Get Products from Trusted Sellers - AliExpress Best Sellers

Get Products from Trusted Sellers - AliExpress Best Sellers

Among the top eCommerce giants, AliExpress gets your attention. For some frequent shoppers online, it is no less than a gold mine. All the new customers inclined towards the dropshipping trend can find unique products at a lower price. 

You have to find one, mark it and continue making profits out of them. But, as easy as it sounds, the approach could be more precise here! It is because you can’t trust any seller you find over AliExpress! 

You need to understand your market and select the products accordingly. Once you try to understand the market you are stepping in, you can pick the right seller without any hassle. 

AliExpress is the platform preferred by many successful online business owners who dropshipped their first product over it. The internet is full of stories, and it’s a genuine report that you can earn a good chunk of money if you get products from trusted sellers. 

Now, in the abundance of sellers over AliExpress with various products, how to find one that would suit your preferences the best? Sorting the right seller is difficult, but it can’t be neglected! Therefore, this article has summed up some of the best AliExpress sellers for you to count on. 

What is AliExpress? How Does Dropshipping on AliExpress Work?

Before heading out to the top AliExpress sellers, let’s try and understand what this platform is all about and how it offers dropshipping services. 

AliExpress, an eCommerce platform founded in 2010, and owned by Alibaba Group, consists of millions of products from several distributors, retailers, and manufacturers. Most AliExpress sellers are from China, so the products over the platform are priced very low than that of other marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. 

Thus, it makes AliExpress one of the best places for anyone to start dropshipping products. You can find products from all niches and sellers who deliver orders directly to customers in Europe, the US, and worldwide. 

Now, what is AliExpress dropshipping?

In simple words, AliExpress dropshipping is a three-step process. First, you will need an online store, which you can create through Shopify with an attractive appeal. Once you have the storefront for selling your products, you can import the AliExpress products to your store to sell them on the platform. 

Once you find the right product that meets your niche, copy the product listing, and upload it to your store. Now, you can make necessary tweaks to make your product description more catchy to get the audience’s attention. 

You can use specific tools to automate this product-importing process from AliExpress. But the key is to work with trusted suppliers only, to deliver quality products to your audience. You need to click, and the AliExpress products will be listed in your store. 

The final step is to place an order with the AliExpress supplier anytime you get a sales request on your platform. You have to enter the details of your customer to ensure that the product gets delivered to their doorstep. Thus, you won’t have to see the effect, handle its packaging, or anything else! It is a perfect platform for drop shippers just starting with the profession. 

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Things to Consider For Finding the Best Sellers On AliExpress

When it is about choosing the best sellers over AliExpress for your dropshipping business, there are a few things that you can count on. The points below will not just help you find trusted sellers but will also help you with measures on how to find best-selling products on AliExpress.

Top Selection and Top Ranking Sections

When you log in to AliExpress, you will find two sections on the homepage. You can use either of them to see the best-selling products on AliExpress. Both the Top Selection and Top Rankings sections have the correct set of products for you to count on. Let’s learn about each of these sections in brief and how considering them can help pick the AliExpress best seller:

Top Rankings

The Top Rankings section on the homepage of AliExpress will show the six top-performing categories in its marketplace. These categories don’t specify themselves to have acquired maximum sales but are a mix of several factors. 

Some factors include the number of followers, the number of times the product(s) are added to wishlists, and others. The rankings of categories in this section get updated every week. 

You will see categories such as consumer electronics, home & garden, health & beauty, mom & kids, accessories, etc. You will be shown the best products in these categories at the top. But if you click ‘View more,’ you will be taken to the comprehensive selection page of all the top-ranking products in that category. 

Keep exploring until you find the one that goes well with your audience. If you understand the market well, pick the product you think will gain the most traction in your new dropshipping store. Go deeper into the categories of your choice and the following sub-categories to choose only the best sellers and their high-performing products. 

Top Selection

The Top Selection section over the homepage is a featured section that highlights the best-selling products on the platform. You will get the highlight of three high-performing products, alongside the link to the Top Selection page, for learning about more products in this section. 

You will get various deals once you click the Top Selection link, including trendy items or products from popular stores. Every product over the section has several positive reviews highlighted over the product tab to help you understand how many customers like it. 

Thus, pick the trendy products that would work well for your niche and get along with your dropshipping approach. 

Choose the Desired Category and Sort Your Sellers By Rating & Orders

The next big thing you can do to find the best sellers and high-performing products over AliExpress is to pick the desired category and sort it out. It may seem exhausting, but getting you what you need is very helpful. 

Before approaching this method, you should be clear about your niche! In the previous approach, you could have specified the slot after picking a top selection or top-ranking product. But in this approach, you need to pre-set your mind on a place and look for the right sellers or products in your select category. 

For instance, if you plan on selling baby clothes, you must enter the dedicated category, check the types of products available, and choose the ones you want to sell on your platform. Once you have selected the type of product, you want to dropship, go ahead and compare the seller ratings for similar products. 

Pick the seller with the most positive reviews and a good rating. With this, you will not just have a good product but a perfect seller as well. Use the filters, ratings, and orders to help you find what products are trending, especially in your select category. 

Suppose you are just starting a dropshipping business with AliExpress products. In that case, it is better to sort products and sellers by reviewing the photos, shipping efficiency, and product descriptions. 

