5 Best BigCommerce Plugins to Help you Improve your Online Sales

5 Best BigCommerce Plugins to Help you Improve your Online Sales

After setting up the BigCommerce online store, the next thing you would do is maintain its functionality. You will also try to ensure that your online store intends to meet the requirements of your audience. But over time, as the trend-set and taste changes for customers, you also need to tweak the settings of your online store with the inclusion of BigCommerce plugins. BigCommerce has a massive marketplace with several useful apps. All of them are destined to work on improving the sales and give a boost to your online store.

So, this article intends to give you a brief insight into the five most powerful plugins available with BigCommerce.

5 Powerful Plugins To Boost BigCommerce Sales

Let’s keep the explanation aside and get going with the best BigCommerce apps or plugins that will help you improve your sales. But remember that you are not bound to use all of these five plugins at once! You can use a couple of them to enhance your store efficiency and bag more sales. The best BigCommerce plugins are:

1. Spring Metrics

It is also known as the Spring Engage plugin! It is an analytics app to layer over the BigCommerce store. It works proficiently with the Google Analytics features and has an informative dashboard. It displays all of the marketing channels over it, and you get to monitor their performance as well. 

2. Constant Contact

As you are running an online store, email marketing is the prime channel for you to advertise your offerings to potential leads. Therefore, you need to count on imposing a Constant Contact plugin on your BigCommerce store for implementing email list management and marketing measures.

3. Sales Pop

The functionality of this plugin is to give a pop-up notification to the user of your store app or website for a recent purchase of some specific product. The online stores bring in more customers with the trust factor as a priority. For instance, if a user is about to buy a trimmer from your online store, he will get a pop-up that person X has also purchased the same product and has left a positive review! Imaging the trust factor that it would build upon other customers, which will eventually increase your sales rate!

4. S Loyalty

It is yet another popular plugin that supports the concept of rewarding repeat customers. You can start some point programs over your store and set them upon purchase tiers. A specific amount of points can help your customers use them to avail of discounts or get free products from the store.

5. Yotpo

Yotpo is the BigCommerce SEO plugin, which encourages features such as social media curation, adds up SEO effects, gives Google seller ratings, and much more. It works upon drawing more traffic to your website and gives you track of it.


 If you want to take your BigCommerce store to the next level, make sure to install these 5 best plugins. Not only will they improve your store’s usability and functionality, but they can also help boost your sales. Need help with fulfillment? Contact our team at Simpl for all your pick, pack needs – we’d be happy to help!

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