What Are International Shipping Zones?

Think of the postal service as if it were your own little business. You have zones in your area that you deliver to, and each zone has a different price for delivery. The postal service does the same thing- they have different zones for international shipping, and the cost varies depending on which zone your package is being shipped to. So what are international shipping zones? And how can you determine which zone your package falls into? Keep reading to find out!

Shipping zones simplify the delivery procedure for both the service and the consumer. Many small eCommerce firms deal directly with courier companies since employing fulfillment centers is not an affordable solution because they lack the necessary shipping volume. You may receive lower delivery costs for your shipments by learning how the company employs these zones and its expenses.

- Shipping zones reduce price margins on products

- Shipping zones provide a convenient way to estimate shipping prices 

- Zones also help consumers find the best pricing for their products 

- When retailers use a shipping zone map, customers save time and money

What Are Mailing Zones By Different Couriers?

Shipping companies compute zones based on the origin of the cargo. This implies that two shipments dispatched to the exact location from separate warehouses may arrive in different delivery zones.

USPS Shipping Zones

Your shipment's postal class and destination determine the price of a USPS shipping zone. Through its Priority Mail Overseas service, the USPS delivers to over 190 international locations. They offer a multi-tiered price scheme that depends on the location and postal class.

UPS Shipping Zones

UPS delivers to almost 220 countries worldwide. To receive UPS shipping prices, you must first determine which UPS shipping zone you belong to. You'll need to put the zip code on their UPS website to identify the applicable zones.

FedEx  Shipping Zones

FedEx delivery zones are identified in the same method as UPS shipping zones. To obtain a quote, you must enter the destination FedEx zip code. The zones finder is a File that contains all of the necessary information. This will assist you in determining the appropriate shipping charge for your product. These costs apply to FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economic services; however, you may be subject to fuel and other additional service fees. You can also find the FedEx zone chart on their website.

Do Shipping Zones Affect Fulfillment?

Yes! Here are some factors that are affected by shipping zones


Cost is the most significant influence of shipping zones on fulfillment. The shipping zone determines your package's delivery cost it goes through. Furthermore, depending on the postal class utilized, various zones may have varying charges.

Delivery Time

Another crucial part of the shipment is the delivery time. The pace of delivery is directly related to the distance the load must travel. If your parcel is being shipped to a local zone, you may anticipate it to arrive quickly; the farther away from the location, the more delivery time.


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