7 Powerful Tools For Amazon PPC Management

7 Powerful Tools For Amazon PPC Management

You have created a self-brand out of yourself, so now what? Brand awareness is the game's name; merely owning a successful business is no longer the criteria. It would be best to place your brand out in front of the customers to gain new heights in sales. It is when Amazon PPC management comes in handy for small and big business owners. An effective way to attract and retain a loyal fan base that vouches for the authenticity of your products to a broader audience. 

What Is Amazon PPC?

With as little as $ 1$, a business can draw consumers onto their landing page, directly to the sponsored product page, or drive sales on their Amazon store with PPC ( Pay-per-Click) ads. 

The uniqueness of this marketing tool is that advertisers pay only when a targeted customer clicks the specific product ad. These ads are supported through the Amazon advertising platform. 

There are three types of Amazon PPC management: 

1. Sponsored Display – This is usually a brand automated single product display based on comprehensive research of the products being regularly sold and famous among the buyers. 

2. Sponsored Brands – A combination of three of their best products based on the consumer demand, this is displayed with a link to the Amazon store. 

3. Sponsored Products – Products highly engaged with the consumer demographics appear instantly at the bottom or top hand corner of any web page as suggestions to earlier purchase history. 

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8 Amazon PPC Tools And Best PPC Software To Cut Competition And Increase Sales

1. Ad Badger

This platform is one of the most popular and trusted in Amazon PPC management. It also offers a bonus course of 5 hours on Amazon advertising training to get ahead of all the competition with effective rates. It allows you to instantly add viral keywords, protect your account with negative keywords and optimize your algorithm with trending searches and data of products. 

2. PPC Scope 

This platform shows the most optimal performing keyword along with the worst. Sometimes the impressions created with ads may be low, but with PPC scope, one can bet on the highest clicked ads and use them to drive profitable sales. 

3. Seller App

The number one platform for PPC analyzers is an instant recovery rate on ads performing with one-click harvesting. An integrated online ad controlling platform equates marketing tools, sales, and operations under one banner for a seamless growth in income via Amazon PPC management. 

4. Bid X

Bid X is an online presence that can work in your absence – the place where Amazon ads are monitored on autopilot. They have a dedicated A.I. support system that allows you to track your advertisement performance, create new ad campaigns, and perform complete evaluations. So now, your brand can accelerate without manual ad creations. 

5. Amazooka 

If you have multiple brands that need a voice to generate sales on the Amazon store, look no further because, with Amazooka, there are endless possibilities. This platform has an all-in-one dashboard that creates ad maximization with ease. One can create multiple seller accounts on this platform to monitor all products and product launcher and keyword support. 

6. Sellozo 

The only Amazon ad platform doesn't charge any percentage from the ad sales, just a flat one-time fee. With features like pre-loaded ad campaigns, keyword management, cross-campaign bids, visual monitoring tools, and automated ad launcher, this online advertising tool helps brands instantly hit consumers. 

7. Sellics

If you are looking for a high-performance portal focusing on business strategies, Sellics is the perfect PPC management tool. This platform gives you two options on the platter – one is where you can personally control the ad campaigns and creations with a DIY touch. The other is the best practice strategy that focuses on quickly timed advertising goals that generate income via fast sales via Amazon. 

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Conclusion – Is Amazon PPC worth it? 

Yes, Amazon PPC management is a fantastic way to drive traffic towards your brand and create positive brand awareness in the market. It all depends on the proper selection of keywords, allowing you to control who clicks on the product page with minimal loss to the brand reputation. In addition it can help increase sales organically without any initial reviews or deals history for a newly launched product. Once you have done your research and mastered the art of creating the right keyword – Amazon PPC Management will be your stepping stone for success!

Reach out today if you need help fulfilling orders from new customer leads generated by your campaigns. Talk to our team of experts today!

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