9 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store

9 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is accountable as the most common eCommerce platform worldwide, which is free to download and use with basic facilities. You can pay the charges and add up functionalities to excel the features of your store. But speed is vital! So, this article intends to give you a list of 9 easy ways to speed up the WooCommerce store.

9 Proficient Ways to Making the WooCommerce Store More Responsive

If your WooCommerce is slow, then here are how you can speed up WooCommerce back-end operations and make it responsive. The ways are:

1. Get a Quality Host

The host will offer a speed foundation for the complete website. So, it would help if you chose the primarily focused on performance.

2. WooCommerce Optimization for Performance

It would be best if you went with WooCommerce optimization for improving the performance aspects. Go ahead and optimize the plugin settings and change the URL to something unique other than the default version. Hence, this will work upon protecting the site from brutal attacks and will keep it responsive.

3. Get a Faster Theme

Look for the right optimized WooCommerce theme to ensure that your website is not cluttered with unnecessary tabs.

4. Find Easy and Responsive WooCommerce Extensions

It would help if you optimized WooCommerce by minimizing on ravish use of the extensions. The security and performance-related plugins or extensions won’t work well with most hosting environments. Use only the functionality-based extensions.

5. Compress the Images

Count on compressing the heavy images and the complex files for the server to handle. It would help if you made them small, but you do not have to compromise on their quality.

6. Apply Lazy Loading of Images

If you have a long page, then the lazy loading of images won’t load the images until the user scrolls down the page and reaches that point.

7. Install the Caching Plugin

When someone visits the store, the browser will load all site data such as videos, images, CSS, etc. Caching will make this process master for the returning visitors.

8. Set up the CDN

A CDN or Content Delivery Network works upon downloading the images, videos, and all other assets over the site. It serves them through its network, which will take all the strain off the server.

9. Clean up Database

Clean up the database occasionally and remove the site content or transaction data to ensure that the request processing time drops. If you miss out on this, the requests’ processing time will escalate within your site.

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So there you have it! Nine easy ways to speed up your WooCommerce store. We hope you found this post helpful and that you’re able to apply some of these tips to make your site run a bit smoother. If you need help with fulfillment, get in touch with the Simpl team – we’d be happy to help!

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