Can You Ship Prescription Drugs?

The shipping of prescription drugs is a tricky one because such drugs have a life-altering impact on people. Drug production, sale, and shipping are regulated heavily with different rules and regulatory frameworks. Find out how to legally ship prescription drugs and how to avoid penalties for shipping prescription drugs illegally.

The shipping of prescription drugs is a tricky one because such drugs have a life-altering impact on people. Drug production, sale, and shipping are regulated heavily with different rules and regulatory frameworks. In fact, not just in the USA but also in other areas, the challenge is that shipping rules change with world regions. The regulations of mailing prescription drugs internationally fluctuate from place to place, country to country. In such a situation, if you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you must be unsure of how to mail prescription drugs to different areas legally. 

Mailing prescription drugs 

Mailing of prescription drugs is only allowed for the organizations that are registered under the DEA. Since DEA is the regulatory authority in controlled substances and drugs, it also decides which entities can mail prescription drugs. Only some classes of people are exempt from DEA registration and are allowed to send prescription drugs directly. These people are active defense and law enforcement officials. 

Apart from this, only such people can mail prescription drugs returning the drugs to their manufacturer. When the drugs in question are recalled or are not up to the quality of genuine prescription drugs, you can mail them back to the manufacturer directly. 

Suppose you plan to take the help of a shipping service like FedEx, UPS, or USPS for mailing prescription drugs internationally or locally. In that case, you must follow the federal laws of shipping prescription drugs. Always try to research federal laws around prescription drugs shipping and all rules your shipping service makes mandatory to follow. 

A Penalty For Shipping Prescription Drugs Incorrectly

There are different types and extents of penalties you pay if you fail to comply with prescription drug shipping federal regulations. The scope of punishment and penalty depends on which state you have shipped them from and what type of prescription drugs you have sent. Apart from central regulations governing the shipping of prescription drugs, there are federal laws decided by each state that one must be aware of. The least you can do is be aware of the drug shipping laws of the state of your residence. 

Moreover, if you have already chosen the shipping service to ship prescription drugs with, the service will let you know the shipping rules for the substance. 

If you ask whether you can ship prescription drugs through UPS, you can do that if you follow their packaging and shipping rules around drugs. On the other hand, you also need to know that shipping FedEx prescription drugs internationally is an option for private carrier service. 

How To Send Prescription Drugs For Domestic And International Shipping

Because sending prescription drugs by shipping and mail requires compliance with many federal and state laws, often, people do not prefer to mail them through shipping services. However, if you are wondering: can you ship prescription drugs through UPS or USPS? Yes, you can. You have to follow a regulatory framework to do so. 

Here are a few things you can do to check if you are mailing prescription drugs correctly. 

  • After selecting the courier service you want to send your package, go to their official website and search for as much content on mailing prescription drugs and controlled substances through the service. This helps you learn about the rules and regulations around packaging and shipping prescription drugs. If you have any queries, you should contact customer support or the service's helpline so that there are no mistakes from your side. 

  • Next, you should read up on the legality of shipping the drug you are sending according to your residential state. Take your time learning about the rules so that you do not trap yourself in penalties or punishment later on. 

  • When sending it for shipping, always label the package properly and write the recipient's full address. Adhering to these precautions will help in the proper, accurate delivery of the box.

Even if you worry about shipping prescription drugs internationally, these are the basic precautions and information that you must follow while dealing with prescription drugs.