How to Schedule Pickup With USPS

Are you facing difficulty in scheduling USPS pickups? Here's the step-by-step solution to make the process easier for you.

Are you facing difficulty in scheduling USPS pickups? Here's the step-by-step solution to make the process easier for you.

When you schedule a pickup, it informs the Postal Service letter carrier about your ready packages, and they will pick it up on the next business day when they drop off your mail. They are expected to come at generally the same time of the day when they drop your mail.

How to Schedule Pickup with USPS Step by Step

For scheduling a free pickup from USPS, here are the steps to be followed:

1. The first step is to navigate the "Ship" page and click on the blue "Schedule a Pickup" button.

2. Click on Request Pickup> USPS to go to the next page.

3. Select from your saved Ship From Addresses to choose the Pickup Location for the USPS to be used.

4. Using the following drop-down bar, you also have the option to inform your letter carrier about the location where you want the packages to be left.

5. Note the number of boxes per service, including the combined Estimated Total Weight (lbs) of packages in the pickup.

For example, there are three packages to be shipped by Priority Mail Cubic service, two packages by First Class Package service, and one package with the Simple Export Rate service, and their combined weight is 10 lbs. In this case, you will enter:

  • Priority Count: 3

  • Intl Count: 1

  • First Class Count: 2

  • Estimated Total Weight: 10

What to Do if You Reside in a Multi-Story Building?

If you are residing in a multi-story building, you need to make your packages available at the ground level and in a secured location for pickup.

Next Day Schedule Available for Free Pickups

To schedule a free next-day pickup, the cut-off time is 3 AM ET. If we understand this timeline in technical terms, it's the same-day pickup for those who stay up till late.

Package pickups by USPS can be scheduled all days of the week except Sunday. In case you plan a pickup on a Saturday or Sunday, the pickup is done on Monday.

When You Want USPS to Pick-up at a Specific Time

What to do if your pickup requirement is at a specific date and time in place of a free next business day pickup? In such a case, you can do it by paying a charge of $24 for USPS service at

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Step to Follow When USPS Doesn't Show Up

The pickups are scheduled with the USPS and fulfilled by your local Post Office.

Step 1:

As per the process, your local post office receives a list of pickup requests every morning. The letter carrier who delivers mail on your route must check that list and knock on your door or inform you of the place where you requested when they drop off your mail. The critical point is to ensure that your packages are picked up around the same time they usually drop off your mail.

Step 2:

In some unfortunate situations only, the letter carrier misses on it due to being overworked or forgetting. Sometimes, it is also at the discretion of the letter carriers to pick up the packages. Some natural disasters or hazards leading to obstructed pathways due to snow or sometimes pet dogs can also prevent USPS from collecting boxes.

Step 3:

If you face recurring problems with pickup requests, you can directly address your issue to the Postmaster in your local Post Office. As pickups are dealt with locally, the best solution to find out the delay is to inquire in the post office. Here you can find the link for your local Post Office:

For any other queries, you can also connect with the Simpl Fulfillment team. We are always at your service.

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