What Time Does UPS Stop Delivering?

It can be a real pain when you're waiting for an important delivery, and UPS just doesn't seem to show up. You might be wondering what time does UPS stop delivering? The answer might surprise you! Keep reading to find out more.

The UPS estimated delivery time ranges between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM for the residential areas. If the delivery is to be made at any commercial space, the time window is within business hours. UPS does not have the potential to schedule a particular delivery time within the window. They make 3 attempts of delivery except for the holidays and weekends. 

What Is The Last UPS Delivery Time?

Most UPS drivers tend to be on the same route every day. You can track them to ensure if you are about to get the package for the day or not. There might be a possibility that the UPS drivers have missed the given window, and you might wonder if you will get the package that day or not. So, to answer the question, UPS stops delivering after 7:00 PM. It means you can expect to get the box on the same day by 7:00 PM. Most UPS drivers adhere to this time of delivery. 

If the seasons are busy, the UPS drivers tend to deliver packages even after 7:00 PM. This happens mainly during the holidays, but not at all times! The UPS drivers are late because they possibly run behind the entire day or have rushed packages or orders. People who have paid for expedited delivery should get the packages on time, which is the priority that delays the charges for other consumers. 

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Why is Considering the Delivering Time of UPS Important?

The UPS hours for delivery is for a 9-hour window for the residences. The end-consumers need to consider being present at the time of delivery. UPS makes only three attempts, and if you aren’t available at the time of delivery attempts, it will be sent back to the warehouse. Therefore, knowing the maximum delivery time of UPS drivers will help you receive the package within these attempts. 

Tips and Reminders for Understanding the Maximum Delivery Time of UPS

As of now, you are aware of when UPS starts delivering and stops it. But there are a few other things as well that you need to keep in mind:

1. If the tracking update says “Out for Delivery,” it means that the package has been loaded on the truck for that day. 

2. Anything that has been loaded onto the truck is expected to be delivered within that day. 

3. If there is an issue within the transit, then there is a possibility that you might get the package late. 

4. If you do not get the package that day, you should check the tracking after the estimated shipping time UPS runs out. 


The idea of handing over the package delivery to UPS is their punctuality and transparency of delivery rules. Now that you know when UPS delivers its packages, you can be relaxed if the time window for the day is not out. So, wait for the time being and stay updated with the tracking information.

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