Simple Fulfillment vs MyFBAPrep for FBA Prep: Pricing, Speed & Reviews Compared

Getting your products ready for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can be a major undertaking. Proper labeling, bundling, kitting, and shipping preparation are essential for avoiding problems or delays in getting inventory into Amazon's warehouses.

Choosing the right partner for FBA prep can impact the growth and success of your business on Amazon's marketplace. In this article, we'll compare two leading providers - Simple Fulfillment and MyFBAPrep - across key factors like pricing, services, and performance.

Overview of FBA Prep Services

Both Simple Fulfillment and MyFBAPrep offer a wide array of FBA preparation services to help you get products ready for fulfillment.

Simple Fulfillment provides end-to-end prep services, including:

  • Boxing, bubble wrapping, protective dunnage
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Bundling/kitting
  • Polybagging
  • Taping/sealing
  • QA checks
  • Shipment plan creation

A self-serve platform allows easy order submission and real-time inventory tracking. Simple Fulfillment promises 1-3 day processing times to get shipments from their facility to Amazon fulfillment centers.

MyFBAPrep offers similar services, including:

  • FNSKU labeling
  • Bundling/kitting
  • Polybagging
  • Pick and pack
  • Shipping Preparation
  • Storage and warehousing

Their proprietary Preptopia platform enables inventory management and tracking order status. MyFBAPrep offers a 24-72 hour turnaround depending on the service level selected.

Both provide a comprehensive suite of FBA prep services and platforms to easily manage the process. Simple Fulfillment promises faster 1-3 day turnarounds, while MyFBAPrep offers different speed tiers.

Pricing Model Comparison

Pricing is where these two FBA prep providers differ significantly.

Simple Fulfillment uses flat-fee per-unit pricing that allows you to easily calculate costs in advance. All services like packaging materials, inspection, and shipment creation are included in one flat rate starting around $1 per unit.

MyFBAPrep employs a tiered volume-based model with rates starting at:

  • $1 per unit for up to 15k units/month
  • $0.95 per unit up to 50k units/month
  • Custom pricing above 50k units/month

Add-on services are charged separately. While rates decline at higher tiers, the model is more complex than Simple Fulfillment's straightforward per-unit fees.

If predictable pricing is important, Simple Fulfillment's flat-fee structure is compelling. But MyFBAPrep's volume tiers may provide savings for high-volume sellers.

Speed and Turnaround Time

As mentioned previously, Simple Fulfillment offers a 1-3 day turnaround from order receipt to delivery at Amazon FBA facilities. Their location near major Amazon warehouses like DFW1 enables this rapid fulfillment.

MyFBAPrep advertises turnaround times ranging from 24-72 hours, depending on the service level chosen. Their different speed tiers allow buyers to balance cost and turnaround time.

If your priority is getting shipments processed quickly, Simple Fulfillment is likely the best fit. But MyFBAPrep provides options if some variability in turnaround can be accommodated.

Support and Customer Service

Having access to support during the FBA prep process is key to resolving any issues promptly.

Simple Fulfillment provides a dedicated customer success team to assist with orders and inventory questions. MyFBAPrep does not offer detailed support specifics, but various tiers of email, chat, and phone support appear to be available.

Both providers offer account management. But Simple Fulfillment highlights their customer service, which may indicate more available support resources.

Compliance and Quality Control

Strict adherence to Amazon's requirements during FBA prep is crucial for avoiding problems.

Simple Fulfillment conducts multi-point quality assurance checks on all orders and emphasizes Amazon compliance in its processes.

MyFBAPrep also states compliance with Amazon guidelines is integral to their services. Their nationwide network of facilities is all trained on the latest FBA standards.

Both companies understand the importance of compliance and quality control in FBA prep. Simple Fulfillment provides a bit more insight into their rigorous QA checks. But both highlight compliance as a priority.

Final Verdict

Simple Fulfillment stands out as a top choice for fast, affordable FBA preparation with their 1-3 day turnarounds and flat per-unit pricing. Their compliance QA checks also provide peace of mind.

MyFBAPrep offers a technologically driven solution with its Preptopia platform and various speed tiers. However, their pricing model is more complex, and turnaround times are slower.

For most FBA sellers, Simple Fulfillment would likely be the best fit based on speed, transparent pricing, and dedication to compliance. But MyFBAPrep provides options for larger sellers willing to compromise on cost or turnaround times.

Evaluating your volume, budget, time constraints, and other factors will determine which provider is right for your specific FBA prep needs. Both offer robust services - identifying the best match comes down to aligning their capabilities with your business goals.

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