The Conveniences and Ingress of the Amazon MWS Keys With Jungle Scout

You wouldn’t spend money for an accountant to operate your taxes and then don’t provide them with your W2, correct? Well, a similar thing happens to your Amazon MWS keys.

You wouldn’t spend money for an accountant to operate your taxes and then don’t provide them with your W2, correct? Well, a similar thing happens to your Amazon MWS keys.

If, as an Amazon trader, you’re utilizing Jungle Scout, then your subscription includes various tools that would assist you in running your business successfully and expertly — but this is possible only if you enter the Amazon MSW keys.

To utilize the majority of your subscription and to assure that you have your way into all of the business tools to assist your Amazon trading in succeeding, you must include your MSW keys to Jungle Scout.

What are Amazon MWS Keys?

Amazon Marketplace Web Services Keys or Amazon MSW Keys consist of two numbers:

1. An MWS Auth Token

2. Your Public Seller ID number, which is accessible on Amazon’s site

Every trader of Amazon has access to both of these numbers as they permit you to transport your sales information.

When you would enter your MWS keys, it would enable Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout would sync your MWS keys with your Seller Central account. It would provide some specific features which allow you to track your products, update your listings, and more.

Additionally, it’s an entirely secured standard practice that Amazon approves.

What are the Advantages of Including MWS Keys to Jungle Scout?

As a Jungle Scout subscriber, you can access all its features such as Supplier Database, Product Tracker, and Product Database. Otherwise, you would only be able to utilize all of Jungle Scout’s features if you include them.

It would also unlock your access to Inventory Management, Sales Analytics, Listing Builder, and launching automated promotions and email campaigns. Hence, it would be possible to:

1. Calculate your original profits instantly and simply. Besides, Sales Analytics identifies any section where you can increase your earnings. This tool simplifies the money-managing aspect of your business much more accessible.

2. Make differences to your Jungle Scout’s listing, and sync the adjustments to Amazon, directly and automatically. Besides, while making those edits, Listing Builder would show your alterations to asking you to take the necessary steps.

3. Think about how much product to restock and when. The inventory Manager would suggest to you how much cash flow is necessary to formulate those inventory orders.

4. Start email campaigning for your customers. With the help of email campaigns for  Jungle Scout, it is possible to create emails in the Jungle Scout App. After that, send those emails to your buyers automatically via your Seller Central account.

5. Get access to thousands of shoppers under contract who are opting for a great business deal. Launch’s Promotions enables you to list your products at a lower rate. You can also advertise them on advertises them on  

How to Include Your MWS Keys to Jungle Scout

You may feel confused while including your MWS keys to Jungle Scout. Hence, we’ve created a video to let you know about the setup process.

Point to be noted: If you’re a trader on, please check the URL of MSW keys to confirm that it is compatible with your selected Amazon marketplace.

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