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Look For Best Selling Products On Amazon

The last and most accessible thing you can do to find the best sellers with high-performing products on AliExpress is to take the help of the biggest eCommerce giant. Find the best-selling items over Amazon in the dedicated section, ‘Amazon Best Sellers.’ Take note of those products that align with your niche, and then check the same over AliExpress. 

If you find the same products being sold on both platforms, you have a good chance of making profits. It is because the price on AliExpress will be significantly lower than that on Amazon. Additionally, you can compare multiple sellers providing you with the same product type and pick the one with the best ratings and lowest price. 

Top Selling Categories On AliExpress For You to Count On

If you are a fresh entrepreneur and have no idea what category should be your pick for the drop shipping business, then here are a few options for you to count on:


Electronics products, irrespective of the marketplace, are always in demand. Consider selling off phones, USB chargers, power banks, headphones, smartwatches, accessories, etc. 

Beauty Care

Beauty products such as skincare or cosmetics are profitable at all times. Customers are always keen to get these items from AliExpress at lowered prices. The resale concept is good in this category, as people need to consume it consistently. So, repeat purchases are a possibility! 


Consumers spend a lot of money on clothes while they are shopping online. People even binge-scroll online stores to look for trendy garment designs. So, leverage this potential and ensure your product from AliExpress helps you convert more sales. 

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10 Products From the Trusted Sellers On AliExpress For You to Start Your Dropshipping Career

Remember, you might be wasting the marketing budget when you sell a product without running your research efforts. It will be like sending out a product that nobody even wants. Not just that, but if the seller isn’t reliable, you might send a poor-quality product, which will degrade the reputation of your store or brand. 

Therefore, the importance of choosing sellers over AliExpress for dropshipping is inevitable. As you have already followed the above measures to pick the right seller, choosing the right product is equally important. So, here is the list of 10 products that you can consider for commencing with your dropshipping business:

1. Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are trendy and can be perfect accessories for women. They are often in demand at AliExpress, and the products are available in multiple styles and colors. The price of it over AliExpress is around $3.78, whereas it is more than $15 over Amazon. 

You can make a good profit out of it because the fashion & apparel market is slowly booming again after recovering from the pandemic effects. Moreover, these products are also easy to ship without the risk of transit damage. 

2. Baby Bottle Warmer

The baby bottle warmers are best designed for busy parents who can’t spare time to warm the milk for their kids repeatedly. Therefore, using these bottles helps them store warm milk at a specified temperature for a long time. It comes in various colors. You will find this product on AliExpress at $10.86, and it is being sold over Amazon for around $40, leaving you a significant margin. 

Baby niche is ever demanding, and parents would like to buy almost everything that can ease their parenting journey. It is something that parents will often look for when shopping online. If you are entering the baby product niche, then this is something you can start with. 

3. Beauty Fridges

One thing is inevitable in the online marketplace world, which is women-specific products. Beauty fridges are among the products women would love to have for storing their makeup or cosmetics. There are various options on AliExpress for this category, with different pricing for you. 

The AliExpress price is around $43.48 for this product, and the Amazon price is around $70,00. Therefore, buying from AliExpress will be profitable for your dropshipping business. These products are accountable as beauty appliances with a good profit margin. 

4. Car Phone Holders

Now this is one of the most commonly searched products by all car enthusiasts. People have different cars of varying builds and models. And only some people want to go with those standard IRVM hanging phone holders or the ones with the suction cups. Therefore, look for variety in the range of phone holders, which AliExpress has in abundance. 

Phone holders start at around $1 over AliExpress and are priced at about $7 over Amazon. It is the starting price, and there are other pricy options. These products are affordable, not just for you to drop ship and earn profit but also for the consumers to buy. Therefore, it has a good scope of helping you make profits. 

5. Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Cars

People who are busy throughout their weekdays but still love their cars to be clean at all times from within would prefer this product as a priority. There are a lot of car enthusiasts around the world, and people of all classes, love their cars a lot. So, a portable vacuum cleaner is now a staple for every car owner. Therefore, use this product as an opportunity to thrive! 

The AliExpress has priced this product at a starting rate of $20, and the same type of product is starting at $34 over Amazon. People would incline toward AliExpress for the same. You can sell these to boat owners, RV owners, car owners, and even people with small studio apartments to clean their furniture. 

6. Neck Massagers

The 9-5 goers are sick of the neck pain they experience by sitting for 8+ hours at work throughout the week. So, people often look for affordable massagers to support their neck and massage it during office hours. These devices are meant to relieve shoulder and neck pain. 

Several types of it are available over AliExpress for you to count on. Pick the product of your preference, depending on the pricing and profit window. The starting price for this product over AliExpress is around $3, but it starts at around $20 over Amazon. So, you have a good profit window here in this product! 

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This briefly explains how trusted sellers can help you earn a fortune in dropshipping and how you can pick one. You also got an insight into the trending categories and products you can choose to kickstart your dropshipping career. Don’t restrict yourself to just the products listed in this article. There’s an abundance of options for you to count on. 

You must note how the market is functioning and the demand for a specific product type. Once the product or niche is in mind, you can take rightful measures to find trusted sellers for your dropshipping business. 

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