5 Secret Methods That Will Help You Sell More Books on Amazon

Wondering how to make money selling books on Amazon? Learn tips and secrets on selling books on Amazon. Find out how to sell used books on Amazon.

5 Secret Methods That Will Help You Sell More Books on Amazon

The term ‘Business’ is attracting many new people. Despite having many risks, the main reason behind this thought process is the increase of eCommerce platforms. eCommerce platforms like Amazon have made doing business very easy. By providing worldwide access, the seller has no limits or boundaries for doing the business. The seller should have the guts to do business, and Amazon fully supports the seller-provided the product sold is a legal one. Like many other products, selling books on amazon is possible. Are you wondering how to make money selling books on amazon?

How To Make Money Selling Books On Amazon? Try these 5 Tips

Making money will be accessible once the seller makes genuine efforts in business. Some of the tips mentioned below will help you progress in making money selling books on Amazon.

Register In An eCommerce Website

The latest trend is registering on an eCommerce website. The user has to first read and understand all the steps involved in registration. Thorough knowledge of the facilities offered by the eCommerce platform will make the task simpler. Usually, any good and reliable eCommerce website like Amazon will give step-by-step guidance to the new users. 

Registration in an eCommerce website refers to the creation of a seller’s account. Every detail related to the seller has to be furnished. Only then will the registration process be complete and successful. Mere registration will not be enough. The seller has to provide full details related to tax also. It will help the eCommerce website in billing (including the area’s tax applicability)activity.

Furnish bank account details: Apart from tax, the seller also has to give bank details. It is a significant step. Complete and accurate information is necessary as the revenue earned will be directly transferred to the seller’s account.

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Enroll In Product List

Listing of the product (books) won’t be a problem as, by default, any eCommerce website will have a list of products in the database. The seller has to select a related theme from the list of books. If the seller wants to sell new themed books, complete information regarding the book, such as the brief narration of the content, attractive images, etc., must be furnished.

Select the Right FBA Service

eCommerce platforms automatically do the necessary procedure. Once the product is listed, it will be published in the list of products enlisted by the eCommerce website. Now the problem of storage arises. The seller has two options 

-Self-storage and dispatch of products.

-Opting FBA services of the eCommerce website

Both are good, but self-storage and dispatch of books are tedious when done on a large scale. In the case of local sales, self-storage and dispatch will work out but if the dispatch location is far off, doing it on your arrangements proves to be costlier. Instead, the seller can invest their valuable time in developing the business or product.

The second option, FBA, refers to Fulfilment by Amazon services. This feature of Amazon adds a feather to its crown. FBA does the task of storage, packing, and dispatching of the product. All these activities are done at nominal fees. Even though the seller has to pay this nominal fee, the benefits enjoyed by the seller are huge. The seller will be stress relieved as the amount of work done will reduce. The seller has to store the product in the local Amazon fulfillment center. Based on the order, the eCommerce website collects the payment and dispatches the products to the destination. FBA selling of books on Amazon proves to be more beneficial when large volumes have to be sold. The seller can save time. A dollar saved is more valuable than a dollar earned.

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Estimate the Profit-Margin

When the seller purchases the books, they have to calculate the profit margin by estimating the expenses incurred in the whole process. Whether new books are bought or used, the concept is the same - the net outcome after sale should be more than the investment made. 

Try Selling Used Books

If the seller is discreet, they can easily make money by selling used books on Amazon. Selling used books is typically done by businessmen who do resale business. They usually purchase second-hand books or used books in bulk and sell them. It can make the sale of used books if the book is appropriately maintained. 

The tips to be followed while purchasing used books are to do physical checking of books and their maintenance, and based on these, it should decide the purchase price. Of course, the businessman cannot demand the MRP price printed on the book. The cost of the books will be less. The purchase price should be less than the resale price to earning profit. So profit earned is nominal on used textbooks. Else there is no point in resale business.


The secret to a successful sale of books is regular maintenance. This entails making sure the space where the books are kept, whether it be in your home or at an office, is dry and well-ventilated so that bugs don’t get to them. It also includes spraying chemicals on any existing worms (if there are any) but not on the book covers because they can degrade over time. Books may lose their value with age, but this doesn’t mean you should neglect them! 

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