Get a Free UPS Thermal Printer to Streamline Your Ecommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce businesses live and die on fast order fulfillment and shipping. Getting orders packaged and out the door quickly is essential to keeping customers happy and costs low.

Thermal printers can be a game changer for eCommerce order processing by enabling rapid batch printing of shipping labels. The great news is UPS offers free thermal printers and supplies to qualifying high volume eCommerce businesses.

Read on to learn how leveraging a free UPS thermal printer can speed up your eCommerce order fulfillment and reduce shipping costs.

Thermal Printers Streamline eCommerce Fulfillment


sellers must process hundreds or thousands of online orders daily. That means printing and applying shipping labels to each order before sending to customers.

Traditional inkjet printers are slow and costly for high volume label printing. Thermal printers solve these pain points with:

  • Lower costs per label - No ink or toner needed, just inexpensive thermal paper
  • Faster print speeds - Up to 5 inches per second for 4x6 labels
  • Reliable performance - Fewer moving parts means less maintenance
  • Designed for labeling - Made to easily handle large batch print jobs

By optimizing the printing process, thermal printers can shave significant time off fulfilling online orders. Faster labeling means faster shipments out the door and happy customers.

Get a Free or Discounted Thermal Printer from UPS

UPS provides high volume shippers with special offers on Zebra LP 2844 thermal printers. These compact, durable printers are ideal for eCommerce order labeling.

Follow these tips to get yours:

  • Open a UPS business account - Speak with a UPS account manager to open an account suited for your eCommerce volumes.
  • Ask about printer deals - Inquire with your account manager about offers for free or discounted thermal printers based on your shipping levels.
  • Set up and integrate - Follow the included instructions to set up the printer hardware. Integrate it with your shipping software for added convenience.

The standard rental fee is just $2 per month. But UPS frequently waives this for qualifying high volume accounts. Take advantage of UPS printer offers to maximize savings!

Ideal for High Volume 4x6 Shipping Labels

The 4 inch by 6 inch label size is the perfect format for most eCommerce shipping needs. UPS provides free blank thermal label rolls in this size to account holders.

With a UPS thermal printer dedicated to your fulfillment workflow, you can efficiently print batches of 4x6 shipping labels for all your online orders.

This allows you to rapidly get labels printed, applied to packages, and orders out the door to customers.

Get Malfunctioning Units Replaced at No Cost

One major perk of getting a thermal printer through UPS is that they'll quickly replace any malfunctioning units at no cost.

If your UPS printer stops working properly, simply notify your account manager. In most cases, UPS will promptly ship out a replacement printer free of charge.

Thermal printers are generally reliable due to having fewer moving parts. But UPS still provides assurance that faulty hardware will be addressed.

Complimentary Shipping Supplies

Beyond just the printer itself, UPS provides qualifying accounts with complimentary shipping supplies:

  • Boxes in various sizes
  • Pouches for housing labels and documents
  • Customized shipping forms
  • Thermal label stock to utilize in the printer

Take advantage of these free supplies to further reduce operational costs for your eCommerce fulfillment.

Enhanced Efficiency with Label Software

To get the most efficiency gains out of a thermal printer, use shipping management software like AZ Labels. Robust tools like:

  • Customizable label templates
  • Platform integration to print labels from within eCommerce sites
  • Batch printing of 100+ labels in seconds
  • Automatic printing based on order triggers

Allow you to leverage the speed and cost benefits of the thermal printer to their full potential.

Get Your Fulfillment Operation Running Smoothly

With a free UPS thermal printer, free supplies, and optimized software, you have the tools needed to fulfill eCommerce orders faster and more affordably. Contact UPS today to find out if you qualify for a free thermal printer!