How To Sign Up For Informed Delivery

This page takes you through the most straightforward tutorial on how to sign up for the Informed Delivery service.

This tutorial and the easy step-to-step process give our customers the utter convenience of using USPS Informed Delivery and getting to know their worth. 

Here is how you can get started and how you can sign up for informed Delivery. 

What Is Informed Delivery?

In simpler terms, Informed Delivery is a way to schedule your packages and mails whenever you want at your doorstep. This service makes you organized, better informed and lets you plan your schedule. 

This service makes you view the exterior's black and white images of the mailing face on the letter rate mailpieces. These include envelopes, postcards, and small booklets. 

It also includes a section where your address, sender's return address, and barcodes are mentioned. 

You can receive photos only through the bulk letter rate automation service means this does not apply to your mails from friends and family. 

Conclusively, when you sign up for Informed Delivery, you get black and white images of your upcoming personal or business mail on your email/app. It is an insight into your emails/packages. 

Are you wondering how to sign up for Informed Delivery? Here is how you can do it.

How Can You Sign Up For Informed Delivery?

Here is the Informed Delivery sign-up process for you.

Create An Online Account At Usps.Com

Creating an account at includes three tabs. The first one consists of entering your mailing address. Note: enter your address for which you need the Informed Delivery. 

Your address will be marked as "success" by the website, confirming that it has services in your area. 

The second tab asks you to add your email and create a pretty simple password. Click on "Continue" to move to the following account. The third and final tab verifies your identity through two processes: verify email and identity online. It is to avoid someone being your imposter.

If you click on verify online: You will see a screen asking specific multiple-choice questions about your previous mailing lists, phone numbers, and area codes. You would have to answer these questions accurately. (It is different for everyone, we have tested it to confirm)

If you click on email: Clicking on your email means they will send you a unique code on your email address within a few minutes. Enter that code you receive to finish your sign-up process. You will see "success" written now, leading you to a pop-up window asking you to enroll in Informed Delivery notifications. You can choose the option or come back later). 

Once you select "enroll," it will direct you to your account page, where you can see your delivery history with their exact timing to your address. It shows divided sections for Mailboxes and Packages.

That was the simple ups Informed Delivery sign-up process.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions for Informed Delivery.

Is Informed Delivery Free Of Cost For Campaigns?

Yes, it is free. The UPS quotes: 

"At this time, conducting an Informed Delivery interactive campaign with a Ride-along Image or dual campaign (Ride-along and Representative Image) is provided at no additional cost to mailers. The Postal Service does, however, reserve the right to monetize new aspects of Informed Delivery in the future."

The customers will be well-informed if the UPS decides to charge them in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of Informed Delivery?

The UPS Informed Delivery is a convenience for consumers and people who travel a lot and have a lot of packages coming in and do not want them to be misplaced.

Managing these packages online is a great help. 

Is Informed Delivery Trustworthy?

Yes. The ups Informed Delivery provides black and white snapshots of the product, which makes them super trustworthy.

What Is The User Response To Informed Delivery?

It is pretty good. 89% of the users are satisfied or too satisfied with the service. 82% of them view the notifications every day or almost every day, and 93% would recommend them to their friends and family. 

How Does Informed Delivery Help Business Owners?

Informed Delivery helps business owners by being an effective way of online marketing. It also brands your notification and signs up customers for promos. 

Is Informed Delivery Available Everywhere?

Yes, for the most part, it does. It covers significant ZIP codes. 

Can I Cancel My Informed Delivery?

Yes. To no longer receive emails in your inbox, you can log into your account at Go to "Settings" from your dashboard and uncheck the "Turn on my Informed Delivery email notifications" box under the Daily Mail Updates section. 

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