How To Ship A Cell Phone With USPS

Planning to ship a cellphone but not sure which carrier to use? Learn how to ship a cellphone with USPS, UPS and FedEx and get to know the best option in this article. Step by Step guide on how to ship a cellphone.

USPS is a carrier service that ships and delivers many types of packages daily. These packages carry different things starting from books to gadgets to forms. One of the things that USPS will ship for you without hesitation is a cell phone. If you have doubts about can you mail a cell phone through USPS? The answer is a definite yes. However, there are certain modifications to the USPS shipping process for shipping a cell phone. 

You can ship multiple cell phones using USPS shipping too. However, the two most important things to pay attention to here are pricing and packaging. You have to be mindful of the packaging so that the cell phone does not go missing. Shipping a cell phone may look like a challenging task, given the value of the gadget. However, USPS has made it easy to send a cell phone using their services. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Phone Through USPS?

Once you are sure of shipping your cell phone through USPS, you need to look into the cost of shipping for your gadget. So, how much does it cost to ship a phone through USPS? It depends on the package you want to send it with. The cheapest alternative you have to ship with is the USPS first class package service. USPS extends this class of service to packages that weigh below the benchmark of 1 lb. As a cell phone usually weighs around 1 lb, it is better to ship it with first-class package service. 

When you choose to ship cell phones with the First Class package services, your package arrives at its destination within one to four business days. It also depends on the location you are sending the phone to. If it is near the shipping center you have chosen, even overnight delivery is possible. It will cost somewhere from $4 to $8 to ship a cell phone with USPS.

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Steps To Ship A Cell Phone Through USPS Services 

When you are shipping through USPS first class package service, USPS does not provide any free packaging option for your shipment. Also, you have to arrange to package your cell phone. The packaging needs to be well-cushioned and secure so that there is no damage in transit to your phone.

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Choose a box or a padded envelope. 

If you are shipping only one or two cell phones, choosing a padded envelope that protects your cell phone is better. If you are sending a couple of phones, choosing a sturdy box for outer packaging is better. 

1. You can go for a flat rate shipping box provided by USPS for a minimal charge.

2. You can choose to buy it from the post office or order boxes online.

3. Wrap the phones with bubble wrap and paper packaging. Secure the wrap with tape.

4. If you put the phones inside a shipping box, cushion the box with loose packing materials like paper flakes, etc.

5. You can take the secured package out to the nearest USPS shipping center or post office.

6. Pay for the first-class package shipping service appropriate to the delivery location.

7. Affix the proper postage stamp on the top corner of the box after clearly mentioning the sender’s and receiver’s addresses.

8. Deposit it at the post office and note down the tracking number you get from the officials.

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Shipping a cell phone with USPS is cheaper than sending a cell phone with UPS. The shipping rate of USPS for cell phones is cheaper than rates to Ship a Cell Phone with FedEx. Even eCommerce platforms use USPS services to ship cell phones to their customers.

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