, they get a lot of information from the video because visual, audio, and text elements work together. 

When people can see product videos, they can engage with the product and be sure of the product they want to buy. Many people are worried that they might get fraudulent products and services from Amazon and online sellers. Such people get assurance when they see a product up front in a video. 

Learning to use video as a marketing tool can be very beneficial for you because it attracts a lot of crowds and converts your leads into customers. These videos can also be promoted on other social media platforms. Amazon is competitive as a marketplace and has more than 60000 brand products. You need to be ahead of the competitor to create a niche for your product. The niche can be made with aggressive marketing through product descriptions and videos. 

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Why Use Product Videos For Amazon Marketing? 

Product videos can be an exciting part of your Amazon marketing strategy. Product videos have the potential to reach a larger audience than traditional static promotion, and they are engaging and entertaining in a way that written ads often cannot match. There are several key benefits to incorporating product videos into your Amazon marketing plan:

1) Increased Reach

Product videos allow you to get out in front of more customers than ever before. Videos can easily be shared on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, increasing the chance of reaching new target markets. Product reviews and customer testimonials will also help build trust with potential shoppers who may need to become familiar with your product or brand.

2) Engaging Content

Product videos provide visual content that is eye-catching and engaging for viewers compared to traditional advertising methods such as written ad copy or images alone, making it easier for consumers to remember which brand they saw at first glance when browsing through online stores such as Amazon. Furthermore, since video content is memorable and attention-grabbing, it's also great for adding emotional appeal by featuring stories related to using/buying products while providing viewers with more information about them than text alone could provide.

3) Improved Visualization

Adding visuals like diagrams, 3D animations, or infographics ensures viewers understand what the product looks like from all angles allowing them to visualize themselves using it before deciding if they want it (or not). This gives customers a much better understanding of the actual size & features offered by your product, reducing confusion & increasing their confidence in their purchase decision – resulting in higher conversion rates!

With Amazon product videos, buyers can focus on the essential features of a product and make a decision instantly. Through the product video, the buyer can get many details about the product, the brand, and the brand's values and have a first impression. 

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What Do Data From These Platforms Tell Us? 

When we look at the data gathered from the platform of Amazon, we can know that more than 95 percent of customers rely on videos to make a favorable decision about a brand in the market. Moreover, 70 percent of the customers prefer to see a product video than read a text description. Videos are more fun to watch and engage all your senses. If you focus on creating a product video correctly and emphasizing the good aspects, you can reduce the text and still lead to customer conversions. A good product video can increase your lead conversion by 80 percent. 

These product videos can also reduce the impact of negative reviews on your product. If there is a good product video with the listing, the potential user and the consumers can confirm the products and be assured. There will also be better reviews and ratings when genuine products have highlighted features. The ratings and videos work together to support the sale of your products. 

Who Can Add Product Videos On Amazon? 

Whether you are a wholesale brand seller or an individual marketplace seller, you can still go on to sell products with product videos. If you are a registered seller on the Amazon app, the platform will let you add product videos to the description. However, if you are an unregistered brand and are very generic, you cannot post Amazon product videos on the platform. You will only be able to market through customer unboxing and review videos. 

The cost of adding brand product videos depends on the status of the registry. If your brand is unregistered and has no reputation, then you have to wait for your customers to post free review videos for a positive impact. You can control this behind the scenes as a brand, but it is not your most ethical choice. 

When your brand is fully registered on the Amazon platform and the platform recognizes you, it allows you to add new product videos for free. This advantage helps you connect with the customers and provide them with what they want. On the other hand, if you are a vendor selling wholesale, you have to pay extra to enlist with product videos on the platform. The Amazon app charges $1500 for the module that allows you to add product videos to the Amazon product listing. Depending on the status of selling on the Amazon app and the quality of your products, you can start putting up videos. 

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How To Make Amazon Product Videos

Creating product videos for Amazon is an effective way to increase sales and help your customers make informed decisions about purchasing your products. While it may seem daunting initially, creating a product video for Amazon doesn't have to be complicated. Here are the key steps you need to take when making a product video for Amazon:

Define Your Goal

Before you start creating your product video, you'll want to define what you intend to accomplish with it, such as increasing buying decisions, providing education on the usage or features of the item, etc. This goal should guide all creative choices during the production and post-production stages of the project.

Create a Storyboard

Once you know what message or story you want to tell with your video, create a detailed storyboard that will serve as a road map throughout production and post-production processes - from scripting through release strategy/distribution channels selection, etc. Each shot in the film must tell part of this story, so keep track of each scene while planning them out in advance to be more efficient during filming.

Choose Your Style

When selecting style selections, consider how well they align with other content within the genre that closely represents your brand or vision; you may also decide between different animation styles depending on how much time and resources are available for production, thus choosing between motion graphics animations, 2D or 3D computer-generated imagery (CGI), etc., Additionally consider if certain camera angles work better than others for this particular project i-e: close-ups vs. panoramas modes. This decision is usually made before principal photography begins, so choose wisely!

 Set Up The Scene & Record Content

 Assemble whatever light sources and backdrop props are needed to set up scenes accordingly before shooting. It helps streamline the entire process while ensuring every element is set up correctly and matches desired aesthetic selected earlier step by step. Once ready, record expected footage, typically capturing images in static frames and moving shots where possible but avoiding too many quick cuts and abrupt transitions using machine stabilization rigs whenever necessary.

Takeaway Tip: Use tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects digital editing software to enhance other elements that can't capture in real life, including text graphics, tunes, sound effects, lower thirds, montages even color correction things like noise reduction smoothing skin tones, etc. contributing various aspects creating powerful storytelling overall viewable experience!

How To Upload A Product Video Onto Amazon? 

Once you have created an Amazon product video successfully, you can then go on to upload the product video when needed. Below are the Amazon product video guidelines for uploading the product video. Go through this to learn how to add a video to an Amazon listing. 

  • You can go to your Seller Central account.
  • Then you need to click on the Inventory option. 
  • From the dropdown, click on Upload & Manage Videos.
  • Click the Upload Video button, after which you need to select the video file you want to upload.
  • Enter a title and the ASINs given in the video. 
  • Select a thumbnail for the uploaded video.
  • Click the submit button and wait for approval from Amazon.


With the right tools, creating compelling content can help you increase brand loyalty and deeply engage your target audience. Amazon product videos are the most valuable asset in any marketer's marketing and customer service toolkit. They enable you to connect with potential customers worldwide while providing an immersive viewing experience to win them over. Leverage the power of Amazon product videos to bring awareness to your mission and showcase your products effectively. You'll see a significant uptick in sales, customer trust, and overall satisfaction with your digital presence! If you feel overwhelmed or need a hand in creating engaging product videos for Amazon, don't hesitate to reach out – we'd love to help. Contact Simpl today, and let us show you how leveraging video content can take your e-commerce game to the next level.

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