How Many Times Will UPS Attempt Delivery?

There's nothing like checking the UPS tracking website to see that your package is "out for delivery" and then watching as it circles your block for the third time. But how many times will UPS attempt delivery before giving up? And what happens if you're not home when they try to deliver? Here's everything you need to know about how UPS attempts delivery.

On the same day, UPS is incapable of guaranteeing two delivery attempts. Your courier may attempt a second and third try the next working day if required. Your cargo may be delivered to your local UPS Access Point location for pickup if it is available. Check the information on the UPS InfoNoticeĀ® that your driver has left for you.

If this was a first or second attempt, a delivery attempt must be made the next working day, or your cargo may have been delivered to a UPS Access PointTM. If your service source has stated that a second delivery attempt will be made on the UPS InfoNoticeĀ®, the estimated time range for the second delivery attempt will be highlighted.

If your package has been delivered to a UPS Access Point, you have seven days from the date to pick that up or call UPS for a new delivery attempt.

Is UPS Going To Try Again?

Is there a possibility that the driver may try again today? On the same day, UPS is unlikely to make two delivery attempts. If required, your driver may attempt a second and third try the next working day. Your package may be delivered to a UPS Access PointTM for pickup if one is available.

What If I Don't Get A UPS Delivery On Time?

You have alternatives if you're anticipating a shipment that hasn't arrived after the first try. You can change the delivery date for your cargo using your UPS InfoNotice. Go to and type in your UPS InfoNotice number in the Tracking form on the home page or the Tracking page.

What To Look For In A Delivery Notice

Your driver's notice may be able to advise you on the appropriate path for getting your shipment to its destination.

1. Check the Status of Your Order

2. Track your package before doing anything else. This will assist you in deciding what to do next.

3. Get more delivery information.

4. Any of the items you pick can provide information on where your shipment is or when it will be delivered again. Your driver will leave you a message here if your shipment has been redirected* or if it has delivery requirements**.

5. Get Your Package Released

6. If your item doesn't require a signature from an adult 21 years or older, you can request that your driver leave it on the next delivery effort.

7. Sign the delivery note that says 'Your Signature' and return it to where the courier placed it.

My Cargo Was Delivered Three Times, But I Was Not Home At The Time. What Is The Current Status Of My Shipment?

UPS will keep your package for 5 working days in the closest UPS location unless it's a COD delivery. It will be sent to the sender if the cargo is not picked up within 5 business days.

COD goods are immediately delivered to the sender on the same day that the last delivery effort is made.

What's The Matter With UPS?

When UPS drivers are far behind that day or have many expedited or guaranteed shipments, they may deliver late. When someone pays for express shipping, the products must arrive on time.


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