Calculate Amazon FBA Seller Fees, Revenue & Profit

Basic Information

Details $ Note
Number of units: The total # of units ordered from your supplier
Units sold to date:
Retail price: The selling price of the product on Amazon
Estimated FBA Fees (per unit) Cost per unit paid to Amazon. Amazon FBA Fee Calculator
Promotional Products Given Away

Upfront Costs (Per product)

Details $ Note
Samples Enter your overall costs for all samples combined.
Graphic Design Work Enter all graphic design work (label creation, photo manipulation, etc)
Photography Product photography costs.
Additional Miscellanous Costs: Any misc cost
Cost #1 Enter any costs incurred getting product listing active.
Cost #2

Fixed Costs

Details $ Note
Cost of Goods Sold Enter total costs paid to product manufacturer.
Shipping Costs
Importing from Overseas Enter shiping costs associated with shipping from manufacturer to port in your country.
Shipping to Amazon Warehouses Enter shipping costs to get product from port to AMZ warehouse.
Additional Costs Storage
Cost #1
Cost #2

Variable Costs

Details $ Note
Advertising Advertising cost per unit
Promotion Includes product giveaways and coupons, per unit.
FBA Fess (per unit)
Total Fixed Costs
Cost of Goods Sold Cost of goods sold, this does not include shipping cost
Total Upfront Costs
Total Landed Cost per Product Landed Cost includes COGS + all shipping costs to get product to Amazon's warehouses.